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H.P.S.T Chapter 356: The Fire Dragon and the Temple of the Moon

After a brief halt, the battle continued. 

Evan knew he had to seize the moment and not let the fallen Centaurs summon the evil god from the void; otherwise the battle would be more and more difficult. 

Although it was just a magic illusion, everything was too real, and no one could guarantee the strength of the evil god that had surprised Gryffindor. 

Evan didn’t know how Okegiga had defeated it at the time, but the most obvious way was to destroy the magic that was calling it before the evil god came to earth. 

Thinking of this, he waved his wand. 

Under Evan’s control, the huge Stone Giant bent over and reached out to grab him slowly and placed him on his right shoulder. 

A gentle breeze blew, and his view became wider.

Evan was able to see the vast forest, and the towering old trees could not be seen at the margin. 

In the vicinity, there were the dense wooden houses of the Centaurs. The battle was going on, and smoke billowed in many places. On the central island of the colony, the Temple of the Moon, built of obsidian stones, stood tall and looked extra ferocious. 

Above the Temple, a strange vortex was forming in the sky, glowing red, as if something was about to be summoned from the clouds. 

Unrepressed magic overflowed, and this magic was clearly about to succeed. 

“I’ll be waiting for you ahead!” Evan waved to Okegiga below. 

He swayed his wand, and the stone giant stood up and speeded up into the Centaurs’ colony. 

Its vast, grey body of rock scared all living things, for it was so heavy, the whole earth rumbled with every one of its steps.

Under Evan’s control, the Stone Giant destroyed all the obstacles in front of him in the most primitive way, crushing them with brute force.

The fallen Centaurs tried their best to shoot arrows at it, but it didn’t work. 

Evan kept waving his wand to repair the damaged body of the Stone Giant, and from time to time issued several powerful spells to the front to cooperate with its attack. 

Okegiga was unwilling to be left behind. He led the Centaurs around the Stone Giant controlled by Evan, and defeated the enemy with their arrows. 

Under the leadership of Okegiga, the Centaurs charged again and again, just like a black hurricane, they were unstoppable, wantonly trampling on the enemy’s bones. 

The colony was full of fighting and angry shouts. These Centaurs were natural warriors. They were fearless as long as there was a hero to lead them. 

The cunning goblins saw that the situation was not in their favor and all disappeared on the spot.

They were hired to join the Centaurs’ Civil War and came just for the gold promised by the fallen Centaurs, not to lose their lives here. 

The foolish trolls, with their foul stench and horrible appearance, were still swinging their wooden bats that were as tall as two men, but without the goblins’ cooperation, they were quickly killed. 

In one attack, the fallen Centaurs suffered heavy losses. 

They were losing ground and began to retreat to the Temple of the Moon on the central island. 

Evan took advantage of the victory to chase them. The closer he approached the Temple of the Moon, the more he could feel the weirdness of the old sacred place of the Centaurs. The corrupted magic energy was changing the sacred Temple. 

Outside the obsidian, there seemed to be a layer of blue mist. Through the mist, what could be seen on the back wall were not the complicated and mysterious star maps, but all the scary devil patterns that were beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

On the murals were the monsters that Evan had seen before. They were like a mixture of fungi and insects. Their heads were all riddled with holes of different sizes.

Besides, there was a huge monster with terrible claws all over his body. Huge arms covered with black fur split into two at the front. Each hand had sharp claws on it, about the size of a giant’s head protected by thick hair and bones.  

The most frightening thing about the skull was its huge mouth, which grew vertically instead of horizontally, full of massive yellow teeth, straight from the top of the head to the bottom. 

A burst of blue mist drifted by, and the line of sight was blurred. There seemed to be more such monsters on the murals, and in front of them, there were all kinds of flesh and blood sacrifices. 

These degenerate Centaurs must’ve been completely mad to believe in that horrible evil god.

Evan could hardly imagine that anyone would actually try to summon these monsters from the void. 

He controlled the Stone Giant beneath him and, at the top of the black Temple; Evan saw a large number of Centaurs standing on top of the platform, crawling on the ground for what ceremony was going on. 

Moving on, in the place of the original statue of the Centaur, he saw… 

The next second, Evan suddenly shivered. A pair of cold blood-red eyes appeared in his mind inexplicably. He felt an indescribable fear. 

It was like encountering a Dementor. Everything around him, even his memories, began to fade and wither. All of his happy memories disappeared, leaving only fear behind.

Under the gaze of the blood-red eyes, Evan was in a trance. 

Bang, bang, Boom! 

In the haze, he seemed to see a huge black body flying from above the temple. He raised his wand and wanted to resist, but he was immersed in endless terror. 

After a strong impact, Evan felt that the Stone Giant under him had been smashed. 

After the loss of magic, it quickly collapsed. Evan was falling from the sky and was about to be buried alive. 

He was going to die; maybe it was a relief… 

No, it couldn’t end like this! He tried his best to think about things that would make him happy. He thought of Hermione and of his purpose behind him coming here. 

EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Evan shouted, waving his wand. 

He subconsciously used this magic, hoping it would work. 

Along with his movements, a silver-white cat emerged from the tip of his wand and ran with a little white light on the top of the temple. 

Evan’s consciousness quickly returned, and it seemed that he could finally recover from an endless nightmare and came back to reality.

He found that his body was falling fast in midair, and the rocks he had summoned were crushed and destroyed. There were stones of different sizes around his body. 

Evan raised his wand, but it was too late… 

At the last moment, a vigorous figure flew by, catching Evan, and a heavy long spear swept away all the stones beside him.

“Human, what are you doing? Don’t go there!” Okegiga said with a rough voice. “We must retreat. I didn’t expect them to tame that thing.” 

“What?!” Evan was stunned. He didn’t understand what the Centaur was talking about. 

What did he mean by ‘that thing?’ Was it the evil god?! 

Soon, across Okegiga’s haughty face, he saw what monster flew out of the temple and shattered the Stone Giant he had summoned. 

Above the sky, there was actually a black fire dragon!

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