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H.P.S.T Chapter 354: The Centaurs Civil War

“What’s going on in the castle?” Evan pointed to Hogwarts and asked aloud, “What is that purple energy layer?” 

“You mean the protective measures of those cowardly humans??” Okegiga looked at Hogwarts and said disdainfully, “I went to the castle to ask for help before. The elder hoped to persuade them to help us resist the evil god, but those cowards refused. They said it was an internal dispute among the Centaurs and did not want to interfere.” 

Okegiga angrily scratched the floor before him with his front hoofs, and landed the long spear in his hand heavily on the ground. He was very dissatisfied with Hogwarts’ refusal to help the Centaurs. 

Evan didn’t know what to say. He didn’t think it was wrong to reject the Centaurs’ request. 

Modern wizards might appreciate the seriousness of such a matter, considering that this Era was not like anything they were familiar with. In the 20th century, all wizards and magical creatures were managed by the Ministry of Magic and any large-scale war would be very unlikely to break out. 

But this was the Middle Ages 800 years ago, the darkest and most insane time in Europe. In this era, the situation was turbulent and wars were frequent! 

The Powerful magical creatures did not live in the areas mandated by human wizards, who mostly did not dare to walk out of their own areas. 

As long as they were paid the right price, they would be hired by the Muggle aristocrats and Dark wizards to participate in war at will. 

The idea of respecting the strong was deeply rooted in the hearts of people. The Ministry of Magic, which had just been established and was still very weak, had no heart or ability to manage such a chaotic situation.

In that in mind, it would be a very unwise choice to join a war. 

Especially if it was a civil war among the Centaurs, in which wizards had no apparent interest.

If the Four Founders were still there, they could use their four powerful forces to mediate or directly participate in the war to help the Centaurs defeat the evil side.

But at this time, more than two hundred years had passed since the Four Founders lived; Hogwarts’ current Headmaster and professors did not have such power. They could only choose to huddle in the castle and protect the young wizards with their limited strength. 

“They also have a hard time…” Evan subconsciously defended Hogwarts. 

“Humph, that’s what humans have always been like. They have no idea what they’re facing!” Okegiga picked up his spear and set off again. “I didn’t expect their help. We Centaurs have our own allies and can solve all our problems.”

Soon, Evan knew who Okegiga’s so-called allies were. 

After crossing the dense woods and climbing the steep hills, they finally came to the Centaurs’ colony, which was quite different from the peaceful scene Evan had seen before.

At this time, the Centaurs’ colony echoed with deafening fighting and shouting. 

Hundreds of Centaurs gathered together and rushed into the colony, and on the opposite side were their foes. 

These Centaurs built up defensive fortifications and hid behind them for stubborn resistance.

The battle was fierce, with countless arrows flying and blood splashing. 

The whole earth trembled, as if shocked by what was happening. 

Evan also looked at the scene before him completely stunned. He had only seen such bloody battles in books before, and had never imagined that he would be sent to witness such a thing. 

Even though he knew that it was just an illusion, he was still deeply shocked. 

In front of him, the Centaurs were all madly fighting everywhere. The scale and severity of the Civil War was far beyond Evan’s imagination. 

As far as he could see, bloodied corpses were everywhere, with only a few of them not being torn to shreds.

Outside the huge gate of the colony, in addition to hundreds of Centaurs who were fighting fiercely, there were many powerful trolls, whose bodies were as strong as mountains. 

Evan had seen trolls in the Defence Against the Dark Arts class, as Sirius found a way to get them for junior wizards’ practice sessions. It was a fact that the brains of the trolls were not… well functioning. Although they were strong, they had a single means of attack and were relatively low-level magical creatures. 

But the monsters in front of him were completely different from what he knew. They were like a different species, with the momentum of giants, clumsily waving huge sticks in their hands and making rude howls.

A troll roared and rushed to the most densely populated area of the Centaurs.

A Centaur was carelessly swept by the stick in his hand, and his body instantly flew backwards. The flesh and blood were blurred where he was touched, revealing thick white bones.

Faced with such fierce trolls, no Centaur dared to rush closer. 

They were best at long-range attacks, and arrows were flying toward the troll. 

When these arrows were about to hit the monster, they suddenly stopped in mid-air, and Evan noticed that a green and ugly monster was hiding behind the troll and shaking his fingers. 

It was a Goblin. He had a malicious smile on his face. 

With a thick bony hand pointing forward, the arrows flew back rapidly, and the Centaurs who had just gathered dispersed in a hurry.

The battle seemed to have just begun, but it soon turned out to be one-sided.

Okegiga’s side had the majority of Centaurs, but was unable to cope with such mixed attacks.

Unlike the enemies, who had powerful allies, they only had a few Unicorns, Hippogriffs, and many small and weak forest magic creatures on their side.

They could only act to harass the enemies, and they were not able to carry out strong attacks at all.

This was not a reciprocal battle at all. If it continued like this, failure was a matter of time. 

“Damn, we are late!” Okegiga yelled, clutching his long spear and rushing forward, and Evan hurriedly grabbed his leather armor. 

He wanted to persuade the Centaur to calm down and carefully form a tactic before rushing into the battle, but it was clear that Okegiga wouldn’t stop to discuss it with him.

He even forgot that Evan was sitting on his back. With an unstoppable momentum, Okegiga rushed into the front line of the war with the fastest speed. 

Looking at the wooden door getting closer and closer, Evan murmured and pulled out his wand. 

“Charge! Attack!” Okegiga shouted. “By the name of Okegiga, the Centaurs are invincible!”

He rushed straight toward the troll, that looked at him doubtfully, and the huge wooden stick in his hand was lifted high. 

Evan smelled a stench. He looked up and found himself completely covered by the shadow of the monster’s body. 

His brain stopped working, and he could only watch the monster show his yellow teeth, roaring to him. 


With the violent impact, Evan felt a strong shock, and he hurriedly clung to Okegiga. 

In the next second, under the hard-hitting attack, the huge body of the monster in front of him was actually knocked back by Okegiga, and the long spear in his hand shot down sharply. 

Bright red blood spurted out and immersed both Evan and the warrior Centaur beneath him. 

The face of the goblin hiding behind the troll showed panic, shocked by the strength of this powerful Centaur. He shook his finger and wanted to cast spells. 

Evan’s wand pointed forward and emitted a red light. The goblin suddenly found that the magic he was casting failed. He looked up and saw a silver light coming. 

The goblin opened wide his eyes and fell down. Before he realized what had happened, his head was severed from his body!

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