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H.P.S.T Chapter 365: The Call of the Evil God

This evil spirit was like a mixture of all the monsters that Evan saw on the Temple murals before. It had features from all of those monsters on its huge round body.

It was not so much a god; it was purely a monster. 

Those fallen Centaurs were simply mad to believe in such a creature!

Flesh and blood converged to it, but still could not fill it up. The figure of the evil spirit expanded outwards, to become almost as large as the huge cloud vortex above the Temple of the Moon. 

Its body, which had been covered with flesh and blood, had a series of cracks and scars opened into it. These cracks seemed to be innumerable, endless, opening and closing…

Soon, everywhere above its dark green circular body, which was flooded with shadows, was covered by the dark clouds, and the two seemed to merge into one. 

On the platform, the fallen Centaurs were prostrated on the ground, muttering incomprehensible words in their mouths, and they dared not even raise their heads. Only Evan and Okegiga were still standing there. 

Okegiga took a step forward and stopped immediately. 

The sky abruptly started raining, and the raindrops were getting bigger and bigger.

These raindrops were all dark red, like dried blood.

The rain fell on the Temple built of obsidian. The everlasting rocks were full of bloody bubbles, and they were fading away and losing their former luster.

A green film began to appear on the ground, like green moss that kept getting higher and higher. Bizarre plants began to emerge, growing rapidly in the rain. 

The squirming tentacles of the evil god were like the roots of the trees. They were rooted in the huge stone statue and the Temple of the Moon. Cracks began to appear on the hard stones. 

“What should we do now?” Okegiga muttered. 

The powerful Centaur Warrior seemed to be in despair, as this evil creature looked invincible.

Evan did not answer. He was focusing on finding the source of magic. With the appearance of the evil spirit, the magic on the Philosopher’s Stone left by Gryffindor was speeding up its dissipation. 

Now, the whole Temple platform was full of restless magic. 

With this magic in reach of the creature, no matter how many fallen Centaurs there were to beat, they would never be able to stop it!

The remaining way was to find the wooden statue Okegiga talked about. 

This was the root of everything. Destroying it would bring an end to the coming of this evil god, or seal it again through the magic used by ancient warlocks. 

As for beating it head-on, that wasn’t about to happen!

If they could, the ancient warlocks would not have just sealed it, but they would have destroyed it once and for all. 

Evan didn’t know where the fallen Centaurs had hidden the wooden statue. He pursued the trajectory of the magic, trying to locate it, but it was as if he was trying to locate a wave in a vast raging ocean!

Perhaps, all his efforts in the face of the coming evil spirit were in vain!

But Evan did not give up. There must be a way! 

He did not know how Okegiga re-sealed the evil god in real history. Though brave, the trouble he was facing should’ve been beyond his capabilities.

Of course, this was not the real world after all. It could also be something made up by Gryffindor, to increase the difficulty of the challenge. 

No matter what, everything in this illusion was too real. It was as if Evan really went back to the Centaurs civil war eight hundred years ago.

In the sky, the huge spherical body of the evil spirit slowly protruded forward, and its sluggish red eyes were all down, looking coldly at Evan and Okegiga. 

A strange voice rang out somewhere, echoing in the Centaurs’ colony. 

“Human wizard, you are still trying to resist the great existence that is destined to remain unknown!” It slowly said, “This is absurd! With all men I’ve witnessed, the oldest and strongest emotion that human beings have is fear, and the oldest and strongest of fears is that of the unknown.” 

Evan ignored it and tried to focus. 

He had studied it carefully before, and like the fellow he met in the depths of the earth, the words that the other party was constantly echoing and whispering were actually magic that acted on the soul, which could lead to bringing birth to most negative of emotions in one’s heart. 

In this regard, he was already prepared.

EXPECTO PATRONUM!” He shouted and waved his wand to summon his Patronus. 

The previous two experiences reminded him that the Patronus Charm that exuded positive energy and could resist all negative emotions was not only effective against the Dementors, but also against these evil gods and creations from the void. 

It seemed that he had to study this magic again after the end of the challenge! 

He focused his attention, thinking about what would make him the most happy and about Hermione and the guardianship of Hogwarts. 

The cat, which was made of silver light, whirled around him and Okegiga, and finally rested on his shoulder.

A milky white energy shield appeared out of thin air, blocking the infiltration of evil forces. 

“Weak human wizard, like your ancestors, you are making useless resistance. Me not destroying you immediately was the greatest kindness you could encounter.” 

The immense body of the evil spirit continued to move forward, staring coldly at Evan. 

“My companions and I come from the darkest corners of the world. Human Wizards that have seen it been before had gone mad!” It continued, “That is the present of our world, and it’s also the future of yours. Under the vast ocean, there are endless secrets…” 

Evan increased the magic output, and the voice became intermittent. 

With the infiltration of the evil spirit, the energy shield in front of him was covered with cracks, which could break at any time, and the Patronus on his shoulder seemed to slowly fall asleep. 

Evan clenched his fists, and was sweating all over! 

Ever since he acquired the powerful magic of Slytherin’s Locket, he never felt in such need to more magical power!

“Do you want to discover the essence of fear?” The voice of the evil god came in again. “You seem to be fearless, but in the face of real fear, you would either be driven mad and become my follower like these Centaurs; or like your ancestors, run away from the light and flee to a new dark age to seek peace and safety.” 

“Found it, there it is!” Evan finally found the source of all the magic gathering. 

He shouted to the Centaur under him, but Okegiga did not move. 

The Centaur was standing there quietly, as if he was petrified, or just an image!

“Damn!” Evan waved his wand and jumped off the Centaur. 

He didn’t know what tricks Gryffindor was playing again. Did he focus on animating this evil god and forget to control these Centaurs?! 

The battle had reached its final stage. Any questions were to be left for later!

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