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H.P.S.T Chapter 417: The Vampires’ Conspiracy

“Your most loyal servant?!” Caresius said disdainfully. “As reward for his loyalty, he can only get death.”

“If that’s the case, it would be his honor to die for the Dark Lord, an honor that many of my followers are eager to get.” Voldemort said coldly, “On the British side, how are your people doing?”

“They’re ready; they are waiting for an opportunity. You can’t expect a group of vampires to break into the home of a senior official of the Ministry of Magic in broad daylight to find a hidden death eater.” Caresius said, “We’ve got the news that Britain will host the Quidditch World Cup in the near future. At that time, wizards will flock to the country from all over the world. All the meddlesome members of the Ministry of Magic will be deployed and concentrated in one place, thinking of safety, afraid of being discovered by Muggles and not having the energy to think about anything else. We are ready to start at that time.”

“Don’t make too much of a scene, Caresius, we can’t draw the attention of Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic.” Voldemort whispered, “I can wait, believe me, you and your people are very important. I don’t want you to sacrifice in vain.”

“It’s a real honor!” Caresius sneered.

There was another awkward silence, and neither of them said anything.

The deep distrust between the two sides was self-evident!

For Voldemort, he could even give up his most loyal servant. There was no reason to believe how important a group of uncooperative vampires would be to him.

“Give me a body.” After a long time, Voldemort said in his icy piercing voice, “I can feel that the last magic of this Temple is about to lose its effect. I want to get that Philosopher’s Stone and see in person the fellow hiding underneath. I have heard a lot about him. The power of this unknown creature from the void is unique and may come in handy.”

………………………………………….. ……………………..

Evan walked into the desolate Centaurs ruins with Sirius, and they followed the winding road to the empty square in front of the central Temple.

The sight in front of him surprised him.

Compared with what he had imagined, it was much busier here.

There were hundreds of wizards crowded together, and there was an endless stream of hawkers everywhere. It looked like Diagon Alley.

The stalls were full of Potions and adventure supplies. Besides, many businessmen and even goblins were collecting the loot just found in the ruins of the Centaurs.

These trophies included tablets carved with ancient magic inscriptions, planet trajectories, Centaurs’ sacrificial items, etc., but the largest number of them was made of large quantities of gold, with strange abstract style and seemingly meaningless weird decorations.

Evan looked doubtfully at a goblin under the banner of Gringotts, and what it had just collected from an explorer team.

He never knew that the fallen Centaurs had collected so much gold.

These fallen Centaurs didn’t seem to be the same as the Centaurs he knew. In the Temple of the Moon in the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts, he only saw relatively cheap obsidian and granite.

This extinct Centaur clan obviously cared more about luxury.

This was too suspicious. Looking at these gold ornaments, Evan wondered whether it was a deserted Centaurs’ colony or an underground vault in Gringotts.

It’s true that, for a long time, the Centaurs had been outside the mainstream society of the wizarding world.

As an arrogant jungle creature, if not necessary, they usually didn’t get in touch with humans or other creatures, whether wizards or goblins. They did not trust them.

They had their own areas of interest, magic Healing, Divination, Herbology, Archery and Astronomy.

Evan hadn’t heard of it or seen it anywhere that the Centaurs were interested in gold, a precious metal that only humans and goblins liked. They didn’t need to trade with the outside world, and they were usually self-sufficient.

Only a few collectors or magic historians interested in the Centaurs civilization would pay attention to a ruined relic left by a lost Centaurs civilization.

But because of this gold, it had attracted a large number of greedy adventurers in a short period of time.

Besides the wizards who traded in the square, there were more people in the central Temple.

On the other side of the square, there were a large number of shabby tents of different shapes, managed by special personnel to be rented to adventurers in need.

“It’s so weird in here!” Sirius said. “Where on earth did the Centaurs find so much gold to make these decorations?”

“I can’t see how they did it unless they transformed the Philosopher’s Stone and were able to use it like Flamel.”

Squatting in front of a booth, Evan carefully examined a mask made of pure gold.

“You only need to pay a hundred Gold-Galleons to take it away!” The owner of the booth shouted, “This mask has a high collection value.”

“Thank you, I don’t need it!” said Evan, “I think I’d better not touch it.”

He stood up and pulled Sirius aside quickly.

“We’d better be careful. These things should have strange magical reactions.” Evan lowered his voice and said, “This feeling is very familiar, like…”

He closed his eyes and recalled carefully, remembering the detection magic last night.

And a long time ago, Elaine used the unique imprisonment spell on him.

“This is the magic that only vampires can use!” Evan said with certainty. “There’s a dangerous curse cast on it, but I don’t know its specific use yet.”

“Vampires and curses?!” Sirius repeated.

This was really interesting. There were traces of curses left by vampires on the decorations made by the ancient Centaurs. There must be something terrible going on here.

They didn’t know for what purpose, the vampires were spreading the cursed gold ornaments around the remains of the horses, attracting foolish adventurers to the ruins.

Evan couldn’t see how it would benefit them. Avoiding the sight of human wizards and hiding in a dark corner was the way vampires should prefer.

Too much noise would arouse the attention of the Ministries of Magic and the mainstream society of magic circles in various countries.  So the only thing that  would await these vampires was their extinction.

Even with such curses on the gold , it was impossible for them to wipe out all the wizards who would come to the site, and it did not mean much to them.

As food, there were too many wizards here. And looking at the strong and savage wizards around, Evan wondered if the taste of the vampires would be so unique. How could it be possible?

If they were not food, then the only purpose of gathering so many people was to…

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