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H.P.S.T Chapter 399: Alchemy

“Good evening, Professor!” Evan leaped forward and his body changed rapidly in midair.

By the time he landed on his feet, he had returned to the human form from that of the black cat.

“Oh, a wonderful Animagus Transfiguration!” Nicolas Flamel looked at Evan and said admiringly, “That’s perfect. Because it is too esoteric and complex, a few wizards can master this magic. For centuries, you are the third wizard I’ve ever seen who can do this at this age. It’s really amazing.”

He spoke very slowly, his voice was very low. His old voice was like that of a knife going across the bark of a tree. It sounded very hoarse, strange and ugly. But his mouth was smiling, and he looked extraordinarily kind.

“Thank you for the compliment!” Evan nodded.

While Nicolas Flamel watched him, Evan also looked at him curiously, scrutinizing the oldest wizard in human history.

The long life of more than six hundred years had left obvious marks on his face.

Like Dumbledore, Flamel had a long white beard.

The wrinkles on his face were very deep, and their twists and turns were uneven, like the mottled marks on the wall, crawling all over his face.

But his emerald green eyes were extraordinarily bright and full of vitality.

The most striking thing was that the surface of his skin reflected a faint golden light from time to time, which Evan suspected was a side effect of long-term use of the Elixir.

A lot of magic, transformed by the Philosopher’s Stone, accumulated in his body and manifested through the skin.

“Evan, you should have known that this is my old friend Nicolas Flamel, my lab partner in alchemy and the greatest alchemist in the world.” Dumbledore said gently, winking at Evan, then turning to Flamel and introducing, “This kid is Evan Mason I just mentioned.”

“Albus, your student is very good!” Flamel nodded and said, “I can feel that he is very similar to you when you were young. He has magic power far beyond his peers, precise magic control, and the spirit of exploration and eagerness to delve into the unknown…”

“But when I was young, I never tried to break into the girls’ dormitory in the form of Animagus,” Dumbledore said with a smile.

Evan was stunned, and then realized that what had just happened was all under the eyes of the two old guys. No wonder they were standing here waiting for him.

“That is not wrong. I did this when I was young. No boy can refuse the enthusiasm of the girls.” Flamel recalled, “Beauxbatons was not that big, and there was no defensive magic at the door of the girls’ dormitory. If someone wanted to give you a door inside, you could sneak in at night. The key was to master the timing. Professors and Castle Keepers would go to bed. If I had mastered Animagus, I would not have…”

This topic was too embarrassing, and Evan did not want to listen to Flamel’s memories of his experience of breaking into girl’s dormitories, especially considering that it was more than 600 years ago. No matter who the girl or the girls who were willing to leave the door for him were, now they should have become a pile of dust and bones, which was too terrible to think about.

“About 400 years ago, when Beauxbatons was rebuilt on a large scale, I proposed to follow Hogwarts’s example and add this defensive magic, which effectively identified and prevented boys from entering the girls’ dormitory.” Flamel continued, “This magic seemed perfect, but it’s actually flawed. You just have to…”

When he heard Flamel ready to expose how to enter the girls’ dormitory, Evan was a little embarrassed, but he still could not help but listen carefully!

The defensive magic was not difficult to crack, but he didn’t know what to do to sneak in without drawing attention.

“All right, Nicolas! Before we deal with entering the girls’ dormitory, I think we should first take a look at the Philosopher’s Stone on Evan.” Dumbledore stopped him at the right time. “You are an expert in this area. Before taking the next step, I want to hear your opinion. ”

“Of course, of course, you just told me about it!” Flamel said. “But before that, I want to show your student my inventions. Would you mind? “

“No problem, I just want to eat something.” Dumbledore said calmly.

“I have prepared French dessert for you in my office. You can try my favorite chocolate mousse or opera cake!” Flamel waved to Evan. “Come on young lad! Let me show you my alchemy products. You will be intrigued!”

Evan looked at Dumbledore and Flamel strangely. He didn’t know why Flamel had to lead him to see the alchemy products placed on both sides of the corridor.

But intuition told him that the two of them should have reached an agreement.

Evan looked at Dumbledore, and the latter did not speak, he only nodded slightly.

His light blue eyes shimmered through the half-moon glasses and he couldn’t read any emotions in them.

Separated from Dumbledore, Evan followed Flamel.

The old wizard introduced him to the wonderful alchemy products, first of all the silverware he saw on Dumbledore’s desk many times.

“What is this thing for?” Evan asked curiously. “I can feel strange magical reactions from it, and the smog…”

“This is one of my inventions, very practical. You should have seen it in Albus’s office, I gave it to him.” Flamel said slowly, “The key lies in this smoke. It will help you see what you want to see.”

“What I want to see?!” Evan was stunned.

Flamel did not go on explaining. He tapped on the silver instruments with his wand.

The slowly rotating silver suddenly speeded up and made a buzzing sound. More and more smoke was emitted from it, and it soon gathered together.

In the smoke, Evan was surprised to see Dumbledore’s shadow getting clearer and clearer.

At this time, he was sitting in a luxurious low chair, with a steaming drink and a lot of French desserts on the table in front of him.

He picked up a piece of cake and then seemed to feel something.

Dumbledore frowned slightly, then quickly eased off and turned and nodded to them.

“Aha, he found us!” Flamel wielded his wand to disperse the smoke. “Albus is very sensitive to magic, far beyond ordinary people’s imagination.”

“This stuff…” Evan seemed to understand something.

“This alchemy can show a certain range of sights.” Flamel explained, “Whenever I want, I can see any corner of Beauxbatons’s campus. We just saw through it what you and the girl did.”

No wonder Evan always felt that someone was watching him.

Inferred from this, the set of silverware on Dumbledore’s desk could also help him keep abreast of what was going on in Hogwarts.

That’s why, no matter what happened in school, he could know the main reason for it at the first time.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?!” Flamel looked at Evan and said with a smile, “This is actually nothing. Alchemy can help wizards do many things that ordinary magic can’t do. Alchemy can do them if you can think of them.”

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