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H.P.S.T Chapter 395: House of Courage

Evan held his wand and looked at the students around him. Everyone backed away unconsciously. There was no sound in the Great hall. Only the boy was crying out on the floor.

Everyone was amazed at what Evan had just done.

No one thought that this thin, twelve-year-old boy from Hogwarts would be so strong.

When a senior student told them that Evan might have used a Nonverbal Spell and they started getting an image on his true strength, the crowd was even more surprised.

Several students who had just laughed at Evan had a hint of fear on their faces.

As a guest, Evan represented Hogwarts, and they intended to attack him in order to belittle Hogwarts and highlight the strength of Beauxbatons.

Everything went according to plan tonight, but no one thought that Evan would be so strong.

It was incredible that a twelve-year-old wizard’s magic control level and spell-casting skills were greater than most adult wizards.

Admiration was there for only a short moment. After brief shock, there were still a few lads standing strong, they shouted loudly to the crowd in French.

After hearing the shouts, many people took out their wands and pointed them at Evan.

With more and more people doing the same, the mood became more tense.

The rest of the boys, even the hesitant ones, pulled out their wands under the encouragement of their companions.

Whether it was their responsibility or not, and no matter how powerful Evan was, Beauxbatons’ pride could not be trampled upon by a foreign student.

Evan must have an account and must apologize.

If they didn’t do anything, just letting Evan leave the Great Hall, then Beauxbatons would become a joke, and it would not be long before the news would spread throughout the wizarding world.

By then, the magic school would have lost its reputation and kept no honor at all.

The noise in the crowd grew louder and louder, and Evan heard someone swearing at him in bad English, saying something that he didn’t understand.

“They’re really unfriendly!” Evan shook his wand in his hand, as if he was disappointed.

“This bunch of cowards is calling on everyone to unite and fight for the glory of Beauxbatons!” Fleur said lightly, “They want you to apologize, to bow your head and admit your mistake!”

“Beauxbatons’s hospitality is really special. I have seen it today. First, was a sneak attack, and then, are you ready for a mass assault?!”

“I don’t want this to happen. Madame Maxime asked me to take care of you.” Fleur frowned and said, “But I think, you’d better apologize, no matter who is right or wrong. After all, you attacked a student in Beauxbatons and you have to…”

Evan blinked as she stopped speaking, so it seemed that Fleur was not on his side.

Judging from her reaction, she must have known about it before, but she did not stop it. She did not want to see herself ridiculed with him.

“I don’t think I can apologize.” Evan said firmly. “He attacked me first, but he was just too weak. I can’t see what I have to apologize for.”

“Are you mad?” said Fleur with amazement. “Just apologize. You know, you are facing the whole of Beauxbatons, there are hundreds of young wizards here!”

“As you just said now, a bunch of cowards.” Evan scornfully said, “If these wizards have no courage, even if there are more of them, I can’t see anything to be afraid of. They are no opponents of mine.”

“You are, you are absolutely mad!” Fleur said incredulously.

She did not expect that Evan would actually accept to go against all off Beauxbatons. 

“If you have learnt about Hogwarts, you will know that our school is divided into four Houses, representing the four qualities of a wizard.” Evan looked up and smiled at Fleur, “And I’m from Gryffindor, the House of courage. No matter what enemy we face, Gryffindor students are fearless.”

When Evan finished, the wand in his hand turned around and a few bright sparks came out at the end.

Although there were hundreds of people on the opposite side, he was not afraid at all.

In fact, such battles were not uncommon in Hogwarts.

Over the past two years, Evan couldn’t remember how many clashes had taken place between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Even Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students participated in the fiercest of battles, which evolved from small-scale battles to large-scale scuffles throughout the school. 

The last one was because of the Weasley twins making a mess with their Dungbombs!

Evan had never been afraid of such things.

If it wasn’t for the damn Curse on his wrist that limited magic, he would even try to sweep the whole of Beauxbatons with his current strength.

“Hogwarts… Gryffindor… The House of courage…” Fleur repeated softly, she stared at Evan for a moment, and grinned with awe. “If you insist, then I can’t help you, but I’ll make sure your life is safe. After all, it’s Madame’s Maxime’s assignment to me. Good luck, young lad!”

She waved to Evan and turned to walk lightly to the Great Hall’s door.

Evan saw Gabrielle, who was standing in the middle of the crowd, anxious but afraid of hundreds of people. She hurried to the side of Fleur. They seemed to be arguing about something.

Gabrielle should probably be speaking for him. She turned her head and looked at him from time to time.

Her beautiful little face was full of worry, but no matter what she said, Fleur kept shaking her head, and the little girl even burst into tears in the end.

The next second, Gabrielle turned and wanted to go to the direction of Evan, but was stopped by a prepared Fleur, who forcibly pulled her away from the Great Hall.

The atmosphere in the Great Hall was at its zenith, and the departure of Fleur and Gabrielle was a signal.

Perhaps it was Evan’s indifference that further got more on some of the student’s sensitive nerves. The crowd in Beauxbatons was agitated and shouting louder and louder; although no one dared to look at Evan because of their shortcomings.

But at the instigation of several people, the situation quickly went out of control.

Without any warning, more than a dozen red lights flew from the crowd towards Evan.

Evan dodged. He quickly tapped on the chairs in front of him with his wand. The chairs flew over him, blocking their coming spells.

Immediately, the chairs were broken into pieces and the wood chips splashed out.

Evan didn’t hesitate. Before the second attack, he waved his wand at a huge table not far away and quickly read a spell.

The hundred-meter-long table boomed up and rolled over to sweep the crowd.

The long table rumbled, which was the limit of the magic control Evan was currently able to use.

In the past, he could have transformed this long table into a monster such as a troll, but now his current magic couldn’t support that kind of highly draining spells.

But this was enough. The students in Beauxbatons were standing densely, and they didn’t expect that Evan would do this. Looking at the table whizzing from the side, many people were so frightened that they stood there, even forgetting to wave their wands.

Boom, bang, bang!!!

With a violent impact, many people were hit and flew away.

Cries and screams came and went. Under the violent impact, many people couldn’t get to their feet.

Evan swung his wand frequently, and the long table went mad! It swiftly rolled and rolled in the wide Great Hall of Beauxbatons, sweeping through the crowd.

Everything was hit by it, and a lot of food, plates, knives and forks that had not been removed were all turned into sharp weapons, spurting around!

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