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H.P.S.T Chapter 398: Nicolas Flamel

“So you’re here!” Gabrielle said with delight, leaning over and holding Evan up.

Evan was stiff and had a bitter smile in his mouth, letting Gabrielle embrace him.

Maybe he was too nervous. He dared not move.

“This is the black cat you told me about?!” Fleur came over and stared at him with suspicion for a long time, slowly saying, “I haven’t seen this fellow on campus before. This cat…”

Under the gaze of Fleur’s blue eyes, Evan was afraid of being caught.

As a warrior of Beauxbatons, Fleur had strong magic power.

Although the Animagus seemed to be no different from real animals, Evan was still nervous.

He leaned back as far as possible until he stopped abruptly.

There was something soft behind him, and he realized that he was in Gabrielle’s arms, and that he was approaching her….

Evan was stuck there, and he had no idea what to do.

“This cat…” Fleur got a little closer and leaned in front of Evan.

Feeling the scent of Fleur, Evan held his breath and stared at her.

“I am a cat now. I have to act like a cat!” He repeatedly told himself that he was now a cat, and he tried to imitate the behavior of the animal.

He remembered how Crookshanks looked in Hermione’s arms. It should be…

“Meow!” Evan gave a soft cry and blinked his eyes.

“This cat is really pure black, which is very rare!” said Fleur, suddenly reaching out and gently patting Evan on the head. “Black cats have strong magic, and this little guy is very cute, the cutest cat I have ever seen.”

“His eyes are very mesmerizing!” Gabrielle nodded and caressed Evan.

Under the caress of the two beautiful women, Evan’s breathing increased slightly.

He remained motionless, letting Fleur and Gabrielle caress him again and again.

He looked not like a cat now, but an inanimate doll. He was too stiff, but fortunately he didn’t arouse their suspicion.

Evan had never dreamed that he would be in touch with girls like he was now.

His body was wantonly squeezed, and his small face and ears were rubbed into various shapes by Fleur.

“Meow!” Evan raised his hand and tried to stop it. Instead, Gabrielle directly grabbed him, caught him up, and his whole body lay on the girl.

Feeling something strange under him, Evan could certainly affirm that he must have blushed.

Now, by just looking up a little, he could see Gabrielle’s angelic face.

It seemed even worse to bow his head and face the softness of her chest.

He wasn’t sure if he should run away. Just as he was about to take action, Fleur looked up at Gabrielle. “Well, you should take this little fellow back to bed and leave the rest to your sister.”

“But Evan…” Gabrielle said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, that fellow is not in the school hospital. After the chaos in the Great Hall, no one has seen him.” Fleur tapped on her wand. “Even if they find him, they’re not opponents to him.”

“But…” Gabrielle hesitated, holding the black cat tightly in her arms.

“You can rest assured that this matter will be handled by your sister.” Fleur smiled and said, “With me, that Evan Mason will be fine. Now you go back to sleep, and I promise to bring him to you before leaving school tomorrow morning.”

Gabrielle still wanted to say something, but in the end she did not speak.

She nodded lightly and walked along the corridor with Fleur to the girls’ dormitory.

Because the conversation between the two people was in French, Evan couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

What he most expected now was that Gabrielle would be able to separate from Fleur quickly.

By then, he would be able to find a chance to escape, as he did before.

Walking along the corridor for about five minutes, they took Evan to a white, huge, shining unicorn statue.

Fleur gently touched the statue with her wand. With a click, a rotating staircase slowly descended over head. This was Beauxbatons Girls’ Dormitory.

“Good night, Gabrielle!” Fleur went up and kissed Gabrielle.

“Good night, sister!” Gabrielle responded.

“And you!” Fleur looked at Evan, “Good night, little guy!”

She stretched out her face and seemed to kiss Evan like Gabrielle had done before.

“Meow!” Evan subconsciously held out his hand to stop her.

With the girl’s silvery bell laughter, Evan was embarrassed to the extreme.

He did not know how Pettigrew had lived in the Weasley family for 13 years as an Animagus. This was hard to imagine.

From this point of view, he had to admire that fellow.

But it was different from what he was facing. There shouldn’t be a girl who would hold a rat in her arms or want to kiss him…

Gabrielle waved like Fleur, and walked to the dormitory with Evan in her arms.

She had just stepped onto the stairs and the steps suddenly changed, and the entire stairs quickly became plane.

Under the circumstance, Gabrielle fell off the top.

“Meow!” Evan shouted and separated from Gabrielle.

His body turned magnificently in the air, and he fell steadily by the side.

It was only then that he noticed that, like Hogwarts, the stairs in front of him were enchanted with defensive magic to prevent boys from entering girls’ dormitories.

He looked apologetically at Gabrielle, who had fallen to the ground, but it was an opportunity for Evan to run to the other end of the corridor while Fleur was helping her.

He ran as fast as he could, trying to find an empty place.

About ten minutes later, Evan stopped. He was now in an empty corridor, and the silvery moonlight was shining through the window on the left.

In front of him, it seemed to be a messy storage room.

Many strange-looking objects were casually thrown on both sides of the corridor. Some of them were turning fast, some were glowing dimly, some were…

Needless to say, these things that looked so wonderful and of which he didn’t know the specific uses were all alchemy products, and Evan could feel the subtle magic that emanated from them.

He walked along the corridor and carefully observed these things.

Among them, he saw the exquisite silverware that had been placed on Dumbledore’s desk before, more in quantity, quietly spraying smoke out.

“Good evening, Evan! I was wondering when you would eventually come here!”

Just as Evan observed the silverware, he suddenly remembered the voice behind him. He looked back quickly and saw Dumbledore standing near with a smile. 

Next to him was Nicolas Flamel in a golden robe.

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