Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 340: Changed Fate and the Dark Temple

The mysterious ancient magic civilization, the Dark gods from the void, and the magic creations left by the most evil Dark wizards in history, the development of things had long exceeded expectations… 

It pushed Evan to wonder if he was in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

He sighed and gently touched the wand around his waist, and the cold touch made him wake up again. 

Deep in the underground ruins, the eyeball monster called itself the God of death in front of the Acromantulas. It was in charge of eternal life and helped Aragog prolong its life with Dark forces. But in the end, it proved that it was not a God at all, but the magic creation of the most evil Dark wizard in history, and possibly Herpo the Foul himself.

So, what would this creature called the “God of the Forest” by the Centaurs be?! 

Evan thought for a moment, but there was slurry in his head. He didn’t know what the other monster was, but he was sure that things were getting very troublesome, and the Centaurs who believed in it took away part of the key to Gryffindor’s Secret Treasure. 

Recapturing the fragmented part was certainly not going to be easy. 

“Did you see the blood moon above the Temple?!” Firenze said softly, his face hidden in the darkness. “This is the worst of all the signs. As I just said, the ancient evil is coming back, and the evil god is about to return to the world…” 

“Do you mean that someone is trying to summon the evil Dark creature that your ancestors worshiped or to wake it up from its slumber?!” Evan asked. 

“Will it be Voldemort?” Harry said, “He’s the worst Dark wizard.” 

“Yes, it sounds like something You-Know-Who can do.” Ron nodded. 

“It doesn’t make sense at all. How does Voldemort know about the Centaurs?” Hermione frowned. “And it’s impossible for him to…”

“I don’t know what happened, but fate has really changed!” Instead of answering their questions directly, Firenze went on to say, “Things have happened in recent days. The blood moon representing the evil gods coincided with the trajectory of Mars representing the Wizarding War, which means that not only you humans, but even the Centaurs will be involved in the upcoming war.”

Hearing Firenze’s words, Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s faces were full of doubts. 

They had no idea what Firenze was talking about. A terrible evil god had just emerged, and now there was an inexplicable Wizarding War.

Harry remembered Hagrid’s comments on the Centaurs when he was chatting with him a few days ago: “The Centaurs are just some muddled old mules. They always look up at the stars and give others some vague warnings, but turn a deaf ear to what is happening around them. They may know a lot of secrets, but they never tell you straightforwardly what they know; it is a waste of time to communicate with them on those harbingers.” 

Harry thought about it for a while, but there was no clue. 

Evan knew that the war Firenze talked about was the Second Wizarding War after Voldemort’s return. 

Did that mean that Voldemort would summon the evil god worshiped by the ancestors of the Centaurs?! 

Although Voldemort had always looked down upon non-human magical creatures, that did not rule out this possibility. 

Everything was too vague, and in the face of unknown enemies, Evan needed more information. 

Just as he was about to ask Firenze, he saw Magorian and Sirius coming.

“Honorable human warrior, welcome to the Centaurs’ colony!” He bowed softly to Evan and waved his hand, which seemed to be a signal. 

Almost instantly, the dark, straight road in the middle of the colony suddenly brightened. 

Fire pits were placed on both sides of the road, and they were ignited by the Centaurs in turn. 

It was a path of light illuminated by fire, extending from the colony’s entrance to the Temple on the central island, looking very spectacular.

“The elder is waiting for you!” Magorian turned and looked scornfully at Sirius, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and said in disgust, “As for the four of you, you are also allowed to enter the Sacred Temple!” 

“We are being treated like followers of Evan!” Ron couldn’t help muttering. 

“Don’t take it to heart; the Centaurs have always been like this. There are many Centaurs like Magorian. They are arrogant. They look down on humans!” Sirius said uneasily: “We better hurry up and not stay here too long.”

The huge welcoming team moved forward again, and Evan and Hermione also wanted to ask Firenze about the evil god he had just mentioned, but they could see him nowhere. 

They entered the Centaurs’ colony along the central path. On both sides of the road, more and more Centaurs came out of the cabins and looked at them curiously. 

Most of these Centaurs were old and weak women and children, and the majority of them were minor foals. Evan saw that several foals were very short, reaching only his knees. They apparently had never seen humans, and their eyes were both curious and full of fear. 

Compared with going straight along this road, Evan preferred to visit the Centaurs’ colony and observe the civilization of the Centaurs up close, which was a very rare opportunity. 

Magorian apparently had no intention of doing so. He guided the way ahead. 

The nearer he was to the huge Temple on the central hill, the more shock and hidden pressure Evan felt. The Temple was about half the size of Hogwarts Castle. It was made of obsidian and the ground was covered with cyan marble slabs. 

The walls were engraved with exaggerated patterns of Centaurs, who were hunting, offering sacrifices, stargazing, chatting, etc., as well as the trajectories of various stars. 

But that was not all. There were many creatures and patterns that Evan could not understand. 

They were arranged irregularly in everything, and all the creatures’ eyes felt like they were watching him, making ancient mysterious pressure that keeps one from speaking out loud.

If there were any words to describe the Temple, it would be that it was dark and depressing! 

“A terrible thing is about to happen. In the dark Temple full of taboos, the Dark Devil’s old magic will be…” With the whistling wind, Professor Trelawney’s hoarse, hysterical voice sounded again in Evan’s ear.

Was the Temple of the Centaurs the place mentioned in that prophecy?!

Uncertainty rose from the bottom of Evan’s heart, and he felt that his blood was about to freeze in his veins, he repeatedly thought about this matter, thinking about the terrible prophecy that would be fulfilled! 

When he came back to reality, he found that he had reached the entrance of the Temple. 

A cool breeze blew, and his back was soaked in cold sweat. 

Evan gasped, wiping the cold sweat off his forehead and looking at the dark, narrow stone passage in front of him…

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