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H.P.S.T Chapter 403: The Book of Abraham

Needless to say, that stone must’ve been Flamel’s Philosopher’s Stone.

But Evan was now very interested in the huge old book he mentioned. A book left by the most powerful ancient warlock, prophet, sacrificing, master astrologer, and wise saint Abraham was something beyond imagination.

Evan had previously speculated about the source of Alchemy that Flamel had mastered.

But he never thought that the truth of the matter would be so legendary. At this very moment, he discovered that his imagination was so wan.

Besides shock, Evan could not find any other words to describe his emotions at this moment.

Even when he first saw the unknown evil spirit, he was not so shocked.

He did not expect that what Flamel had got was “The book of Abraham”!!!

This magic book, which recorded the most profound alchemy knowledge, was even more precious than all the legendary magic items that Evan knew so far.

“I knew immediately that the magic book I got was the one mentioned by the man in my dream!” Flamel said slowly. “The Muggle that gave it to me didn’t know its value at all. He told me that he found the book in an abandoned ruin, but he could not understand even a word of its content.”

Flamel said he was tired, and he stopped to rest for a while.

“It was a big ancient book, not made of paper or sheepskin like other books, but of delicate, smooth bark. The cover was tightly wrapped with brass, engraved with words or strange symbols.” Flamel looked at Evan, who was holding his breath and listening carefully. “The words were not in English, Latin, French or other languages that Muggles could recognize, but I recognized them at a glance. They were ancient magic words that only the most knowledgeable wizards can read.”

While Evan was trying to think about the book of Abraham, Flamel did not stop, and he continued to speak with his old voice.

“It took me forty years to completely decipher the meaning of every ancient magic inscription on the cover.” Flamel’s voice suddenly dropped. “Sorry, my child! I can’t say it here. Unlike the ancient magic words we usually know, the words on the cover are magical. They are powerful spell. Even without magic, they can be triggered by the power of language… ”

Flamel’s intermittent voice was like a whisper, and even though Evan was very close, it was difficult for him to hear what he said later. He had to move a little forward.

Now, in the empty corridor, he could only hear an imperceptible voice.

Only Flamel’s lips seemed to be moving, and even the finest dust could not be disturbed. A strange and indescribable sense of mystery rose within the depths of Evan’s heart.

He felt an unprecedented depression, and he found that his hair was standing. This unusual uneasiness and fear grew stronger and stronger.

“My dear child, you just need to know that anyone who gets the book can no longer put it down from his hands. No one can ignore this book, because it can stimulate the greatest ambition and desire in people’s hearts and minds.” With a long sigh, Flamel’s voice gradually returned to normal. “What followed was very simple. With the help of that book, I refined the Philosopher’s Stone I got from Muggles at the same time. From then on, I acquired unimaginable wealth and eternal life.”

Although Flamel did not describe the specific process of refining the Philosopher’s Stone, Evan could imagine the hardships he had to endure.

It took 40 years just to decipher the ancient magic on the cover. The contents of the book were definitely more complicated and difficult to understand.

He could imagine Flamel sitting alone at his desk, day and night, double checking the book word by word to confirm the instructions he understood, and this process lasted for six hundred years!

“As I said before, the magic book is very thick. The pages inside are divided into three groups. There is no text on the front pages of each group. Instead, there is a strange pattern.” Flamel said, “It took me more than six hundred years to decipher it and acquire unimaginable alchemy knowledge from it, but up to now, I can only understand what is recorded on the first set of pages.” 

Evan looked at Flamel, and the old wizard’s glimmering face could not conceal his feeling of failure.

He didn’t know why Flamel had such a look. In his opinion, it was already a great achievement to learn one third of the Content of a legendary magic book like “The Book of Abraham”. 

What’s more, Flamel still had time. If he didn’t destroy the Philosopher’s Stone, and with the help of the Elixir of Life, sooner or later he would understand the knowledge recorded in the entire book.

“No, with the deepening of the research, I finally discovered that my starting point, the most basic part of all theories had gone wrong, and it didn’t make any sense to continue to persist.” Seemingly knowing what Evan was thinking, Flamel shook his head and said, “I chose to use that Philosopher’s Stone to gain wealth and immortality, to acquire things that are of no use, and thus gave up the opportunity to get greater knowledge. Perhaps death is the only thing I have… “

Flamel closed his eyes and did not go on talking.

But things in Evan’s mind were getting clearer and clearer, and all his doubts seemed to gather and fade.

Flamel must have learned something from “The Book of Abraham”, so he said that death was just the beginning of another great adventure.

But what did he mean by opportunity?!

Flamel did not seem to have any intention of continuing to explain to Evan. It seemed that if he wanted to understand the ins and outs of this matter, he could only read “The Book of Abraham” himself.

However, when he thought that Flamel spent more than six hundred years to decipher one-third of the book, Evan felt a massive headache.

He didn’t want his future destiny to be spent in front of a table.

“As I just said, I’m ready to embrace death, but I can’t rest assured of one thing, so I have stored a lot of Elixir of Life.” Flamel looked into Evan’s eyes and said earnestly, “You should have guessed it. What I can’t rest assured about is the inheritance of the book. I can’t let it be buried after my departure.”

Evan felt his heart beating so hard, and his breathing could not help but be heavy.

In fact, he had this kind of hunch before, that Flamel might give him “The Book of Abraham”.

But when he was about to hear the news, he could not help being excited.

Before today, even in his dreams, he had no idea that he would get the legendary magic item “The Book of Abraham” on his trip to France.

Perhaps, Dumbledore had known that, and because of this, he took him to France, to Beauxbatons, to meet Nicolas Flamel…  

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