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H.P.S.T Chapter 420: The Death of Sirius

Hundreds of wizards were fighting in the narrow tunnel of the Centaurs ruins.

The curses and shouts were endless, and the space was filled with red, blue, and green curses.

Unlike the playful duels between the young wizards, these were real battles to the death.

A few people used the common dueling spells. Evan saw that more and more people were using Avada Kedavra or other sorts of forbidden curses, striving to kill their foes.

No one had any restraint. Even without grievance or hatred, everyone couldn’t wait to kill each other. Many fell dead, and blood sprouted out everywhere.

Soon, the Obsidian walls, ceilings and floors of the Temple turned red.

Evan and Sirius kept retreating, and the situation in front of them was too chaotic.

Curses flew in the air, wreaking havoc, raging with heart-rending light, like innumerable sharp arrows coming from all sides.

The sudden battle scene had become more and more fierce, eventually turning into the most chaotic and baffling battle Evan had ever seen.

Hundreds of wizards gathered here, their eyes red and their teeth gnashing, as if they had seen their life-long sworn enemies. They attacked others without purpose or reason. Most of them had not even seen the so-called Centaurs’ Treasure.

Under the influence of the curse cast by the vampires hiding in the dark, everyone went mad. They only thought of killing for gold now, not distinguishing between friends and enemies.

A dreadful, terrifying massacre was taking place here, and if this incident was reported, it would definitely shake the entire wizarding world.

It was inconceivable that such a thing would happen in this peaceful era.

Vampires were really terrible. No wonder they had long been considered the most dangerous Dark creatures, and their existence was a taboo in itself.

Evan and Sirius were dodging the flying spells. They tried to find vampires in the crowd, but the situation was too chaotic for them to find anything.

“Damn, these people are insane!” Sirius roared, waving his wand and using a Full Body-Bind Curse against a wizard who was shouting at him and rushing in.

His spell hit the man, but several others were attracted.

Sirius’s wand threw out several spells in succession, escorting Evan back.

In fact, Evan also became irritable.

What happened suddenly in front of him was beyond his initial expectations. Since the vampires dared to make this move, it meant that the magic of summoning the evil spirit was almost finished.

All the wizards who were fighting were going to die,becoming flesh and blood sacrifices to the evil god.

Things were going too fast, and Evan didn’t understand how the vampires were going to summon the evil god without getting their own Philosopher’s Stone.

Boom, boom!!!

Just as he was thinking about these things, the ground of the Temple suddenly began to collapse.

The whole area was shaking violently, and huge cracks began to appear on the ground.

The ground cracked, like a black behemoth ruthlessly opening a huge mouth, swallowing the fighting wizards and the fallen bodies.

Evan and Sirius wanted to escape, but everything happened too fast, and both of them fell down.

Beside them, there were countless equally panicking wizards and massive falling stones.

A falling stone came to them and Evan waved his wand and smashed it.

Parts of the stone fragments hit him, and he felt a deep pain. However, he had no time to care about that. Underneath them, a dark pit suddenly appeared, deep and bottomless.

If he fell down like this, he shouldn’t have a chance to survive

What was even more terrifying was that some of the wizards who were falling were still willfully casting evil curses. These lunatics did not want to live at all, and were dragging others to die alongside them!

Not far below, Sirius was shouting something at Evan.

There was so much noise around that Evan could not hear a word.

He tried to calm down and consider what magic to use.

In such a chaotic situation, it seemed that all the incantations did not work.

He tried to cast a levitation charm on himself, hoping to ease the falling speed, but this only made him the target of the fallen men and stones.

The next second, a silvery white light flew from top to bottom.

Evan saw Sirius pointing his wand at him. This was a spell similar to the Shield Charm. By the impact of the spell, he began to fly up.

It was exerting a force, getting him away from Sirius’s wand, and from harm’s way. However, it also accelerated Sirius’s fall.

“No!” Evan shouted, trying to stop Sirius.

He saw Sirius’s decadent smile solidified on his once handsome face and Sirius waving to him, in the same way as before; recalcitrant, with an innate pride.

Under Evan’s gaze, his body fell down at an extremely fast speed and gradually disappeared into the endless darkness.

“SIRIUS!” Evan shouted, “SIRIUS!”

Before he could use any magic, Sirius had disappeared.

Just like that….

Evan fell on the ground of the Temple, his mind blank…

Just a few seconds ago, there was an extraordinarily busy tunnel. Now there was no one but him.

All that remained was a dead silence, and a great, deep, bottomless pit.

Below, the rumbling sound did not stop.

It was as if this pit that had emerged out of nowhere, extended all the way down to the core of the earth.

Despite the pain, Evan stood up as fast as he could.

He went to the crater, expecting Sirius to come up from below, but all he saw was darkness.

His vision gradually blurred. Evan had only one thought in his mind: he had to save Sirius! 

But it was obviously unwise to go down from this deep pit.

Evan had no much time to think. Soon after the wizards fell down, the magic of the Temple space suddenly became chaotic and irritable.

“I am waiting, the great existence is coming!”

The strange voice echoed in the temple, and it seemed to sound in the depths of Evan’s mind.

This was the voice of the evil god. Evan would never forget it even if he died. This voice could arouse the deepest darkness and fear hidden in one’s heart.

Damn, those vampires were really summoning this horrible evil spirit!

Evan was no longer thinking about where they got their strength, he stood up panting.

All he had in mind was how to save Sirius, if he somehow survived…

At this point, Evan’s body was trembling uncontrollably, and he was undeniably terrified!

He was not afraid of those vampires hidden in the dark, or of the evil god that could come at any time… He feared the death of Sirius….

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