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H.P.S.T Chapter 396: Beauxbatons

There was chaos in the Great Hall. The ghosts screamed and fled, some students fell to the ground, some tried to stop the long table, and some attacked Evan.

Although there were a large number of Beauxbatons students attacking, they were unable to form effective attacks.

Now, Evan could see only a few dozen people at the front. They avoided the mad long table, waved their wands quickly and cast dozens of curses.

The spells, with their brilliant light, came on to Evan.

There were so many attacks, almost covering all of his surroundings, and there was no way for him to dodge.

Regardless of what these curses were, if hit, Evan would probably be directly stunned by the magic contained in them…

Many of the injuries they would inflict could be irreversible and might result in him having a lifelong disabilities.

Evan took a deep breath and did not evade. The wand in his hand made complex movements, and a light green ring-shaped magic halo spread around him.

In contact with the green glow, all the curses moved in strange directions.

They avoided Evan and landed in the air next to him, and so did the magic that came from behind.

The students of Beauxbatons all blinked hard, and in front of them, Evan’s position began to fluctuate.

He flickered back and forth in different places, and there was no way to locate him.

It was a Dark magic that worked directly on the soul. Evan had seen it in the book “Secrets of the Darkest Art“, but the power of the spell in the book was stronger and more evil than the one he used now.

He improved the spell by incorporating the mirage magic he saw in the Ministry of Magic, adding some illusions.

Although its power had been reduced a lot, and it was no longer as evil as before; his magic worked, but after less than three seconds, Evan stopped.

Because his magic was so consumed, Voldemort’s curse on his right wrist began to creep out.

The black snake necklace mark above became darker and looked like it was about to come to life at any time.

The next second, the Philosopher’s Stone placed in Slytherin’s Locket on his chest emitted a soft red light, and the fiery magic poured into Evan’s body along the Locket.

A circle of rotation gathered into his wrist, and Evan suddenly woke up.

He looked at the snake necklace expanding outward at his wrist and knew that it was the limit of his magic. He could not hold on any longer. It was time to retreat and leave.

Before the people in the opposite side recovered from the illusion, Evan jumped back behind the marble pillars.

He let go of the control of the long table, and a dark blue smoke began to appear at the end of his wand, which soon covered the entire Great Hall.

In the smoke, visibility was getting lower and lower, and soon people could not see clearly around.

All of them screamed in panic, running around like headless flies, and could not find a target to attack Evan.

When the smoke covered the whole place, Evan ordered the dishes that fell on the floor with his wand.

Several plates began to distort and changed into dozens of snakes.

These snakes were very small, but they made loud noises.

They hissed and slid quickly toward the center of the crowd, creating the same effect as hundreds of poisonous snakes popping up at the same time.

Not surprisingly, in the thick fog, when they suddenly heard the sound of the snakes, many students of Beauxbatons fell into panic.

They didn’t care about anything else, and they launched random attacks on all sides.

The attacked people also began to attack and waved their wands without thinking. They thought that the opposite was Evan, but they did not know that they were their own companions.

It was like a domino, one connected to one.

The spells used by the young wizards were getting more and more powerful, and the magic was growing stronger.

The scene in the Great Hall became more and more chaotic. Even the voices of senior students could not stop it. There were curses and screams everywhere.

The young wizards in Beauxbatons had never experienced such a scene before.

They attacked indiscriminately and panicked to escape.

No one noticed that a black cat mixed up in the crowd and left the Great Hall.

After the fight with Beauxbatons’s students, Evan was not really aware of the big disaster. He ran forward a few steps, and stood in the shadow of the hall outside the Great Hall, watching with interest what was happening.

As for the aftermath, it was Dumbledore and Sirius who would have a headache.

Anyway, he did not suffer. He just had a little bruise on the left side of his body.

The long table controlled by Evan only caused a lot of panic and skin and flesh injuries. The real damage was caused by the students in Beauxbatons who eventually attacked each other.

Now, the corridor was crowded with nervous students.

They were scarred and crying out loud as if they had really experienced a war.

Senior students tried to maintain order, and together they blew the smoke away.

The Great Hall was a mess, as if it had just been passed by a hurricane. It had nothing of that original solemn place. Wood and plate debris were everywhere. 

Hundreds of students were lying on the ground, some crying in pain.

Some people were covered with strange spots, tentacles or other shapes because of the curses.

There were still many people lying there motionless and completely fainting.

Evan noticed that the students with the heaviest injuries were all bloodstained. No doubt, that should be the damage caused by black magic.

He secretly gulped. These Beauxbatons‘s students dared to use any kind of magic spells.

A few minutes later, Evan saw the professors rushing to the Great Hall, and one after another the wounded were carried out on stretchers.

He was ready to leave and stopped immediately.

Just then, Sirius also came to the outside of the Great Hall. He looked around and seemed to be looking for Evan’s sound and trace.

Soon, he noticed the black cat in the corner.

Evan waved his paw and ran to a deserted corridor. He stood on the windowsill and waited for Sirius.

A few seconds later, Sirius came over.

He looked at Evan on the windowsill. The expression on his face could not be uttered strangely, and there seemed to be a stifled excitement. He wanted to blame Evan with a straight face.

In the end, Sirius’s expression turned into a bitter smile.

“Look at what you’ve done!” He said weakly. “You can really make trouble. You fought the entirety of Beauxbatons. I’ve never done anything so crazy.”

“Meow!” Evan gave a gentle cry in response.

“Don’t worry about this. Keep your Animagus form, find a place to hide. Don’t go back into the house. I see a lot of Beauxbatons’s students looking for you everywhere.” Sirius waved his hand and said without confidence, “Wait till tomorrow morning, and remember, don’t mess up tonight.”

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