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H.P.S.T Chapter 357: Fighting the Dragon

According to Okegiga, this fire dragon had been living in the depths of the Forbidden Forest. 

Evan couldn’t help but secretly swallow. In the Dark Ages 800 years ago, the woods around Hogwarts were hiding a monster of this rank?!

He stared at the massive black dragon, wondering how the fallen Centaurs had tamed it. It was simply mind boggling!

The shadow of the dragon’s huge body flickered through the air, and Evan had to admit that they were too small compared to this fierce-looking dragon. 

This black dragon seemed to be a hybrid of the Hebridean Black and the Hungarian Horntail. It had characteristics from both. 

Its body was about thirty feet long. Its black scales were rough and hard, covered with bronze spikes, with a row of deep but razor-sharp ridges on its back and an arrow-shaped spike at the tip of its tail. 

It flapped its wings and swiftly passed over Evan’s and Okegiga’s heads. 

The dragon roared and snorted at the Centaurs behind him, then swooped forward as no one did reacted, and a flame burst out of its open tusked mouth and shot down at a Centaur.

It opened its huge bloody mouth and bit the Centaur who was struggling to escape. 

The Centaur’s shattered body was thrown aside after being chewed up. The black dragon landed on the ground. Its weight of several tons caused the whole terrain to shake. It stood on its back feet, with its neck raised high, and its mouth fifteen feet above the ground. 

With a roar, the Dragon lowered its head and sprayed mushroom-shaped clouds of fire around.

The Centaurs fled in all directions, and their arrows couldn’t pierce the hard scales of the dragon. It wriggled and stamped its feet wildly, and its spiked tail fluttered madly on both sides, leaving a dozen feet of pits and hollows on the hard ground.

“We have to retreat into the forest, or we would have to suffer too many losses.” Okegiga said angrily, holding the spear in his hand. 

In front of them, a large number of fallen Centaurs huddled at the end of the only access to the Temple of the Moon. They seemed to make up their minds and rely on favorable terrain to hold to the Temple. 

As for the outside, they left that for the mad dragon to handle. 

Considering the horror he had just seen, Evan wanted to rush into the temple and stop the magic that was about to succeed before the evil god arrived. 

But the current situation forced him to follow the Centaurs’ troops to withdraw.

He was afraid that the dragon would tear them apart before they entered the temple. 

Evan and Okegiga had just moved, and the dragon seemed to have an eye on both of them. It gave up chasing the Centaurs who had fled to the surroundings and fluttered its wings to fly back to them. 

It spurted fire, turning everything around into a sea of flames. 

The heat wave rolled in with golden blazing ripples, hot like torches. 

Evan and Okegiga were surrounded in the center of the blaze and there was nowhere for them to escape. In front of them, the fierce dragon opened its huge mouth, and its threatening yellow eyes stared at both of them. Its Black, rough wings were waved at full power and it rushed forward like a fighter plane. 

“Damn!” Okegiga gave a loud shout and launched a fierce attack, not evading. He rushed toward the dragon that swooped over, and raised his lance high in his hand. 

The sharp long spear flashed a palpitating cold light, sending out pressure. 

On Okegiga’s back, Evan clenched his wand and tightened his body. He watched the dragon’s outline getting clearer and clearer. Looking at its sharp fangs, his mind became blank. 

He took a deep breath, ruled out distracting thoughts, concentrated his thoughts completely, pointed at the scary eyes of the dragon, and waved his wand. 

The dragon’s eyes were the weakest part of its body, and the two sides rushed over. In an instant, Evan’s Conjunctivitis Curse hit the dragon, and it closed its eyes in pain. 

The dragon stumbled forward and fell to the ground, rolling in agony, overwhelming a row of sturdy Centaurs’ huts next to it like toys, shaking the whole area. 

Evan was stunned. The power of the Conjunctivitis Curse was not that great. 

The next second, he saw a shocking wound on the black dragon. 

Okegiga’s attack cut through its hard, rough black scales, extending from its torso to its left wing. The wound was deep, and in some places even bones could be seen. 

Evan seized the opportunity to sway the wand at the fastest speed along the wound.

He issued five silver-white spells in succession, like lightning speeding by, and each one heavily chopped the bones of the dragon. 

With Evan’s attack, the dragon roared and a great deal of dragon blood spewed out. 

It rolled painfully on the ground, madly spurting hot flames, and the golden flames occupied the whole area, and even hard rocks were melted by the scorching heat. 

Under the joint attack of Okegiga and Evan, its left wing was completely scrapped, and even after treatment, it would be very difficult for this dragon to fly again.

“Well done, human!” Okegiga said weakly. “This stupid fellow learned a lesson this time. We must get out now.” 

In the confrontation just now, Okegiga’s right arm was cut by the tusks of the dragon, and now he was drooping weakly on the ground. 

His body was trembling because he exerted too much force. 

Okegiga’s power was really amazing, completely beyond the innate limitations of the race of Centaurs. It is no wonder that even after 800 years, his heroic deeds had been passed down by later generations. 

As a matter of fact, only the most powerful humans could defeat a dragon. Prior to this, Evan had never heard of a Centaur killing a dragon. 

The dragon’s scales have a strong magic and defensive power. Even with the most powerful magic attacks, let alone physical attacks, it was hard to go through them. 

What’s more, the long spear in Okegiga’s hand was not a magic weapon, but the most common weapon. It depended entirely on his own strength to achieve this effect.

Okegiga took Evan and other Centaurs to retreat into the woods outside the colony. Behind them, the mad dragon was still rolling there. 

It destroyed everything it touched. With such a creature stuck there, it was going to be difficult to get into the Temple of the Moon. 

Evan had some worries and didn’t know what to do. Maybe he could fly in on a Hippogriff. He told Okegiga about this idea.

“Fly to the Temple of the Moon?!! Unless you want to be a target in midair.” Okegiga frowned and said, “This idea is not feasible. In addition to being an easy target, all flights are prohibited over the temple, where the Founder of the castle left a powerful defensive magic.”

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