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H.P.S.T Chapter 355: The Next Target

Evan’s and Okegiga’s amazing performance made them both the center of focus of the war.

“Look, it is the god of war, Okegiga, he’s back!” 

“He is the monster, hasn’t he been wiped out by the God of the Forest?!” 

“RUN! We can’t be Okegiga’s opponent at all!” 

On the battlefield, the main Centaur forces went completely on the offensive, and the initially scattered formations reunited. 

On the opposite side, Okegiga’s name was whispered with fear by the rebellious Centaurs, who watched in panic as he crushed the goblin’s body under his hooves. 

As the most powerful warrior in the history of the Centaurs, his long-standing prestige and Herculean achievements made all the Centaurs fear to be enemies of Okegiga.

They trembled and retreated, raising their bows and arrows to aim at Evan and Okegiga. 

Almost instantly, the two became the enemy’s priority targets. Strong penetrating arrows came from all directions, showering them as death rain from hell! 

Okegiga ducked back like a gust of wind, but there were too many sharp arrows coming. 

The two of them were at the center of the arrow rain and could not evade them at all.

The situation seemed desperate, but the only thing one could see on Okegiga’s face was a hint of disdain.

“Hum, weaklings, what puny attacks!”

He made a loud War Cry, not to retreat, and with the heavy spear in his hand, he raised the huge body of the troll on the ground and threw it out fiercely in the face of countless sharp arrows. 

The body of the monster was bleeding downward. In mid-air, he was shot into a sieve by sharp arrows.

“Let’s rush over and let these cowards see what real power is!”

Evan heard Okegiga’s shouting, and hurriedly hung on to him, looking nervously ahead.

Taking advantage of the short window brought about by the corpse of the troll, with his long spear in hand, Okegiga rushed with Evan toward the nearest fortification with irresistible horror and speed.

Out of fear, the opposite Centaurs fled and their defenses were opened. 

At this moment, a goblin wearing a quirky grey robe showed half his head from the fortifications. He shook his fingers and the arrows that had already landed floated again. 

Under the influence of his magic, numerous arrows, glittering faintly, and smeared with still-warm blood, were ripped from both ground and flesh and flew towards them. 

“Abhorrent goblin, greedy coward! You only sneak in from behind with your wicked magic!” Okegiga resentfully looked at the goblin hiding behind the fortifications. 

He wanted to keep going, but there were so many magic arrows coming his way. 

Okegiga had to give upon the advantage he had gained and back away. 

“Leave it to me, I have a way!” Evan said quickly. 

He recited a spell and used the end of his wand to cut off some of the cyan rocks on the ground. The next second, huge stones were grouped together, spinning fast in front of Okegiga.

Bang, Bang, Bang! 

The arrows that rushed from the sky caused obvious damage to the rock rushing defense, and a large number of stone fragments and debris flew and splashed out. 

Despite their precarious state, as the frequency at which Evan waved his wand accelerated, the barrier formed by boulders in front of them became thicker and thicker and never broke. 

The sharp arrows made a burst of sounds, digging on the rock wall, sounding eerie. 

After the end of this round of arrows, not waiting for the goblin to continue casting spells, Evan moved his wand to send a few red curses forward, bursting into flames on the ground. 

As his opponents scattered against the flames, Evan shook his right hand violently, and the rock barrier around them began to twist and deform.

Under the staring gaze of everyone, a tall Stone Giant swayed and stood up. It made a loud noise and rushed towards the fortifications where the goblins were hiding.

“Oh my God, look at that Stone Giant. There’s a human wizard in the war!” 

“It is a powerful wizard from the castle; Okegiga brought help!” 

The Giant rumbled forward, and the whole earth trembled.

With the tremor, whispers broke out on the battlefield, and all the Centaurs stopped, staring in astonishment at the Stone Giant that was demolishing the fortifications in front of the colony.

The goblin in the grey robe, caught off guard, was surrounded by the fire summoned by Evan, and was finally cruelly squished by the Stone Giant. 

The Giant trampled him alive into minced meat, and his red blood soaked the soil beneath his corpse.

The Centaurs’ brains were blank, and before they could react, they heard Okegiga’s rough laughter; his voice was full of disdain, as if from hell. 

They seemed to have just realized what had happened. Soon, besides a few silly trolls still trying to resist, the remaining enemies quickly regressed, abandoning all their defenses and retreating back to the colony. 

“Well done, human, you are more useful than I thought!” Okegiga admired, without stopping to continue to move forward, “We seized control of the tribal gate. The next goal is the Temple of the Moon on the central island. We must get there as soon as possible to prevent the traitors from calling The Evil God.”

“What are they doing?” Evan asked curiously. 

“According to the elder, he got warnings from the stars and the Founders of the castle. The fallen guys are hiding in the depths of the Temple, using evil magic to summon the evil spirit from the endless void, summoning its noumenon to descend upon the world. “Okegiga said, “We can’t let them succeed, otherwise everything will be late!” 

“Summon the evil god’s body?!” Evan was stunned, and he remembered the test that Gryffindor handed over to him. He had to help the Centaur Okegiga re-seal the evil god. 

“Yes, they are all mad, deceived and corrupted by the evil spirit. They believe all its myths!” Okegiga quickly nodded. “All the noble star-watchers in the Central Plains of the colony have become its most loyal followers, hoping to use the powerful magic contained in the gem left behind by the Founder of the castle as energy to summon the return of the evil god.”

Okegiga was talking about the Philosopher’s Stone, as one of the keys to unlock the Secret Treasure left by the Four Founders, which had powerful magic beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

Unexpectedly, the evil god used it as a source of energy for his return.

“What do we need to do?” Evan asked, taking a deep breath. 

“Enter the Temple of the Moon, stop the magic going on or destroy the gem left behind by the Founder of the castle.” Okegiga said coldly, waving his spear hard. 

Evan frowned. Okegiga’s plan was too simple and straightforward. 

He thought it was necessary to talk to the elder of the Centaurs first, or to catch some of the higher-ranking Centaurs and find out what magic they were using, understand how it worked and adopt a more targeted response strategy. 

Perhaps, they could also find out what kind of monster the so-called evil god was. Since the ancient warlocks summoned it out, they must have left behind a method of bringing it under control. 

But Okegiga obviously didn’t intend to do this. He was a powerful warrior. Magic was never something he considered. He took Evan quickly to the Temple of the Moon. 

Evan hesitated, then decided not to stop him. 

Although reckless, in real history, Okegiga was clearly successful, and he prevented the body of the evil god from emerging from the void. 

Of course, the outcome was the division of the tribe and the decline of the power of the Centaurs, and the Philosopher’s Stone left by Gryffindor was split into two halves, which was a terrible event.

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