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H.P.S.T Chapter 353: Okegiga the Centaur

“In the illusion, you will be personally involved in the Centaurs’ fierce Civil War.” Gryffindor looked at Evan with his calm eyes. “Help the Centaurs to re-seal the evil spirit. Through the test, you will get the Key to my Treasure. If you fail, you will be disqualified.” 

“”If I get that Philosopher’s Stone, your consciousness…” Evan suddenly thought. 

“With the help of the Philosopher’s Stone and the power of the stars, my consciousness has existed for too long. I am getting tired of it!” Gryffindor said calmly, “In the past thousand years, I have witnessed too many vicissitudes, far exceeding anything that I expected to see. This is a special experience for me, but it is also a kind of torture. After you get the Treasure Key, I will disappear completely. Now, do you have any further questions?”

Evan shook his head, slightly sad. 

Although this was only part of Gryffindor’s consciousness, but the short communication still allowed him to gain a lot, he was a bit reluctant to leave him.

Beyond that, he felt more uncertain about the future. Evan was confident about facing Voldemort, but he wasn’t sure if he could defeat the monsters transformed by the evil god and Herpo the Foul that even Gryffindor marveled at.

In the face of the unknown, he felt that his strength was still too weak. He needed a mentor. If only Gryffindor could stay and help him…

“I’m sure you can overcome all the difficulties and open the Treasure we left behind.” Gryffindor said with relief, “This was true a thousand years ago, and it is true now. It is my pleasure to have a student like you be part of the Gryffindor House.” 

He made a standard noble farewell ceremony to Evan, waving his hand with a smile, and the next second, the world in front of Evan began to crumble.

Everything became fragmented, like broken glass. 

The debris sparkled silver, falling down and disappearing, even Evan’s body. 

It was an extraordinary feeling, watching his body disappear. 

When it turned dark again, only Gryffindor’s muffled voice came intermittently from far away.

“By the way, that Slytherin’s wicked young fellow had been here 50 years ago. He left a black magic on the Philosopher’s Stone, which is very clever and may add a little trouble for you, but I believe that you will overcome these difficulties. Just put the two parts of the Philosopher’s Stone together again…” 

Hold on, Voldemort left behind his magic! Evan instantly thought of Professor Trelawney’s prophecy about the one who was about to be selected by Voldemort in the Dark Temple.

He wanted to ask Gryffindor what magic it was, but he couldn’t make a sound. 

A strong sense of oppression spread from all sides, and Evan felt like the surrounding air disappeared in an instant.

In the dark vacuum, he felt out of breath, as if he was going to die.

When he returned to his senses, he found himself lying on grass gasping violently.

“So, you are what the elder calls aid?!”A strange voice rang by Evan’s side. “A young foal, this is ridiculous.”

Evan looked up, and in the afterglow of the setting sun, he found himself lying on a hillside. 

He was surrounded by tall trees of which he could not see the top. A proud Centaur stood beside him. 

Unlike the Centaurs he had seen before, he was wearing strange grey leather armor, carrying a bow and arrows on his back, and his body looked as strong as a mountain. 

The Centaur spoke a language that Evan had never heard before, but he could understand. 

“Who are you?” Evan asked, subconsciously touching his wand.

“Human, my name is Okegiga, a warrior from the Centaurs’ tribe.” In his left hand, Okegiga held a huge silver spear, flashing a palpitating light in the sunshine.

Evan suddenly realized that it was him. No wonder he felt familiar! This Centaur was the ghost he had just seen in the Obsidian Temple. 

According to Magorian, he was the greatest warrior in the history of the Centaurs.

Evan remembered that this guy named Okegiga killed an adult fire dragon and many other unimaginable monsters. 

“Hello, my name is Evan, from Hogwarts, I was…” Evan hesitated and continued, “I was asked by Gryffindor to assist you.” 

“I know, the elder has told me, so I stayed here waiting for you. I hope it wasn’t a waste of time.” Okegiga said with a rough voice, “Get up, we don’t have time to lie on the ground. My people are attacking the colony occupied by traitors. We must get there as soon as possible.”

He leaned down and pulled Evan roughly from the grass.

Okegiga rubbed his front hoofs on the ground, staring doubtfully at Evan. 

Then he pointed to the depths of the Forbidden Forest, motioned Evan to keep up with him, and his mouth murmured that Evan was too thin and not strong enough. 

“We must hurry, human!” Okegiga said. 

Evan followed him to progress forward, but the Centaur moved so fast that he soon disappeared into the woods, leaving only the echoes of his hooves falling on the ground.

“Damn, wait for me! How am I supposed to keep up with a Centaur in the woods?!”

Looking at Okegiga’s back, Evan was secretly anxious.

Who could know what would happen if he didn’t get to the Centaurs’ colony in time?

He remembered that his mission was to help the Centaurs win the war and re-seal the cursed evil spirit. If he spent two or three hours running at normal speed and everything was over before his arrival, he would fail! 

“If only there were Hippogriffs around.” Evan looked around and hoped to find something to help him get to the Centaurs’ colony as soon as possible. 

But there was nothing around; the woods were quiet and silent. 

Just when he didn’t know what to do, Okegiga ran back again, his huge figure like a hill flew out of the bushes. 

“I wonder what a human foal like you can do to help us!” Okegiga said proudly, “If the elder hadn’t repeatedly said that you would be useful, I wouldn’t have cared about you. All right, just sit on my back.”

The Centaur brought his body slightly downward, and Evan climbed up in a hurry. He had been on Firenze before, and he took him and Peter Pettigrew through most of the Forbidden Forest in the middle of the night, but that was totally different from sitting on the back of Okegiga. 

The body of this strong Centaur was too wide, and Evan had to lean forward to maintain his center of gravity. The rough leather armor in front of him was very uncomfortable. 

Okegiga was advancing very fast. He rushed through the woods with Evan. 

Like sitting in a train, the surrounding trees were quickly retreating backwards. Although not very comfortable, the trip went much smoother than Evan imagined. 

While climbing a hill, the surrounding view suddenly became wider. 

Evan saw Hogwarts Castle in the distance. Compared with the Hogwarts he was familiar with, the castle of 800 years ago was more like a military fortress with a rougher shape. 

Besides the main building, many other buildings had not been built. 

At this time, Hogwarts Castle was completely enclosed in a purple energy cover, flashing through the waves from time to time, which looked very bizarre.

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