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H.P.S.T Chapter 402: Prophet Abraham

Evan didn’t know what Flamel needed him for, nor did he know what he could rest assured of. If it was something difficult, perhaps Flamel would be better off relying on Dumbledore.

But looking at Flamel’s expression, it seemed that only Evan could accomplish it.

“It’s true that I am the only maker of the Philosopher’s Stone known to the wizarding world.” Flamel said slowly, “But I am not its inventor; at best, I’ve made minor improvements to it. In fact, this advanced alchemy was originally the work of ancient magicians, who used Philosopher’s Stones as a continuous Magical Power source for the exploration of the greater unknown existence, not for the Elixir of Life or making gold.”

Evan nodded, and he already knew about this. Each of Hogwarts’s Four Founders left a Philosopher’s Stone, which they made into keys to unlock the secret treasures according to the old methods of using it.

This was what he knew for a fact, but Evan had his speculation. He thought that perhaps, ancient warlocks created the Philosopher’s Stone to conjure evil spirits.

Maybe that’s what Flamel meant by ‘the greater unknown existence’.

This inference also explained why the evil god discovered by the Centaurs would teach the fallen ones the power of the Philosopher’s Stone to summon his magic of the world. Not only that, but through further research on the underground relics of Aragog’s Lair, Evan had the decisive evidence.

He believed that in the process of creating or transforming himself into an evil god, Herpo the Foul had also used a Philosopher’s Stone.

Not surprisingly, in the most critical steps, he must have used the power of a Philosopher’s Stone to fuse his soul with the body of the evil god he created.

“With the demise of ancient warlocks, the craft of making the Philosopher’s stone had also been lost.” Flamel closed his eyes and showed a reminiscent expression. “But by chance, I got that semi-finished Philosopher’s Stone and a book…”

Evan’s heart was moved. He had read Nicolas Flamel’s biography, which mentioned a mysterious magic book that was also considered the foundation of modern alchemy.

It was said that Flamel made the Philosopher’s Stone according to the records in that book.

“The book was handed down by a man called Abraham,” Flamel said softly. “You may not be unfamiliar with this name. In the Muggle world, he is considered to be a prophet of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, a person chosen and blessed by God from all living beings on earth, a messenger of God to the world, and a common ancestor of both the Hebrews and Arabs.”

Flamel paused for a moment, leaving time for Evan to digest this shocking news.

“Of course, besides the prophet, he has many other identities. In the wizarding world, he is one of the most powerful ancient warlocks in history, with very strong power.” Flamel said slowly, “Abraham is a man who lives in legend. I used to think he was fictional, not an existing man, but I did not expect that I would get the magic book he left behind.”

Flamel gasped and continued to speak slowly in an old voice, “I remember graduating from Beauxbatons. At home, I found a stable job in the Ministry of Magic. But my mind was full of restless ideas, and driven by them, I finally followed a group of people from Paris to Egypt on a reckless expedition, despite the advice of my family.”

“No one could think that my ordinary life would change dramatically during that expedition.” Flamel continued, “There was nothing commendable about the expedition itself. After a few months of traveling, we found a relic left by an ancient Egyptian wizard according to a Treasure Map I don’t know where we got it. Everything seemed to be going well, but waiting for us behind the door was not a treasure, but four hungry, angry Manticores. After a hasty battle, the few of us who were still alive dispersed and fled.”

Evan could imagine the situation at the time. In the face of this extremely dangerous monster, one shouldn’t even think about fighting. Turning around and fleeing was the most correct choice.

“I lost my way in the desert alone, with no food, no fresh water, no hope… I thought I would die there.” Flamel tightened his robe. “I still remember that night. After the blazing day had passed, the desert quickly went to the other extreme. There was no warmth in the endless, cold sand, and the whole desert reeked of death.”

“I was dying alone in the cold sand; my wand was destroyed in battle; I had no way to use Apparition. In fact, even if I had a wand, I couldn’t do anything. The desert seemed to have a powerful magic. Under its interference, all my magic and magic items didn’t work.” More than 600 years had passed, but mentioning this incident, Flamel’s tone had a touch of despair within it. “After exhausting the last thread of physical strength, I collapsed and fell in the yellow sand.”

Pursuing the despair in Flamel’s tone, Evan tried to imagine the scene.

In the endless desert, a person was lonely and helpless, only death was slowly approaching him, and the image of death was becoming clearer and clearer in his mind.

“That night, I had a dream!” Flamel frowned. “Until now, I can’t tell what that magical dream was like. Maybe I have a prophetic lineage. All in all, in that dream, I met a man with a strange scepter. He said that he was Abraham. He told me that I would get a magic book. As long as I studied hard and understood it thoroughly, I could gain extraordinary power from it.”

Evan thought along too. Would Flamel’s dream be just a prophecy?!

Or in other words, wouldn’t this be more of a powerful force that acted on his mind while he was asleep?

Perhaps it was the magic left by an ancient warlock called Abraham who was sending him a message.It was not impossible for ancient warlocks to do this.

“The next morning, I woke up miraculously. Although my body was abnormally weak, I survived!” Flamel said, picking up speed as he spoke.”And that dream came true. Under the Divine guidance, I was rescued by an Arab caravan of Muggles. To thank them, I gave them all my Gold Galleons, and in return, they gave me an ancient, massive book, and a stone.”

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