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H.P.S.T Chapter 418: Terrible Speculation

On top of magic, the evil spirits coming to this world needed a lot of flesh and blood to build their new bodies.

In the illusion made by Gryffindor 800 years ago, Evan once saw the fallen Centaurs prepare an astonishing number of flesh and blood sacrifices to summon the evil god of terror.

In the Temple of the Moon, Evan entered a huge circular chamber filled with coagulated blood, which used to be filled with the corpses of various creatures.

Even the ceiling was stained with thick blood.

According to Okegiga, that was just one of many sinful rooms in the Temple; the Fallen Centaurs expanded outward at a mad rate. They hunted all the creatures they met and offered their bodies as sacrifices to the evil god.

Those sacrifices, along with the Philosopher’s Stone, made a necessary condition for the evil spirit to come to the world.

Thinking of this, Evan suddenly shuddered.

Perhaps those vampires hiding in the dark wanted to summon the evil spirit as well?! What if, after the downfall of the fallen Centaurs, the evil god found itself a new servant?!

These pure dark creatures were much more cunning and difficult to deal with than the Centaurs!

Evan was scared by his own speculation. This was too terrible. If it was true, then it meant that everyone in the ruins would die!

Evan told Sirius about his reasoning, and he also looked extremely astonished.

The seriousness of the situation was beyond imagination, and there was no news from Dumbledore.

“No matter what the vampires are going to do, we have to stop them!” Sirius said in a heavy tone, “We must find out the truth about this.”

That being said, knowing exactly what to do was tricky for both of them.

They couldn’t tell other people directly about this matter. Regardless of whether they would startle or not, judging from the current situation, it was estimated that no one would believe it.

All the wizards who entered the ruins of the Centaurs were fascinated by gold. Judging by their eager eyes, each one was almost the same as the greediest goblin.

Tell them that all these treasures had been cursed and they would definitely see you as mad.

Even more, they might think that Evan and Sirius wanted to steal their gold and kill them directly.

“We must find the vampires lurking in the shadows, expose their plots in public, or directly stop this thing.” Evan analyzed, “If possible, we should find some of the evil god’s minions. Maybe that would sober these guys up.”

In the illusion, Evan once saw three living creatures of the evil spirit.

They were some kind of buzzing monsters, with an indescribable shape.

They were five feet tall each. Their bodies were covered by a thick red carapace, and akin as a whole to some kind of fungus.

They had a strong illusion magic that could directly act on the depths of a person’s heart and make victims lose their minds and actively extend their heads into the creatures huge mouths.

Their mouths were in the center of their bodies, full of fangs and sharp teeth.

With just one bite, they could cut off and grind a man’s head!

Any spells and most physical attacks were meaningless against these monsters. The Patronus Charm would restrain them, but the correct way to kill them was to attack the core inside their heads.

With his previous experience, as long as he could find these monsters, Evan had the confidence to kill them.

He believed that their bodies would shock all the wizards they would see them for the first time.

Maybe then, they would believe any plots he would expose to them.

“It’s also crucial to get that Philosopher’s Stone in hand as soon as possible.” Evan went on to analyze, “If we get the Philosopher’s Stone, we could keep the evil spirit from ever coming!”

This was also the most important purpose of Evan’s trip. The complete Philosopher’s Stone would break Voldemort’s Curse on him, and then he could regain his strength.

He would be able to use all his magic, and wouldn’t be as tied up as he was now.

Before getting the Philosopher’s Stone, Evan’s magical power was on par with that of Sirius thanks to Slytherin’s locket and planktons in Aragog’s pit.

With the help of the Philosopher’s Stone, he would be able to cast all the magic he mastered at will to fight, including many spells that were more powerful than usual.

There was one more method that Evan did not mention.

In fact, the most thorough method was to find the statue of the evil god brought back by Okegiga that year, which was like the root of some plant. That was the root of all evil.

By destroying it, they would completely sever all connections between the evil god and the real world, and end this boundless evil.

Although in the illusion, he arbitrarily used magic to break the statue, it would certainly not be that simple now. Evan wasn’t willing to do it on his own this time; finding it and handing it over to Dumbledore was the right choice.

“That’s it, we first go to the Temple to find the Philosopher’s Stone, and then see what the vampires are doing!” Sirius said.

The Temple at the center of the ruins was similar to the Temple of the Moon he had entered more than a month ago. It was also made of large blocks of obsidian and granite.

It depicted abstract statues and murals, highlighting the glory of the Centaurs’ past.

With time, the fine curtains hanging on the walls and corridors had decayed, leaving only a pile of hemp-like ropes and rags hanging behind.

At the bottom of the Temple, Evan also saw many adventurers.

They were like chasing flies running in various rooms, looking for all valuable items.

They held their wands and looked unfriendly at all the people passing by.

The smell of gunpowder in the Temple was very strong, and fierce fighting occurred from time to time.

In many places, Evan saw fresh blood and even dead bodies.

Everything in this ruined relic seemed chaotic and dark. Without the restriction of secular law, the most evil aspect of human nature was vividly reflected here.

They could only see gold. In turn, the gold cursed by the vampires stimulated them to go even madder.

The more you get, the faster you lose and fall.

After seeing several adventurers wandering around the temple, looking extremely abnormal, muttering strange words in their mouths, like walking corpses, Evan finally knew what magic the vampires cast on the gold.

This curse could make people who find gold confused, gradually lose their senses, and eventually become part of the evil in this dark Temple full of taboos.

As the evil god had said, countless old and horrible crimes took place in these ruins, and their count was only going up!

Madness took over the ruins, and even those who kept their sanity had mostly died, their flesh and blood adding to the sacrifices for the coming evil god.

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