Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 404: Secret Inheritor

“Two years ago, when I was determined to destroy the Philosopher’s Stone, I was always looking for the right inheritor.” Flamel’s voice came intermittently. “There were too few wizards to meet my requirements. I thought it would take a long time, even hundreds of years, so I prepared a lot of Elixir…”

At this point, Flamel stopped talking.

He leaned over and looked at Evan. In the dim candlelight around, his dark eyes were extraordinarily bright, and the deep wrinkles on his face eased.

“In addition to having enough wisdom and talent to inherit that book, the most crucial thing is to have a Philosopher’s Stone.” Flamel said, and then added with a rougher tone, “A pure Philosopher’s Stone without any modification. This is very important; it is the key to unlock all the secrets and get the treasure!”

“Like the one I have now?!” Evan asked.

“Yes, my dear child, this one you have.” Flamel held his breath and said attentively. “I once got a Philosopher’s Stone, but I used it stupidly to get eternal life and wealth. I thought I would never get another chance…”

Evan fiddled with the Locket and felt the power of the Philosopher’s Stone in it.

From what Flamel said, the real use of the Philosopher’s Stone was not to obtain eternal life and wealth, but to obtain the key to the secret of “The Book of Abraham”.

Of course, the Philosopher’ Stone he got from Gryffindor was also the key to unlocking the Secret Treasure left by the Four Founders of Hogwarts.

There seemed to be a connection between the two things, or perhaps this was just a simple coincidence?!

Evan shook his head, he was not sure. The Four Founders, ancient warlocks, evil spirits, alchemy, Prophet Abraham, the whole thing was getting more and more complicated.

Only the tip of the iceberg had been unveiled about these secrets inherited from ancient times, and their potential was not yet fully explored.

However, what he had seen was already so overwhelming that thinking of what he could expect from the future almost took away his breath. All these things were beyond his imagination.

He couldn’t help thinking that maybe from the moment he returned to Hogwarts a thousand years ago to meet the Four Founders, he had already been involved in this whole whole thing.

Following this line of thought, Evan carried on thinking.

It stood to reason that with the strength and wisdom of the Four Founders, even if they were the founders of Hogwarts, they should not worry about a Dark wizard that would come after over a thousand years, let alone leave a secret treasure or a powerful weapon to protect Hogwarts and stop Voldemort.

Because he knew the horror of Voldemort, Evan had always taken it for granted, but now thinking about it carefully, would Voldemort really be someone that they should worry about?

He thought about it; Salazar Slytherin alone, without mentioning the other three, could suppress the evil spirit that Evan had seen in the underground ruins on his own.

That was probably the most powerful and evil Dark wizard of all times, Herpo the Foul himself who created a new evil god!

The other three Founders were certainly similar, if not better than Slytherin.

How could a powerful wizard, who could do that, fear Voldemort, worry about a descendant of Slytherin, and worry that Hogwarts would be destroyed by him?

The series of recent encounters had also caused Evan to start doubting this even more…

The Secret Treasure left by the Four Founders was not used to resist Voldemort, but was actually found by Voldemort and modified for his ulterior purposes.

The treasure might not be a weapon against Voldemort, but something exclusively related to ancient warlocks and evil spirits…

Evan suddenly felt that his back was soaked in cold sweat. If that was the case, it would be terrible. He hoped it was all just his imagination.

Anyway, he now had to continue the search for the remaining Philosopher’s Stones, and at the very least, find the half taken away by the fallen Centaurs.

“A few days ago, Albus wrote me a letter in which he said that you may be the inheritor I have been looking for.” Flamel continued. “I was skeptical, but after seeing you, I can be sure that he was right. You fully satisfied my conditions, and you are worthy of getting the book in my place to continue exploring its mysteries.” 

“Just because I have the Philosopher’s Stone?” Evan was somewhat surprised. “So it’s not necessarily me. Anyone can have a Philosopher’s Stone…”

“The Philosopher’s Stone is really crucial, but it is not the most important thing, my child!” Flamel said with a laugh. “The key is your qualities . Whether it is me or Albus, we’re very satisfied with you. Two old guys like us are unlikely to agree on something wrong. You know, we have to be careful in choosing the inheritor; the power contained in this book is beyond imagination. If you have evil thoughts, it will be a disaster for the whole wizarding world and even the Muggle world.”

Flamel took a few steps forward and came to a dark golden curtain.

He waved his wand gently, and a click sounded behind the curtain. Only then did Evan notice that in this humble corner, there was a hidden door. Was “The Book of Abraham” behind it?

At Flamel’s suggestion, he followed him in.

Through the narrow stone gate, the narrow ramp built with huge stones kept going up. Because only a few people came through here, the stairs were covered with thick dust.

The air in the tunnel was slightly turbid and it was difficult to breathe.

But the thought of seeing “The Book of Abraham”, a magic book that only existed in legend, made Evan too excited and nervous to care about that.

Inside the walls on both sides of the ramp, there were many strange stone statues. 

They were placed in niches in hollow walls; all of them were classic opera figures.

Evan knew that Flamel was the most loyal opera lover, but he did not understand why he was keeping so many stone statues of song characters here.

Just when he doubted it, Flamel suddenly stopped on the stairs.

“Here we are, it is here!” he said softly.

Along his gaze, Evan saw a statue of an old man in a robe, with wide eyes and a terrible look. Behind him, there seemed to be a devil!

He squinted so that he could see it better as from it, he could feel no magic.

But looking at Flamel’s expression, it was obviously not simple. Was “The Book of Abraham” hidden in it?!

“When I last reconstructed Beauxbatons hundreds of years ago, I left this trail here, just like most secret passages in schools, without magic, so that it would not be suspected.” Flamel explained, “But in fact, this statue of Faust and the Devil is the key to the door!”

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