Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 351: The Philosopher’s Stone

“Although there were many differences, the Black family heirs did enter Hogwarts, which proved that our decision to establish a wizarding school was completely successful.” Gryffindor walked back to his long table and said with complacency, “For nearly a thousand years, I have closely observed the changes of Hogwarts in the Centaurs’ colony, and I have seen many talented wizards graduate from school and contribute to the development of the Wizarding world. This is completely in line with our original vision. Both the Sorting Hat and the Headmasters of all generations have done very well. They have developed and grown in full accordance with the ideas we left behind. I’m sure the other three are also satisfied with this.” 

“Do you mean Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin?” Evan asked. “They also left their consciousness like you?” 

“Yes, it was Helga’s proposal that we keep part of our consciousness in our own treasure keys, and observe the changes in Hogwarts with our own eyes.” Gryffindor explained, “After leaving the Secret Treasure, we separated our consciousness, but I don’t know where the three of them hid their keys. It was totally confidential, and it’s up to you to find out. ” 

“I’ve got some clues.” Evan nodded. According to previous analysis, the Key to Ravenclaw’s Treasure should be kept with the Merfolk. 

He also had speculation about the location of Slytherin’s and Hufflepuff’s Treasure Keys. 

The question now was about what the Treasure keys left by the Four Founders were, and why they had such a powerful magic. He couldn’t help but ask about that. 

“The treasure keys are actually four Philosopher’s Stones, the collection of our four families; the highest achievement of ancient Alchemy.” 

Gryffindor waved his hand, and a red gem appeared out of the void on the long table in front of him. 

The stone was bright red, with golden light flashing through it from time to time.

“In our time, the pure-blood wizard families mostly had something inherited from the ancient wizards.” Gryffindor said, “The Philosopher’s Stone is a typical example. It’s almost impossible to have enough magic theory and materials to make one today, but it was not that difficult for ancient alchemists.” 

Evan was stunned. He had no idea that the key to the treasure would be a Philosopher’s Stone.

At present, the wizarding world acknowledged that the only remaining Philosopher’s Stone was the one left by the famous alchemist Nicolas Flamel, who could make gold from the Stone and make the Elixir of Life.

Because of Voldemort, it was finally destroyed by Dumbledore and Nicolas. 

Unexpectedly, the Four Founders had left four Philosopher’s Stones as Keys to the Treasure. 

It was really shocking. Let alone what was hidden in the Secret Treasure, these four Philosopher’s Stones themselves were rare treasures beyond ordinary people’s imagination. 

Evan held his breath and carefully observed the red gem in front of him. The magic contained within it was amazing. 

Undoubtedly, this Philosopher’s Stone was an incredibly powerful magic item. 

It was the dream of all wizards. In addition to powerful magic, it had many fantastic functions, such as making the Elixir of Life! 

“Touch a stone and turn it into gold; live forever and never get old, the Philosopher’s Stone always brings reverie…” Gryffindor stared at Evan, and seemed to see through his mind. He said with a smile, “Unfortunately, the four Stones we left do not have such effects. You need to know that the Philosopher’s Stones have different uses depending on the method of alchemy and the materials used to make it.” 

“What’s the use of this Philosopher’s Stone?” Evan looked up. 

“It’s now just a Key Stone that can unlock the Secret Treasure we left behind, that’s all.” Gryffindor waved again, and the magic petrified on the table disappeared into smoke. “Obviously, under Rowena’s design, the Treasure we left behind require powerful magic to open. Magic items that can provide such strong power are very rare. After some selection, we have modified the four Philosopher’s Stones and canceled their original use. We let the magic contained in them become more pure, and provide the necessary magic to open the treasure.” 

It was hard to imagine what the Four Founders had left in the Treasure. 

They actually destroyed four Philosopher’s Stones for this purpose, canceled their original fantastic roles, and transformed them into only Powerful Magic Energy Stones. 

Evan felt that this was almost a waste

“Of course, because of its great magic, this Philosopher’s Stone can now help wizards enhance their magic.” Gryffindor said while laughing, “Your Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor and his three partners did a good job. They made that Map out of the Philosopher’s Stone’s overflow energy, and it was very interesting.”

“That’s the Marauder’s Map that shows all the secret passages of Hogwarts and the names of the people above.” Evan nodded. 

“A very genius idea! The knowledge of magic location and personal names involved in it is of great practical value.” Gryffindor admired, “This is the progress of the magic world. In our time, a few wizards studied it. Influenced by ancient wizards, we only studied powerful spells or tried to summon the souls, demons, evil spirits and so on.” 

They also discussed the principle of making the Marauder’s Map for a while, and it could be seen that Gryffindor was very interested in this knowledge and he had a lot to ask about. 

Evan said everything he knew. In addition, He also kept in mind what they had left in the Secret Treasure.

“What did you leave in the Treasure?” he asked curiously. 

“It’s absolutely beyond your imagination, I think we should leave you some expectations, and not uncover all the mysteries.” 

Gryffindor blinked and gave Evan a smug smile.

Then, before Evan could respond, his smile faded and his expression became serious. “Well, we’ve wasted too much time. Now we should talk about the test I left behind. Only through this test can you get the Philosopher’s Stone.”

“What do I need to do?” Evan touched his wand and he was ready. 

“I meant to test your fighting ability and courage in the face of your deepest fear.” Gryffindor said, “But after you got into this illusion magic, I changed my mind. I don’t think that Slytherin’s Heir or a couple of fire dragons will hold you back. It doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, I specially prepared additional tests for you.”

“Additional tests?!” Evan suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Yes, I’m going to show you fear from the nightmare of the void, something you’ve never seen before, and that’s what you need to face in the future.” Gryffindor said.

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