Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 368: Getting Gryffindor’s Treasure Key

Evan was silent. Whether this guy was a demon or Gryffindor; he wanted to get up and beat him up!

For a good while, this guy was definitely getting him through hell! 

In the illusion, he was almost driven mad, while Gryffindor was enjoying himself on the sidelines, and all the Centaurs warriors, fire dragons, and the evil god were all being animated by him.

He was like a marionette, struggling in the world he created. 

“Don’t be angry!” Gryffindor said with a smile. “In fact, the scene you just saw was not completely illusory. The fallen Centaurs did use magic to absorb the power that I have left, trying to summon the evil spirit from the void. At the time, I had a conversation with it. How to describe that experience? I can only say that it was very interesting…” 

Communicating with the spherical monster, Evan couldn’t see what it meant. 

“What I showed you, it was what it tried to instill in me.” Gryffindor’s expression became serious. “In fact, it is far more horrible than what you just saw. If you encounter it later, be careful not to be careless.” 

“I know!” Evan said angrily, still not relaxing his vigilance.

“Ha-ha, you are right to have this momentum!” Gryffindor took a few steps forward and waved to Evan. “Since you understand, then I don’t have anything to worry about! Your Friends should be waiting anxiously outside, we’d better not waste time.” 

“Wait a minute!” Evan cried out in a hurry. 

Whatever he told him, in fact, he still had full of questions to ask him.  

Gryffindor stood there smiling, as if waiting for Evan to ask his questions, but his body began to become transparent and he began to disappear.

As in the previous Hogwarts room, the entire space began to fragment.

Evan opened his mouth but made no sound. 

“If you want to know the magic that Slytherin’s Heir left on the Philosopher’s Stone, the quickest way is to pick it up directly. Don’t run away from your destiny. This is another challenge I leave you to.” Gryffindor’s voice came intermittently, “Goodbye, Evan!” 

The next second, with a bang, countless pieces of debris broke and dispersed.

Everything in front of Evan vanished. 

The debris flashed silver and blue, and he returned to the real world. 

As the cold night wind blew, Evan noticed that he was also standing at the top of the statue.

Below him, Sirius, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Magorian and the elder of the Centaurs all looked as small as toothpicks. 

Because it was too high, he had a fit of dizziness and hurriedly got his eyes back up. 

He felt like he was standing at the gates of the sky, with countless stars shining around him, as if he could reach out and touch them.

In the distance, the huge outline of Hogwarts Castle was looming. 

He heard a shout, and Harry and the others were shouting his name. 

Evan looked down again and saw Hermione waving to him. 

Because it was too high, he couldn’t hear what they were saying. 

Following Hermione’s gesture, Evan turned his head and saw the Secret Treasure Key that Gryffindor had left. The fragment of the Philosopher’s Stone glowed red not far away. 

He hesitated for a moment and slowly stood up.

A gust of cold wind blew, and Evan felt his body shaking, and he half squatted down in a hurry to maintain his balance.

Between the platform where he stood and the Philosopher’s Stone, there was a narrow stone passage. 

so high above the ground, walking on this narrow passage was like walking across a single wooden bridge, but below was not a turbulent river, but a vast night sky. 

Needless to say, this must be a hobby of Gryffindor again.

Evan held his breath and walked cautiously forward.

He arrived slowly to the Philosopher’s Stone, which, like Gryffindor had shown him, was covered with gold markings and had irregular edges.

Evan could feel the powerful magic above, but he was still hesitant.

He was not sure what magic Voldemort had left behind, and he saw no difference besides the crack that had been cruelly made by the evil spirit, proving that the Stone had experienced the unimaginable!

The Philosopher’s Stone glowed red, and there was no trace of magic left in it.

Evan hesitated, not sure if he should touch it. 

He tried to use his wand to cast light on the Philosopher’s Stone and cast his own detection and defense spells, but nothing happened. 

He couldn’t stand there forever. According to Gryffindor’s words, no matter what, he had to accept the magic left by Voldemort and then seek for solutions. 

Perhaps Professor Trelawney’s prophecy was just meant to be!

Evan felt uncomfortable thinking that he might be the one chosen by Voldemort, who would help him gain power beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

He felt a cold chill in his body, as if his innards were turned into ice!

Evan hesitated. Maybe this time it would take courage instead of reason. It was a crazy move to get the Philosopher’s Stone knowing that there was obviously something wrong with it.

But in any case, it was something he couldn’t escape.

The next second, Evan reached out and held the red Philosopher’s Stone in his hand. It was cold.

Powerful magic entered his body along his palm, and Evan felt warmth. The magic he had just consumed in the illusion was instantly restored.

His magic continued to rise, quickly and frighteningly. 

On the platform at the top of the Temple of the Moon, everyone was watching Evan’s movements in the sky, and they were all cheering when they saw him holding the Philosopher’s Stone.

“The human foal has succeeded!” Magorian’s haughty face was filled with surprise. “After a thousand years, someone could really pass that mighty test!”

“Well, you should know now, that’s my student! He’s naturally the best!!” Sirius looked proudly at the Centaur, with a smug smile on his face. 

“Evan succeeded, I knew it!” Harry cheered loudly, shook his hands and was sincerely happy for his friend.

“He’s the best, we all believe in him.” 

Hermione breathed a sudden sigh of relief and wiped her eyes. A moment ago, Evan suddenly disappeared from her sight. She did not know what had happened and burst into tears.

“Yes, he is the best!” Ron followed. His gaze was complicated, and he was still thinking about the powerful magic item left by Gryffindor. 

He suddenly realized that the gap between him and Evan was widening.

Maybe he would never close this gap in his life.

Ron couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He admitted that at the beginning, he really envied Evan, but as the gap grew wider, the envy was fading. 

Perhaps that was what he had to do now; to be sincerely happy for his friend!

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