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H.P.S.T Chapter 393: Evan Welcomed by the Ghost

Under the watchful eyes of everyone around, the two of them chatted happily.

Neither of them had any will to care for anyone else.

Beauxbatons had more rules than Hogwarts, and it was not allowed to walk around during meals.

Looking at some students’ expressions, it seemed that they wanted to approach and seek trouble with Evan, but in the end they all did not act.

The Great Hall was buzzing, because tomorrow was the summer vacation. Most of the students’ topics turned to vacation arrangements and the just-completed annual exams.

After talking about some of Evan’s previous adventures, in the name of her sister, Fleur invited him to visit their home in Paris this summer.

If he didn’t have to keep looking for the other half of the Philosopher’s stone, Evan would actually love to go and see it, not just because of the little girl Gabrielle. He had listened to Hermione almost for a whole semester, talking about Paris’s unique, fascinating and appealing magic, and he was very intrigued.

Now he had to politely refuse the invitation.

Fleur was not unhappy, but the topic turned to the forthcoming Quidditch World Cup.

The banquet continued, and under magic, the exquisite golden chandelier rotated slowly above in the huge sky-blue ceiling, and the pulsating flames of its candles formed various exquisite patterns.

The ghosts also flew down from the roof, making extravagant stunts in midair, and skimming around the huge circular Great Hall, and then gathering to whisper. 

It could be seen that the ghosts were very interested in Dumbledore, Sirius, and Evan.

They were talking about the past experiences of the three people and getting gossip from around the hall.

Strangely, more and more ghosts gathered around Evan.

The number far exceeded the main guest seats, as the ghosts’ attraction to him seemed to exceed that of Dumbledore and Sirius.

“You are very popular!” Fleur said with a smile, the corners of her mouth slightly upward.

Looking at the crescent-like smile on Fleur’s face, Evan was confused.

It was a good thing to be popular, but it was too strange with all the fans ghosts! It was not so pleasant to think about it…

These ghosts pointed at Evan, but none of them dared to go forward.

“So, you are that Evan Mason?!” Just as Evan was wondering, a male ghost wearing a medieval French aristocratic costume fell stiffly beside him, looking a bit like Nearly Headless Nick…

Like Nick, his neck was gone, as if a slice had been taken straight from above his shoulders!

Only his body and head were floating in the air, which made him look very weird and funny.

If it hadn’t been for the angry look on the ghost’s face, Evan would have almost burst out laughing. He hurriedly wiped his mouth with a napkin to cover his smile.

“This is Vincent Duc de Trefle-Picques!” Fleur leaned over her head and whispered, “You must have offended him. He doesn’t always do that.”

Evan had seen this ghost’s name in “A History of Magic” before. It was said that he cast a Concealment Charm on his neck to pretend that he had been beheaded and escaped hanging.

From the current effect, the effect of that Concealment Charm was too perfect.

Even after his death, the power of the Charm had not disappeared.

Of course, the main reason he could be included in “A History of Magic” was that he had invented the Concealment Charm on the basis of ancient magic writing, an epoch-making high-level spell.

This Charm could make something disappear permanently, but the success rate of casting it was very low, and it was a Charm specific to Beauxbatons, so there were not many people who knew it.

Although he had heard the Duke say his name, Evan was sure that he had never seen him before today, and he did not know why this ghost was looking at him with anger.

The “Hogwarts Magic” you created!” Duc de Trefle-Picques said loudly, his milky white, translucent body showed a pink color. “Like other ghosts, I wrote a lot of things and mailed them, but all the news I provided were not used. I’ve been rejected 76 times already! Nick, that nasty fellow, said that my news content was too superficial…”

Hearing this, Evan knew what was going on.

No wonder so many ghosts surrounded him, all of them like Duc de Trefle-Picques, hoping to get along well with him so that their respective contributions could be adopted by “Hogwarts Magic”.

Evan had this situation before in Hogwarts. He was now almost the most popular among the ghosts. Wherever he went, there were always ghosts to surround him.

In fact the ghost’s life is too boring and there is hardly any entertainment.

With almost no help, since last year, many ghosts had provided news and reports to “Hogwarts Magic” and were proud of the adoption of their articles.

This was originally a whim of Evan, hoping to add a little to the lack of contributions to “Hogwarts Magic”.

Who could think of it? But in the end it gradually developed into the biggest highlight of the newspaper.

The ghosts knew a lot of secrets, and saw things from a different perspective. Their unique reports were unexpectedly welcomed by the wizards.

The submission also sparked an unexpected enthusiasm among the ghosts. Although Evan did not pay them anything, it gave them something to boast about!

After all, they could use their previously empty boring time to write, and their articles could be published in the living newspapers, arousing the attention and discussion of the wizards.

Such a thing, having one’s work be the center of attention of the living, was an incredible achievement for a ghost!

With the increasing influence of the “Hogwarts Magic”, and the increasing number of subscribers, contributing to the newspaper had gradually become the most important thing for ghosts.

Nowadays, not only the ghosts of Hogwarts and the United Kingdom, but many foreign ghosts such as Duc de Trefle-Picques also began to contribute and provide news to the newspaper.

This matter was mainly handled by Nearly Headless Nick. As far as Evan knew, he did a good job.

However, he was not surprised that Nick would ‘mis-treat’ Duc de Trefle-Picques’s work!

Nick was good at everything. He was upset that his head hadn’t been completely cut off. Even though hundreds of years had passed, he was still complaining about it.

Not surprisingly, he must be jealous of Duc de Trefle-Picques, whose neck had completely disappeared.

Although this was because of the Charm, in Nick’s opinion, all that matter was that Duc de Trefle-Picques’s neck wasn’t there to be seen!

With this in mind, of course, it wouldn’t be rational to expect him to adopt Duc de Trefle-Picques’s contribution.

Looking at the angry ghost, Evan had to try to appease him, and promised to ask Nick to notarize the case and use his manuscript after returning to Hogwarts.

Duc de Trefle-Picques nodded with satisfaction and flew away, but encouraged by him, more ghosts immediately rushed towards Evan…

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