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H.P.S.T Chapter 363: The Top of the Temple and Dragon’s Slaughter

In the dark Temple, Okegiga continued with Evan.

The strong and forceful stamping sound of the Centaur’s hooves on the ground intermingled with his agonized voice as he said: “In the middle of the empty rotunda, I found a small wooden statue wrapped in withered plants on a square stone pedestal.” Okegiga continued, “I cleaned up the plants and brought the statue back to the tribe as proof of my foolish adventure, but I didn’t expect it to be the beginning of the disaster. It was all my fault…”

“The statue?” Evan asked softly. 

“Yes, it was the image of the evil god that was carved on it.” Okegiga waved the torch in his hand vigorously. “It was a cursed magic item. From that day on, as soon as the night would fall, we could hear a strange voice whispering to us in the colony, the bewilderment of the fellow who claimed to be the God of the forest. In the middle of the night, it promised us great power, the secret to immortality, and the ambition of conquering the Forest… ” 

Evan was silent. It sounded exactly the same as the guy he met in Aragog’s Lair. They relied on the same things to make others obey them. Maybe this was what the evil spirits had in common. 

But they had different strengths and abilities, and each had its own characteristics.

Moreover, perhaps this was because Slytherin had split the self-proclaimed God of Death before, but it didn’t seem to be as powerful as the evil god that the Centaurs encountered.

Of course, it might also be due to the fact that it was created by Herpo the Foul through black magic, while the evil god they were facing now was a powerful creature discovered by the ancient warlocks in the endless void. 

“In the beginning, the Centaurs did not believe in that voice. Since ancient times, we have only believed in the power of the stars and the signs of the planets.” Okegiga said with resentment. “After discussion, the elder decided to destroy the wooden statue that I brought back. They thought that it was an evil black magic item created by a human wizard, but we failed in every way.”

The wooden statue was the seal of the ancient warlocks on the evil spirit. If it could be so easily destroyed, they would not have left it there. 

“After countless failures, we decided to seek the help of the Temple of the Moon, and the Stargazers came out to take the statue away.” Okegiga said, “We all thought that they had successfully destroyed the wooden statue of the evil god. The voice had disappeared for a long time.” 

Okegiga had previously explained that the stargazers in the Centaurs’ colony were very sacred and of high status. By the power of the stars, they were very few Centaurs who could use magic. 

They were proficient in healing and star magic, a bit similar to the existence of witch doctors. 

Only the most talented foals were qualified to become stargazers. After discovering the talented foals, they would be individually taught in the Temple of the Moon. 

This was the ancient tradition of the Centaurs, but Evan didn’t know when it was going to die out. 

In the modern world Evan was familiar with, there was no faction of stargazers in the Centaurs’ colony of the Forbidden Forest. All the Centaurs could read the warnings given by the planets’ movements. 

But again, they couldn’t feel magic or use it. 

“Ordinary Centaurs are not allowed to enter the Temple of the Moon without permission. We don’t know what happened here. We just thought that the astrologers had succeeded. But the reality was, they were all corrupted by the evil god.” Okegiga went on, his voice gradually calming down. “They secretly modified the interior of the sacred Temple of the Moon into what you see now. When this incident was discovered, it caused a lot of commotion, and the tribe split as a result. The supporters of the evil god and stargazers took the upper hand, and several elders and opponents like me were banished.” 

He stopped and patted lightly on the door engraved with the moon’s shape, touched the shutter, and the black door slowly rose upwards, revealing an escalator behind. 

“From then on, the fallen Centaurs began to spread out, hunting all the creatures they could see and destroying the balance of the forest.” Okegiga took Evan in, and the sound of flowing water rang from below, and they began to rise. Turning his head, Okegiga continued, “The planets’ harbingers are getting worse and worse, and the great evil is approaching us. We can’t wait any longer. We have to take action. As I said before, everything started because of my foolishness. I have to put an end to this farce myself…”

He shook his right hand back with great force and threw away his torch. 

Okegiga took out the long spear behind him, his hands clenched with all his strength, his muscles tightened, his eyes wide open, waiting for the upcoming battle.

Evan also took a deep breath, pulled out his wand, looked down at the fast-moving stone wall, and mobilized all his magic.

His challenge had reached its most critical point, at which success or failure was at stake.

Waiting for them at the top of the temple would be the evil god being summoned, the Centaurs who believed in it, a large number of indescribable monsters, and… 


As Evan and Okegiga reached the top of the Temple, the roar of a dragon reached them, tingling their eardrums with blazing heat, for the sky was filled with golden flames. 

Evan did not hesitate and hurriedly waved his wand. The next second, a magic shield appeared in front of them, blocking the flames of the dragon. The energy shield constructed by pure colorless magic was immediately baked into bright red.

“To victory; CHAAARGE!” Okegiga let out a loud cry. 

As the Centaur’s hooves moved, he rushed out in front of the gushing flames and held up his long spear like a God of war.

In front of them was the black dragon that they met in front of the Temple. 

It lay down on the ground, its fearful yellow eyes mingled with blood, staring at Evan and Okegiga. Its left wing had apparently been treated, but the scar left upon it was shocking and it could no longer be used for flight. 

The dragon’s eyes were full of hatred. After spitting out fire, it rushed straight forward with its huge mouth full of fangs, roaring thunderously.

The intolerable heat grew stronger and stronger, and it was shaking the whole place.

After gliding forward and charging for a while, Okegiga made a sudden turn, facing the oncoming dragon, with all four legs working hard at the same time, and flew straight into the air.

Bang, boom, boom! 

Evan didn’t care to pay attention to anything else; they were now right above the dragon.

He waved his wand as hard as he could and mobilized all his magic. A red curse as thick as an adult’s thigh came out from the end of his wand.

Because of the accumulation of too much magic, Evan could even hear the slight whistle of magic collision, like a red lightning, rushing downward. 

It was Stupefy! Evan did not expect to be able to knock down a fire dragon with such powerful magical defense just like that, but it was enough to make it dizzy and comatose.

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