Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 397: The Silver Moon and the Black Cat

“Meow!” Evan cried again innocently.

He never asked for trouble, but trouble kept coming to his door.

Just like this evening, in his imagination, there should’ve been a tour around the campus of Beauxbatons, surrounded by beautiful girls accompanying him, not a fight in the Great Hall keeping him from going back to his room, and forcing him to hide anywhere in his Animagus form. 

“I’m going to deal with this problem!” Sirius said with a bitter smile. “I should have known that things would turn out like this. You never could get a hazard free time.”

He ignored Evan standing on the balcony; turned around and walked towards the Great Hall. 

Standing in the Golden Corridor, Evan stared out of the window at the huge silver moon for a moment. 

Since he couldn’t go back to his room, he decided to wander around in Beauxbatons.

Because everyone was solemn in the Great Hall, the current Beauxbatons campus was exceptionally quiet, and even the portraits on both sides of the corridor were nowhere to be found. 

The decorative style of Beauxbatons was completely different from that of Hogwarts. Although it was not as atmospheric as Hogwarts Castle, it wasn’t as cold and dark. 

Golden and red drapes were hung on the walls on both sides, and the ground was covered with thick soft stalls. 

Perhaps because of Nicolas Flamel, there were wonderful alchemy devices and decorations everywhere on campus.

They were spinning round and round, and Evan could feel the magic contained in them, but he didn’t know the use of these things. 

But he could recognize that they were all made of gold. 

Alchemy was really a promising career. Gold was as common as roadside stones to Flamel, who had the last Philosopher’s Stone in the wizarding world.

While most wizards were still worrying about livelihoods or expensive magic materials, people were extravagant enough to use gold to make decorations or buildings.

Of course, the most precious part of the Philosopher’s Stone was not to turn the stone into gold, but to make the Elixir of Life, to slow down the aging, so that the user could live forever.

It might not be really impressive hearing or seeing similar descriptions in books, but seeing them with one’s own eyes, seeing huge golden statues, and meeting Nicolas Flamel himself, who lived for more than 600 years; only then can we truly feel the miracle shock brought by the Philosopher’s Stone.

Evan couldn’t help thinking that if the Philosopher’s Stone hanging on his neck could have this effect, he would… 

But it was just a thought. Gryffindor had already eliminated all the original uses of this Philosopher’s Stone, and now only powerful magic was left in it. 

Because of Voldemort’s Curse, Evan could not use these magical powers.

Under the silver moonlight, he climbed up the stairs. 

Beauxbatons’s stairs didn’t move around, so he didn’t worry about getting lost.

Evan stopped to visit the classrooms in Beauxbatons. 

On the first floor, there was a circular large classroom, all made of pure white marble. The circular platform was just like the stage in the center. The students’ seats were all suspended on the platform with prominent walls on both sides.

Another classroom had steel chandeliers all over the roof. The lattice around the room was filled with the skeletons of various magical creatures. There was a strange smell in the air. Evan even found the skeleton of a unicorn in it. 

The corridor on the left side of the second floor stairs was blocked by stone statues, and on the other side was the Beauxbatons Library. However, at this time, the doors were closed and he couldn’t get in at all.

Evan could only stand on the outside window and look inside. The interior was a square room, very large, and seemed to have been expanded beyond what space the surrounding rooms gave it.

Inside, smaller rooms were fitted one by one. 

Under the dark golden curtain was a huge brown-chestnut bookshelf, filled with magic books.

In the center of the square hall was a statue made of pure gold, with the school emblem of Beauxbatons on it. The star-shaped water sprayed out from the ends of the two wands.

Evan observed it for a while, and it was quiet inside.

He knew that, like Hogwarts, there were many precious magic books in the district of Beauxbatons, many of which were rare and unique. 

In fact, Evan wanted to go in and have a look, and his urge to do so was very strong.

He could feel that there were probably three defensive magic and a warning spell on the front shelves. With his current level, he could completely crack it. 

But thinking of what Sirius had just told him, he resisted the urge to go in.

He was better off not causing any more trouble tonight until the affair had settled down.

What’s more, the library was the most sacred place in a wizarding school. 

It was not too good to break in without permission. 

This is not the same as the books that he had secretly taken out of the Black family. At that time, Sirius had allowed him to take them freely, without any scruples. 

Evan took the books secretly back then, just because he did not want to be discovered studying dark magic. 

He shook his head and continued up on the side of the stairs. 

The third floor was the school hospital. When Evan came up, the outside corridor was already full of people, and injured students were continually carried up along the other side of the staircase.

Besides the painful howls, the rest of Beauxbatons’s students were all angrily talking about something, and Evan heard most of them muttering his name. 

He saw several senior boys holding their wands and going downstairs in groups of three or five, as Sirius said, ready to seek revenge.

Although some professors were trying to stop them, it didn’t seem to work. 

After the battle of the Great Hall, Evan almost became the number one public enemy of Beauxbatons.

He looked at it for a while and decided to leave the place first. 

Evan was going to wait until the school holidays tomorrow when no one would be around, otherwise these students that were desperately looking for him might find him.  

When he was halfway up the stairs, he suddenly saw Fleur leading Gabrielle down the upper corner. 

Gabrielle’s long blond hair sparkled in the moonlight. Her eyes were red and she was wiping her tears with her right hand.

Evan’s body was stiff, and he did not expect to meet them in such a place. 

There was nothing wrong with Fleur, but Gabrielle had seen him in his Animagus form in the afternoon. 

She did not recognize Evan at the time, and simply thought that he was a lost black cat. 

Not only did she hold him in her arms and wander around, waiting for his owners to show up, she also fed him milk and even kissed him. 

That was really too bad, and Evan’s first reaction was to find a place to hide. 

He secretly prayed not to be discovered by Gabrielle. 

But he was in the middle of the stairs, and there was no hiding place around. It was hard not to be found by the girls. 

Evan quietly moved two steps to the side, staring down at the ground, trying to be unnoticed. 

The next second, he found himself being hugged. 

With the girl’s unique light scent, Evan felt a burst of softness. He turned his head and found that he was back in Gabrielle’s arms.

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