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H.P.S.T Chapter 414: Evil in the Forest

Evan looked at the huge statue of the evil spirit, and his almost fading memory came up with all kinds of emotions. He was in awe, and almost lost his senses.  

The statue was calling him, summoning him to come to its side.

Eight hundred years ago, the fallen Centaurs took away a part of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The remaining magic in the broken Philosopher’s Stone was not enough to bring this evil spirit back to the world. It needed this piece from Evan.

Maybe that’s why Evan came into this dream.

The evil spirit that gradually recovered its power perceived the half of the Philosopher’s Stone that Evan was carrying in the vicinity. It required Evan to submit to him and hand over the Stone.

The closer Evan was to the remains of the centaurs, the more obvious this feeling became.

Its statue looked so awe-inspiring and extraordinary, as the greatly powerful god it depicted.

Seeing it, the first impulse people would have would be to bow to its majesty.

Unfortunately for it, it did not know that Evan had seen its true colors in the illusion created by Gryffindor and knew what the so-called god was like.

Not only would Evan not give it the Philosopher’s Stone, but he was also ready to take back the other half that the Fallen Centaurs took 800 years ago.

Through these few contacts, it was not difficult to find that the most powerful ability of evil spirits lied in Legilimency and the control of dreams.

They could make illusions and enter into someone’s dreams.

Just as the Dementors feed on happy emotions, the evil spirits can find all the gaps in the mind that can be used, arouse the darkness in the deepest part of a person’s heart, and absorb the negative emotions such as fear, madness, anxiety, etc., and devour his soul.

They need flesh and blood to build their bodies, while negative emotions make them strong.

In Aragog’s Lair, the Acromantulas took the captured animals to the underground ruins and used their flesh and souls to help the eyeball monster regain strength.

But this was far from enough. The souls of those animals were too weak.

When Malfoy released a large amount of negative energy due to his fear of darkness and the unknown, and finally chose to submit to it, the eyeball monster really regained its noumenon.

Evan did not believe in the divinity of the evil spirits, nor was he confused by the illusion in front of him.

He took another look at the statue of the evil spirit and began to feel bored.

Limited in strength, this thing now only had the ability to turn over and over in such a way as to confuse, create chaos and continual illusions…

There was nothing to be afraid of before its essence really came to the real world.

Like Voldemort, who was hiding in the forest not far away, no matter how powerful it used to be, it could only survive in a dark corner.

After discussing the matter with Dumbledore, Evan was already prepared to deal with it.

He tried to empty his mind and used Occlumency to resist the spiritual infiltration of the evil spirit.

About a year ago, Evan began to practice Occlumency, which could effectively help the user resist the invasion and influence of Legilimency.

It was not like a wand that could be mastered quickly, and the recurring distractions in his mind made him do a bad job.

Evan couldn’t really close his mind like Snape, but the effect of using this spell was really very obvious.

The dream in front of him was looking like a bad signal TV broadcast. The picture began to show obvious fluctuations and was no longer as clear as before.

With Evan’s mind closed, the connection between the two sides was getting weaker and weaker.

The statue of the evil spirit and the exquisite Centaurs city under the terrace began to crumble and become fragmented, and Evan fell into an endless pit that formed underneath him.

When he woke up, it was already dawn.

Nothing in front of him had changed, as if nothing had happened.

The cold of the morning made Evan sober. He sat on the bed and gasped for a while, thinking about the evil spirit and the vampire that appeared in the dream.

When the sweat on his body completely dissipated, he got out of bed and came to the window.

Outside, the night was fading, and the dawn slowly awakened the sleeping creatures.

Evan opened the window and the cool air slowly blew in.

In the sky, the gray-blue dome gradually began to fade from the top of the head and gradually became a faint blue smoke bordering the horizon.

A soft mist rose at the edge of the forest, and the distant hills were smeared with a soft milky white. The white mist rendered everything hazy and illusory.

Just as Evan was immersed in the beautiful scenery in front of him, he suddenly heard a sharp, bleak cry, which sounded very sad.

He looked down and saw a white-skinned woman under the window.

She had long silver-white hair with a shawl and a black cloak. But he couldn’t see her face and age clearly.

For some reason, she cried so hard. She clapped her hands and made a loud noise.

The voice was very loud, and it was particularly harsh in the empty and quiet streets in the early morning.

But strangely, no one came out to dissuade or inquire about the situation.

Evan even had a strange feeling that he was the only one who could hear her crying.

It was so strange that when he just wanted to ask what was going on, the woman under the window seemed to feel it, and suddenly raised her head and stared at Evan.

What a face she had! Bluish white skin, dilated pupils, and facial features that had begun to rot and deform. This was a dead person!

Evan stepped back and couldn’t believe what he had seen.

Unimaginable!!! He actually saw a dead woman moving and crying.

What on earth was going on? Was it Necromancy, witchcraft or some other magic?!

Evan thought of Inferi, but this woman obviously had her own thoughts.

Or maybe it was an indescribable creation of the evil spirit.

After its attempt to infiltrate and control Evan in his dreams had failed, he sent such a fellow over.

The monster downstairs seemed very satisfied with Evan’s reaction.

Looking at the frightened boy, she opened her big scary mouth, exaggerated upward, showed an ugly smile, and a few maggots fell out of it.

After a brief shock, Evan quickly recovered.

No doubt, this was a dead Banshee!

He had previously seen the introduction of this dark creature in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and the Defence Against the Dark Arts textbook, but he had never seen it before today.

He did not expect it to be more horrible than what was described in books.

In fact, the Banshee predictor of death was very rare, it was harmless, but in general, wizards thought it was extremely unlucky to see it.

From the perspective of divination, this was a very bad ominous harbinger, second only to seeing the big black dog predicting death.

As the name suggested, if the predictor of death Banshee cried loudly downstairs, it meant that the person in the window it chose would die soon…

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