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H.P.S.T Chapter 394: Evan’s Nonverbal Spell

Because Evan already was at the center of attention, the little disturbance immediately caught the attention of others.

The students in Beauxbatons were surprised to find that the boy from Hogwarts was so popular with the ghosts in the school. It was unthinkable.

The topic of discussion shifted back to Evan, and everyone was full of curiosity about him.

No one knew what was going on except Gabrielle and Fleur sitting next to Evan. The abnormal behavior of the ghosts added mystery to Evan.

Beautiful appearance, great strength, legendary deeds, and striking mystery made Evan more attractive to girls.

Of course, some of the Beauxbatons boys were getting more and more resentful to him.

Evan had no time to listen to other people’s opinions about him. Faced with enthusiastic ghosts, he had to appease them one by one.

He was thinking that maybe he could add a section in the newspaper to cover French news. If the effect was good enough, he could also take this opportunity to bring “Hogwarts Magic” into the French market, further enhance its influence, and set up a branch in Paris…

As Evan conceived this plan, Fleur beside him gave him a slight nudge.

“Madame Maxime just announced that the dinner was over!” Fleur smiled and said, moving off her silvery hair like a waterfall. “She told me to show you around the school. But I think you might prefer to stay here and deal with the ghosts.”

Evan certainly wanted to have a tour around Beauxbatons, and this was a very rare opportunity.

He looked up and saw all the students in Beauxbatons stand up.

In the center of the crowd, Dumbledore and Sirius were following Flamel and Madame Maxime out of the Great Hall.

When all the teachers left, the atmosphere in the auditorium really warmed up.

The students of Beauxbatons were no longer as well-behaved as before. They all crowded to Evan’s place, and spoke French that he could not understand.

Of course, there were also many people who spoke English, but it was not very standard.

All the voices were mixed up together, so that Evan could not hear them clearly.

“What are they talking about?” Evan asked aloud.

“Most of them are simple greetings. Many girls are asking if you are free at night.” Fleur laughed and said, close to Evan’s ear, “Of course, there are others who are challenging you. It looks like they want to fight you.”

Without Fleur’s translation, Evan had noticed it.

In the middle of a group of senior boys, a tall, very strong boy was pointing his wand at him. There were cheers and applause from the crowd around him.

This seemed to have been planned long ago. Many people looked at Evan with a mocking expression on their faces, waiting to see his reaction.

With a malicious smile on his face, the boy spoke a lot of French to Evan.

Then, without giving him time, he read a spell in his mouth and waved his wand sharply.

A red light flashed, and a fork on the table flew over to Evan.

Under the control of the boy, the fork flew straight towards his torso! It was very fast. If he dodged in a hurry, it would look very embarrassing.

In everyone’s opinion, if Evan didn’t want to be hit, he would definitely lie down to avoid the fork.

In this way, they could laugh at him.

Looking at the fork drawing near, Evan sighed.

It seemed that everywhere, there were people like Malfoy who were annoying, and what they had in common was the fact that they were all dimwits!

With a gentle stroke of his right hand up his waist, his wand turned around and naturally fell into his hand.

Evan took hold of the wand and shook it gently, without muttering a spell, and the fork in front of him stopped in mid-air.

Everyone was stunned and didn’t know how Evan did it.

They didn’t hear the incantation at all, nor did they see Evan release a spell.

He just waved his wand and suddenly controlled the fork in front of him. It was amazing.

Only students preparing for the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test could vaguely guess what this was all about. Evan had just probably used a Nonverbal Spell.

This was a very difficult casting technique. Although the concept of using a spell just by thinking about it sounded simple, this technique required a lot of control and thought to be able to create the right effect. If one doesn’t pronounce the spell aloud, it could achieve an unexpected effect.

In fact, most wizards couldn’t do that.

Not to mention the young wizards who hadn’t graduated from the magic school, even among the adult wizards in the wizarding world, the use of nonverbal Charm was absolutely rare. Probably only dozens could pull it off!

Just as everyone was still guessing, the fork in front of Evan immediately flew backwards.

The fork flew away faster than it came, and the fellow in the opposite side didn’t seem to realize that Evan actually countered his spell.

He waved his wand in a hurry, and wanted to fight back. Hardly had he read half the spell in his mouth when he saw a red light that hit his right hand first.

The trajectory, power and speed of Evan’s spell were just right.

He had a sharp pain in his right hand, and his wand was shot and flew out.

Looking at the fork that had already flown straight to his eyes, he retreated in horror, turned pale, and cried out some French words, as if begging for mercy from Evan.

Everything happened so quickly that no one else around them reacted.

No one thought that Evan would be so cruel, aiming his fork directly at the boy’s eyes.

If it was to hit him, the consequences…

Even the lively Fleur who was watching had her face flushed in worry, with fear apparent in her eyes.

In fact, Evan did not let go of the control of the fork.

He had a panoramic view of the reactions of everyone around him, and the reaction of these Beauxbatons students was really disappointing.

Just a fork scared them like this! If they were to encounter truly frightening beings, such as those evil gods, would they just die out of fear before even facing them?

No wonder that, compared with Hogwarts and Durmstrang, Beauxbatons had never had that many strong wizards

If it weren’t for Voldemort’s curse’s restriction, Evan would’ve loved to give them a demonstration what really scary magic was.

Evan lightly flicked his wand, and the fork that had flown to the boy opposite stopped immediately. It turned and fell straight down.

With a bang, it fell to the ground, inserted in the corner of his school uniform robe.

The boy had not noticed yet. He just backed and dodged unconsciously.

The next second, he tripped in his tight robe and fell heavily to the ground.

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