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H.P.S.T Chapter 362: Okegiga’s Story

Hearing Okegiga’s thanks, Evan did not respond. 

What was the use of a promise of an ancient Centaur who lived eight hundred years ago? This was just an illusion created by Gryffindor. In the real world, Evan and Okegiga didn’t even know each other. Not to mention that the Centaur himself had become a ghost without substance. 

Evan’s mind was still concerned with the yellow mist. He had a feeling that he had read about something similar to it in some ancient magic book.

He seemed to know what these monsters were, but he couldn’t remember. 

On the ground, the bodies of the shattered monsters were still making disgusting buzzes. 

A large number of yellow maggots burst out from the debris of their bodies, scattered all over the ground, crawled forward desperately, and slowly dragged the fragmented flesh back to its original position.

They were scrambling for the flesh, disregarding which body it fell from, and gathering it back.

Evan became under the impression that these monsters were actually made up of countless numbers of these pale yellow worms, and that the horrible shape he had just seen was just an embodiment of their collective will. 

The monster’s buzzing continued, as if to give orders to the worms.

The nauseating scene once again interrupted Evan’s thinking. 

He saw a lot of maggots beginning to creep up to him and Okegiga, with shiny mucus behind them, and the two quickly retreated and dodged.

“They are not dead yet!” Okegiga warned aloud, but did not know what to do. 

This was completely beyond the Centaur’s knowledge. He would rather fight a fierce fire dragon than face these abnormal disgusting worms. 

Evan closed his eyes and focused on sensing the magic in the air. He then discovered all magic linked to these creatures was coming from inside of the monster’s hollow head.

A light of inspiration flashed in his mind and he said in a hurry, “Attack their heads, there should be a bright pink core inside; that is their vital spot.” 

Evan remembered the statues of these monsters that he had seen in the temple before, the ones that had become Stone statues could actually represent the anatomy of these monsters more intuitively. 

Inside their green hollow head, there was a pink, irregular elliptical core. 

He read a spell and waved his wand. 

A silvery white light flashed by, like a sharp arrow, hitting a monster’s head which was riddled with holes.

It died, its body stopped moving, and no more buzzing sounds came out. 

On the ground, many of the yellow worms that were dragging flesh and blood also died. 

Seeing this, Okegiga hurried over and put his lance through the heads of the two remaining monsters, ending their evil lives.

In the dim tunnel, neither of them spoke. 

It was a abnormal, thrilling and dangerous battle. Looking at the fragmented meat in front of them, they both tried to hold their breath. 

Okegiga motioned to Evan to climb onto his back. He accelerated and ran forward. When the surrounding area returned to normal and he could not smell the blood, he gradually slowed down. 

“Such disgusting creations of that evil god!” Okegiga said resentfully. “It had been working on creating these things before. I didn’t expect it to succeed!” 

“How did those fallen Centaurs do it?” asked Evan. 

“Flesh and blood, a lot of flesh and blood!” Okegiga said in disgust, “The evil god told them how to make it. They caught a lot of creatures in the woods and killed them cruelly. They mixed the flesh and blood together and summoned the monsters through a ritual.”

The top of the Temple of the Moon absorbed the power of stars and converted them into pure magic, which could help the fallen Centaurs to accomplish such evil magic.

Evan didn’t know what the ritual’s principle was, but it was definitely some of the darkest magic he knew. 

With modern magic, even the most evil black magic did not involve such amounts of flesh and blood, which was more akin to the mysterious sorcery used by ancient Greek warlocks and some African Dark Magicians to summon demons.

In “Secrets of the Darkest Art“, such a magic could summon a low-ranking devil by sacrificing a corpse in a special ceremony.

However, the record of this magic was not very detailed. Evan had been studying it for a long time without finding many clues, and he had not figured out exactly where the demons came from.

His theoretical research was not advancing, and he couldn’t really get a corpse to summon a devil. So he never was able to thoroughly study this magic. 

“Two years ago, I found the remaining of the evil god in the depths of the marsh. There is an ancient temple left by humans. It had been completely abandoned.” Okegiga said with remorse, “I ignored the warnings given by the elder and the planets, and in order to prove my foolish courage, I went in alone…”

Evan did not speak, and listened quietly to Okegiga recalling his own story. 

“The ruins were very large and quiet, and they were full of plants that I had never seen before,” Okegiga said. “The upper part of it had been buried in the mud of the marsh and then through a blocked passage, I came to a very wide circular hall on the ground floor. The hall area was about the size of the entire Temple of the Moon.” 

According to Okegiga’s description, Evan’s mind sketched such a large and classical temple, just like the amazing buildings of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. 

This was a landmark left by ancient warlocks. There should have been innumerable mysterious magic hidden in it, silently proving the glorious era that had passed away. 

“What was in that hall?” Evan asked. 

“Nothing; the white marble walls were engraved with quirky magic symbols and human words that I couldn’t understand. The floors were full of intricate patterns and magic lines, just like the top of the Temple of the Moon. Perhaps they could be used to absorb the power of the stars.” Okegiga continued, with a hint of agony in the voice. “That’s what I thought at the time. I galloped forward in the empty ruins for about twenty minutes before I arrived at the center, and then I saw…” 

Evan concentrated, and he was not surprised by Okegiga’s reaction. 

The Centaurs were not a race that excelled in magic. Unless it was clearly shown, he would certainly not find the magic hidden in the ruins.

After returning to the real world, he should consider going to the ruins in the depths of the marsh and take a look at what the ancient warlocks left there. 

Perhaps, he could also know the identity of the evil god. 

If he was lucky enough to find some magic spells specifically designed to deal with the powerful evil spirits, he might be able to solve all difficulties once and for all, and get rid of these increasingly challenging creatures he’d been bumping into!

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