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H.P.S.T Chapter 366: Evan’s Success!

Evan gasped and rushed through the crowds of the fallen Centaurs prostrated on the ground.

Like Okegiga, the fallen Centaurs were all motionless. 

They laid there in silence. Their faces were also still, showing their last varied expressions of surprise, panic, joy, fear….

Aside from Evan and the evil god, the whole world seemed to be at a standstill at that moment. 

Evan’s Patronus kept spinning around his body, and the white energy shield protected him from the whispering and negative emotions of the evil god.

In the sky, with the gathering of monstrous amounts of flesh and blood, the huge spherical body of the evil god had expanded beyond imagination, starting to look like a moon of death falling on earth.

On its body, the swaying tentacles covered the sky. 

At the foot of the statue of the Centaur in the middle of the Temple, Evan looked up, and saw nothing above his head but the body of the evil god, which was still growing.

It was dark, but Evan’s target was very clear. 

He had just sensed that all the magic that had dissipated from the Philosopher’s Stone was converging in the head of the giant Centaur’s statue, where the Wooden Statue of the evil god was hidden.

It seemed that the stone staircase specially prepared for him stood quietly there, extending straight from the bottom of the statue to the highest point of the cloud. 

Along the stone ladder, Evan looked up and felt dizzy. 

“Death here is not real!” He made up his mind to overcome his deep fear and ran to the stone ladder. 

The next second, the change was sudden. 

The bodies of the stalled Centaurs around him suddenly changed, their skin kept rolling, or bulging upwards, or sagged downwards, and their flesh and blood were torn apart. 

Under the control of the evil god, the fallen Centaurs all became horrible monsters.

Some parts of their bodies still retained their characteristics, but others began to morph in horrible bizarre shapes. Their eyes bulged outwards and their bones began to deform.

Where they used to have faces, now they had huge mouths, like giant open clams, with fangs on the edges and tiny teeth on the inside. 

In the center of these giant mouths, they had enormous blood-red tongues. 

They were swaying disgustingly, licking the skin inside their mouths. 

The fallen Centaurs that had become monsters quickly rushed towards Evan. He tried to run forward with all his strength. He gasped hard, and the monsters behind him were much faster than he was. 

This was not the way to go on. He was not Okegiga. He couldn’t fight these monsters head-on. He bit his lips hard, stopped, and turned quickly. 

Evan wiped the sweat from his head, and the wand in his hand kept waving. 

Golden flames erupted from the end of his wand. It was the Fiendfyre Curse!

Evan had used this evil curse once in Aragog’s Lair, burning almost the entire cave, including gushing springs. 

Like last time, all the flames seemed to be living, spinning and roaring, rushing to the nearest morphed Centaur. 

The evil fire swallowed everything it touched. It confronted the evil god in the sky and the evil monsters it had created, as if both were competing to decide who was more most evil!

After casting the Fiendfyre Curse, Evan didn’t look at it and ran straight to the stone ladder next to the statue. 

With all his strength, he sprinted up and swept through the steps. 

Below, the fire was mutating, forming a gigantic pack of fiery beasts: Flaming serpents, chimaeras, and dragons rose and fell and rose again. 

The whole platform at the top of the Temple had become an ocean of flames. 

Numerous fallen Centaurs were being juggled by the flames. They dodged around and seemed to be able to escape, but they were soon engulfed up by the fire from hell, turning into ashes and drifting in the wind. 

The fierce fire raged, the flaming beasts were rolling in the flames. their claws, tentacles and tails were twitching, and even the obsidian ground was baked red. 

With an unpleasant smell of scorch, the smoke was steaming upwards.

Strangely, the ground and building walls covered by the tentacles of the evil god remained unscathed. The fire stopped without harming the evil god. 

“Stupid human wizard, you are trying to challenge my strength with your own weak spells, but you don’t know that you’re getting closer to death.” The evil spirit said slowly. 

The spherical body slowly rolled, and the huge eyes turned to the bottom. It stared at Evan with terrible cold eyes. 

“You think you can endure death?” it calmly asked, “This death is like no other, human! It makes you beg for it, beg for the pain to end!” 

Evan ignored it, and he gasped hard. The stairs flashed in layers in front of him. 

He didn’t know how long this was going to last, for the stone ladder seemed to never end. 

He tried not to look or imagine what was under the statue, so that he would not be so dizzy. Inside his body was the huge, rough statue of the Centaur.

On the outside was the larger and clearer body of the evil spirit.

A lot of flesh and blood were gathered and swallowed up by it, but it was still unsatisfied. The shaking tentacles were still shadows, and the flesh-like body was covered with scars. 

Every scar was so deep, and green mucus flew out of it.

It kept saying crazy words to Evan, disturbing his mind, but because it did not form a single tentacle, it did not possess any substantial attack ability. 

Evan climbed faster and faster, sweating like rain, and liquid even began to come out of his eyes.

He felt that he should have been already tired, but his legs were still moving up. 

It was an endless battle. Evan’s physical strength was exhausted. He only wanted to rest on the ground now, but under the pressure of the evil god, he was still pushing himself. 

Maybe that was what Gryffindor wanted; to test Evan’s limits.

His phobia of heights and his fear of the evil spirit were both left behind by Evan.

He was fearless now, and there was only one thought in his mind; to climb up! 

He wanted to climb to the top, destroy the statue of the evil god, and prevent it from becoming complete. 

He didn’t know how much time had passed, the dim sky was getting darker and darker, the sun disappeared, and the stars hang through the night sky unwittingly. 

Finally, Evan climbed to the top of the statue. 

He passed straight through the thick clouds like a whirlpool, and the huge body of the evil god had disappeared. He was now standing on top of the clouds. 

The scene before him became very open, and the bright moonlight shined on him.

Never had Evan seen such a blue night sky! It was like something from a fairy tail. There was nothing but him, countless clouds and mists surging under his feet. 

On the circular platform in front of the clouds, Godric Gryffindor looked at him with a smile and said, “Congratulations, you’ve passed the challenge!”

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