Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 347: The Challenge Begins

Since he couldn’t escape, he could only choose to face the so-called evil god. 

Evan made up his mind and decided to face it calmly. He thought that the elder of the Centaurs would disclose some information and tell him details about the evil god. 

But unexpectedly, the elder did not speak any more. 

The old Centaur and Magorian standing beside him both looked up at the night sky in silence. 

Following their gaze, Evan noticed the unusually bright Mars and the bloody moon not far below. 

After watching it for a while, he looked back at the crack in the statue… 

About twenty minutes later, Sirius, Harry, Ron and Hermione rushed over and they were also shocked by the huge statue in front of them. 

Sirius was okay, he had seen it before. 

But this was the first time for Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and they couldn’t help but talk about it. 

This time, the elder of the Centaurs did not try to explain any more. He looked particularly tired and didn’t even say a word. He just waved to Magorian. 

“If you want to get that thing up there, you must pass the test.” Magorian said loudly, he stepped forward and pointed to a complex Obsidian table in front of the huge statue. “Anyone who wants to take the challenge needs to stand there.”

This seemed to be the core of Gryffindor’s magic. Besides the top item, Evan could feel the most powerful magic reaction there.

All the powers from the stars converged here and then transmitted to the top of the statue. 

Magorian said it simply. Sirius explained the method in detail.

“It sounds very simple. Just stand on this table. Anyone can do it. Anyone can do it.” Ron wrinkled his nose and said. “I thought I was going to fight a monster to prove my courage…” 

“It is a complex illusion magic, in which you have to show unparalleled courage to pass the test.”

“I know. No matter what you see, just don’t be afraid!” Ron nodded and said, “It’s not very difficult, is it?”

They all discussed it for a moment. Because Ron volunteered, they finally decided to let him go up and try first, and that Hermione and Harry were to follow him. 

Evan was the last because he had the greatest hope. 

Ron glanced at the red glow above the statue, and couldn’t wait to go to the front of the table as he stepped up. 

In the next second, the red light above flashed clearly. 

Along the lines of the platform’s ground slab, numerous bright lights converged rapidly from all sides.

The intricate pattern shone and the ancient magic was activated.

Standing in the middle of the platform, Ron’s expression was dull and his eyes were full of confusion.

He seemed doubtful, and then became extremely frightened, as if he had seen something terrible.

His expression was twisted, struggling, and he seemed to be caught in extreme pain. 

Everyone stared at Ron, nervous, wondering what he saw in the illusion and why he showed such an expression.

Out of fear, Hermione unconsciously leaned close to Evan. 

On the stone platform, Ron had reached its edge. He seemed to want to run away. 

The next second, a blue glow flashed, and he was ejected and landed outside the stone platform.

“Failed!” Magorian said expressionlessly.

“Ron, what did you see?” Everybody rushed over.

“Acromantulas, thousands of them, and they all came to me.” Ron gasped violently with a cry in his voice. “I told myself not to be afraid. These were just illusions, all fake. But they were really biting me, wanting to tear me apart. I wanted to run away, just…” 

“This illusion magic is similar to the Boggart’s, which can see through a person’s deepest hidden fear and then visualize it concretely.” Sirius said, “Ron is afraid of spiders. All he sees inside are Acromantulas.”

“I, I thought they were Boggarts, I used magic, but it didn’t work.” Ron said, his body was still shaking. 

“It’s not that simple. As I said before, everything in it is real and won’t be cracked by magic. Your experience just confirmed this once again.” Sirius repeated, “Whatever you see inside, they are all real illusions!”

Godric Gryffindor’s quality is courage. In the face of any difficulties, it’s only by going forward bravely that you can pass the test he left. 

But it wasn’t just about being fear-free. Sirius said that everything in that illusion was real, and that reckless bravery was just a dead end. 

“It’s really hard. Those Acromantulas wanted to tear me apart. I even felt the pain of their bites on my thigh. It’s exactly the same as true.” Ron said gloomily, touching his right leg involuntarily.

That was where he had been bitten by Acromantulas in the illusion. 

“Well, the next challenger.” Magorian urged impatiently. 

Evan, Harry and Hermione looked at each other, and Hermione moved forward cautiously.

She was thinking about what she feared most. On this occasion, it would not seem very worrying if Professor McGonagall came out and told her that she had failed all the exams.

However, it must not be that simple. 

Standing in front of the black stone platform, Hermione seemed hesitant. She looked back at Evan. 

“Come on, Hermione!” Evan quickly walked over and hugged Hermione tightly. 

Feeling the warmth of Evan’s body, Hermione nodded and went up to the stone with a reddish face. Just like when Ron went up, there was a flash of light. 

Besides a little surprise, Hermione’s expression did not change much. 

Immediately, she frowned and her little face turned serious, like when analyzing a professor’s questions in class or reading a magic book.

“What do you say Hermione will encounter?” Harry asked uncertainly.

“I don’t know. I can’t imagine anything to frighten her except failing the exam.” Ron took a deep breath and commented objectively, “To be honest, she has almost no weaknesses.” 

“I hope Hermione will succeed, otherwise I may have to face countless Dementors or…” Harry didn’t go on, he was cold all over. 

What should he do if he met Voldemort in the illusion?! 

As time went by, the expression on Hermione’s face remained unchanged. But the time of frowning grew longer and longer, as if she had encountered something difficult to solve.

Everyone looked at her nervously, and Ron was still there muttering about Acromantulas. 

Hermione was standing on the stone platform, and about half an hour later, a blue glow finally flashed, and Hermione was bounced off the stone platform.

“Failed!” Hermione said calmly, not much surprised. 

“What did you see inside?” everyone asked, “Was it an Acromantula, or Professor McGonagall?” 

“Neither of them!” Hermione shook her head. “In the illusion, I went back to Hogwarts, back to the castle, and a male professor I’ve never seen before was lecturing me in class, and then asked me questions…”

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