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H.P.S.T Chapter 341: The Moon Temple and The Centaur Ghost

Because of the temple’s proximity to flowing water, the nearby air was very humid. 

Besides Magorian, all the other Centaurs remained opposite the lake. They did not follow to the stone platform in the water. Without permission, they could not approach the Temple at will…

Sirius whispered something to Harry, Ron and Hermione, but Evan did not give them an ear.

He was still thinking about Professor Trelawney’s prophecy, and the surrounding scene made him very upset. 

“The Centaurs are used to using the names of planets to name their temples.”Sirius said, “There are Centaur tribes and temples for worship and star-gazing throughout the world. Although there is little communication between them because of distance, the names of these temples have never been repeated.”

“What’s the name of this black Temple?” Harry asked.

“They call it the Temple of the Moon!” Sirius pointed to the red moon hanging above the top of the head. “It’s so-named because it’s suitable for observing the moon’s trajectory. As an early Temple, it is very famous among the Centaurs. If you meet any of them anywhere else, they would definitely recognize the name if you talk about it.”

“It’s not entirely unique. There are two Moon Temples in the World of the Centaurs.” Magorian interrupted, with an irrepressible anger in his voice. “The traitors who were exiled by the tribes built another Moon Temple elsewhere. It’s exactly the same as this one here, but the things they offer in it are totally different.”

“So, it’s the same black Temple as here?” asked Evan. 

“Yes, those traitors stained the sacred place, and the Temple of the Moon they built is full of evil and taboos.” Magorian paved the ground angrily with his front hoofs. 

Evan was a little relieved to hear what he said.

If there was no evil or taboo in this dark Temple, it was not the place mentioned in Professor Trelawney’s prophecy.

He stopped thinking about it. Anyway, no matter what the situation was, he had to go in by himself.

Through the dark narrow entrance, Evan followed Magorian and Sirius into the Temple. Harry, Ron and Hermione were right behind him, and everyone looked around curiously.

By the light of the torch, Evan saw the magnificent murals carved on the walls.

These murals were the continuation of the carvings on the outer walls, most of which were related to the Centaurs in the aspect of stargazing. 

There were also many stars’ trajectories. 

Moving forward, the complex constellation pattern of stars occupied the whole space; it was even on the ceiling and on the floor marble panel. It was so complex, following it was actually nauseating. 

Only real astrologers could understand the value of these complex patterns. Almost the trajectories all the planets had been recorded here for thousands of years. Many of them were important star maps that human wizards had never noticed or lost. 

Evan couldn’t understand this. The three people beside him, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, were even more lost, but this didn’t keep any of them from showing their amazement. 

The passage went straight ahead. Around the first corner, something milky suddenly came out of the wall and met Evan. It was a ghost, not one of the common wizard ghosts in the castle, but a ghost of an ancestor of the Centaurs.

He dressed differently from the current Centaurs. He was tall with a big stature, uncommonly wearing a scarred suit of leather. He was just like a soldier who had just returned from the battlefield. 

Evan carefully observed the Centaur ghost. He looked like the strongest Centaur he had ever seen, almost as big as Magorian, which was simply incredible. 

To put it bluntly, he was a mixture of a Centaur and a monster. 

When Evan looked at him, the Centaur ghost looked back at him. 

His eyes were full of suspicions, frowning and it seemed like he said something. His tone was very weird, certainly not English, and everyone did not understand what he was talking about. 

Magorian took a quick step forward and talked to him.

“It’s a specific language of the Centaurs. It’s very old and complex, and it’s seldom used now.” Sirius explained, “But it was very popular in the Middle Ages.”

“That leather suit does look medieval.” Hermione said, “He must have lived here for nearly a thousand years like Nearly Headless Nick.”

“Nick knows all the ghosts, but he never told us about the Centaur ghosts.” Harry looked at him curiously, lowered his voice and said, “Do you remember the Halloween party last year? All the ghosts in Britain were there, but there was no such thing.”

“I don’t think they invited him because they couldn’t communicate.” Ron wrinkled his nose and whispered, “Nick certainly can’t speak Centaur’s language, can he?”

“The Centaurs generally do not associate with humans, even if they become ghosts.” Sirius said, “This is the most sacred Temple of the Centaurs. Only the wisest elders and the bravest warriors in the tribe can enter it.”

“So there are a lot Centaur ghosts here?” asked Evan. 

“In fact, not so many.” When Magorian had finished talking to the Centaur ghost, he came back to hear Evan’s question and answered briefly, “Because of the betrayers, we have suffered great losses. Many ancestors’ souls disappeared forever, and only the most powerful Centaurs remained. The one who was just here is Okegiga, which means Lofty Mountain in the Centaur’s language. He is the greatest warrior in the history of our tribe.”

“The greatest warrior, what did he do?” Ron asked doubtfully,” Had he killed many Acromantulas? ” 

“He’d slaughtered an adult fire dragon and many other monsters beyond your imagination.” Magorian said gruffly, seemingly discontented with Ron’s offence. “Human, never underestimate the Centaurs. We have strength and civilization that is not weaker than yours.”

The fire Dragon is the most powerful and ferocious magical creature in existence. Everyone had seen the one under the ground of Gringotts and was deeply shocked by its strength. 

It was hard to imagine that a Centaur could kill a fire dragon on his own. Even a powerful wizard could hardly do this. 

The Centaur ghost Okegiga turned and left, and everyone looked at him in awe. 

“Let’s go. Let’s not let the elder wait for too long.” Magorian turned and set off again.

They continued to move forward and entered a circular upward passage. On the outer side of the passage were round rooms of varying sizes, filled with strange things, some of which were ritual supplies, but some things didn’t look so pleasant. 

Under the dim light of the torch, through the narrow gaps of the stone doors, Evan saw that there were many statues in the dark rooms. 

The statues were varied, too far to be seen clearly, but the appearance of the statues by the door was enough to make everyone shocked. 

Evan swallowed and stopped in the same place, and he was all shocked. 

Following his gaze, Ron glanced curiously into the room. The next second, he made a scream of hoarseness and horror.

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