Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 352: Gryffindor’s Request

Evan didn’t not understand what Gryffindor meant by the enemy he would have to face in the future. 

It was hard for him to imagine why he had to face a nightmare from the void. The next enemy he knew was just Voldemort who was about to return, that’s all. 

Seeing Evan’s doubts, Gryffindor waved his hand and the blood-red Philosopher’s Stone reappeared. 

It was not as complete as it was just now, but it was split in the middle and broken into two halves. 

The crack was not smooth, as if it had been crushed by something. 

“You should have already known that the Treasure Key I left was split into two parts because of the Centaurs’ Civil Strife, and only one of them is left here.” Gryffindor picked up one piece of the Philosopher’s Stone swaying it before Evan, “If you want it, you must be prepared to face the Centaurs who took away the other half of the Philosopher’s Stone and the evil existence hiding behind them.” 

“I heard that they once believed in an evil god called the God of the Forest, who split the Philosopher’s Stone you left behind by its power.” Evan replied. 

Was that indescribable evil spirit what Gryffindor called the nightmare of the void

“The so-called evil god is actually a monster that the ancient warlocks inadvertently summoned from the void. It was sealed in the marsh deep in the Forbidden Forest.” Gryffindor said solemnly, “In the Dark Ages, the warlocks who pursued great power had done a lot of mad things. They’d used countless human bodies and souls to summon the undead, demons and evil spirits. Many evils that existed in ancient times were summoned. But with the end of that mad era, the old Dark creatures returned to the void, or were sealed off and fell asleep.”

Evan looked at Gryffindor with surprise. After seeing the evil creature left by Slytherin in the underground ruins, he read many ancient magic books. 

Among them, Evan found some clues, but they were not complete.

This taboo-like history was rarely mentioned, or even completely forgotten by the world. Being told about it by a wizard who had experienced it firsthand was an extremely rare experience! 

“In our time, these powerful Dark creatures from the void, called gods by some, had become part of the mythology like the ancient warlocks for you now. No wizard had ever seen them. Me too, I didn’t believe in the existence of those things before I saw them myself.” Gryffindor went silent for a while and sighed. “But what happened later proved my ignorance and stubbornness. When Salazar studied this, I used to laugh at him for wasting his time.”

“Not everyone knew that Slytherin left underground ruins on the outside of the Forbidden Forest, and there was a monster like you said…” 

Evan repeated what he had seen in the underground ruins some time ago, as well as his inferences about Herpo the Foul.

Gryffindor did not speak; he was meditating and pacing back and forth in the room. 

“The monster you talked about is very similar to the evil god I encountered, but it is not the same.” He said slowly. “Obviously, that thing was created artificially. Perhaps as you have inferred, it is Herpo the Foul himself. That evil black Wizard did try to use unknown evil magic to transform himself into a god. ” 

“God?!” Evan took a cool breath and didn’t know what to say. 

He stared at Gryffindor and felt a slight tremor all over him.

If all this was true, then Herpo’s ambition was far beyond everyone’s imagination. 

He not only wanted to escape the fate of death, but also wanted to be a dominant god! 

Splitting one’s soul to make the Horcruxes, which seemed to be beyond the general level of the top black magic, was only a trivial part of all his plans. 

“Salazar did not tell us about it. He had been conducting his research secretly. In fact, his later state was very unstable. I thought that was due to the disagreement on the admission matter.” There was a glimmer of worry on Gryffindor’s face.

He walked quickly to Slytherin’s long table, picked up the large scepter surrounded by the two snakes and examined it carefully for a while, and then the expression on his face gradually became calm. 

“Evan, I urge you to find all the Keys and open the Treasure we left behind.” Gryffindor looked at Evan earnestly. “If what I fear really happened, then what remains in the Treasure will be your only chance.” 

Evan didn’t understand what he meant, and what Gryffindor was worrying about.

Even Voldemort, to whom he had referred as Slytherin’s wicked little fellow, he didn’t seem worry him so much. But now… 

Gryffindor’s reaction cast a thick shadow on Evan’s heart.

Things didn’t look as simple as he had thought. He wanted to ask about details, but Gryffindor had no intention of explaining.

“All in all, my poor friends, the Centaurs, found the “evil god” in the deepest part of the marsh. They broke the seal left by the ancient warlocks, brought it back for worship and awakened it from sleep.” Gryffindor waved to Evan to keep him quiet and continued to tell the story of the Centaurs. “They called it the God of the Forest, and offered him flesh and blood. As it slowly recovered its strength, the evil creature from the void transformed the Centaurs with Dark power.”

Evan thought of the horrible statues he saw in the room of the Centaurs’ Temple and imagined that they were created by the evil god. 

“The Centaurs are powerful warriors and they don’t have powerful magic. They only deal with stargazing and healing magic.” Gryffindor continued, “But with the transformation of the evil god, they acquired the ability to cast spells. The Centaurs were ecstatic, and no one expected how much they would have to pay for it later. They were addicted to the power of darkness and gradually transformed into horrible monsters.” 

“Fortunately, not all the Centaurs believed in that evil god.” Gryffindor went up to Evan and said, “With my help, the sober Centaurs waged war against the monster and its followers, and eventually were victorious, re-sealed it, and banished the fallen from the tribe.” 

Evan did not speak, but was thinking about the fierceness of the Centaurs’ Civil War. 

“Before being re-sealed, the evil spirit broke the Philosopher’s Stone I left behind. It didn’t seem to feel my existence, but just thought it was a powerful source of magic. Because all I left behind was a conscious mind, unable to use magic in reality, I was unable to stop it from doing anything.” Gryffindor said, looking at Evan seriously. “You have to be prepared. If you want to get the complete Key, you have to face the evil god and the evil Centaurs who support him.” 

“I know.” Evan nodded, and his heart was beating violently. 

He was also immersed in Gryffindor’s stories, deeply shocked by these unknown mysteries.

“As I just said, there are additional challenges for you.” Gryffindor went on to say, “I will use this illusion magic to teleport you to the Centaurs’ War eight hundred years ago, so that you can see for yourself the enemy you are about to face…”

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