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H.P.S.T Chapter 421: The Blood Pool

“I’m coming back soon, and then, the never-ending nightmare will begin!”

The chilling voice of the evil spirit echoed in the Temple. “Tremble, young human wizard! Be ready to give in to death!”

“SHUT UP!” Evan shouted. His voice echoed back and forth in the silent tunnel.

The whisper of the evil spirit bored him. For a moment, he just stared at the dark cave under his feet, with Sirius in his mind.

He couldn’t believe that Sirius had fallen down like this, perhaps to his death.

Then, Evan ran up, as fast as possible. There was no point in staying here. The cave was too deep. Sirius couldn’t climb up from below, and he couldn’t jump from above.

Because of the appearance of the evil god, the magic in space became irritable.

But it was clearer than before. Evan could now clearly feel the location of the evil god, just below in the underground pit, in the deepest area underground.

Besides jumping down directly, there was definitely another way to go there: It was the secret passage he had taken before with Okegiga, the Centaur to sneak into the Temple of the Moon from the lake in the illusion. That was the right path.

Evan knew he had to hurry. Sirius might not have died yet.

He ran to the corridor as quickly as possible, and saw many panicking wizards along the way.

They also heard the whispers of the evil spirit, and stood there not knowing what to do.


Just as Evan turned the corner, a sharp voice suddenly sounded.

The training with Sirius came in handy, and he subconsciously brought himself to the ground, the green light brushing over his body.

He saw a wizard in a black robe holding a wand and standing not far ahead of him.

His skin was pale and he was dressed like the three wizards he saw in the pub last night. He was wearing a thick black robe that covered his whole body. This was a vampire!!!

After the pit appeared under the wizards inside, the vampires who had been lurking in the dark finally came out. They gathered around to kill any survivors to ensure that what happened today in the temple would never be heard of.

Neither the evil god nor their plots could be made known to the outside world, and with what happened today, only the dead could truly keep this a secret.

Evan didn’t have time to waste here. While ducking to avoid the vampire’s Killing Curse, three red lights quickly flew out from the tip of his wand.

In the face of Evan’s counterattack, the vampire hurried to dodge.

He seemed somewhat surprised, not expecting that Evan would escape his sneak attack and react so quickly, and still manage to cast three magic spells in such a short time.

Following his spells, Evan shouted and rushed at him.

His wand shone like a sword and sparks flew everywhere.

While the opponent managed to avoid the first round of attacks, Evan’s Full Body-Bind Curse followed and hit the vampire!

His arms and legs clung together and he fell heavily back.

If this was under any different circumstances, Evan would sit down to interrogate the vampire and ask him about their plots, but now he was in a hurry to save Sirius.

He didn’t even see the vampire falling to the ground and continued to rush forward.

In a remote corridor away from the previous chamber, Evan looked at the moon phases carved on the wall, and he beat the full moon sign on the wall as fast as he could.

Creak, creak, creak…

With the dry and astringent sound of the dry pulley, the thick stone door rose slowly.

The muddy, damp smell extended from the secret passage to the depths of the ground, as expected.

As the stone gate rose, the magic fluctuated in the area more madly than before.

Judging from the current situation, this secret passage must lead to the location of the evil god.

On the thick dust on the ground, Evan also saw a lot of footprints, traces of the vampires hiding in the dark coming in and out of the area.

At the end of the narrow passage, there was a large scary Lovage.

From its height and thickness, it was at least several hundred years old.

Lovage is a kind of plant with strong characteristics, one that could spread its roots to the surrounding plants and make them wither slowly. Even other Lovages are no exception.

In the end, only one Lovage can survive and enjoy all the nutrients in a certain area.

Seeing this large, frightening Lovage, Evan finally knew where the vampires got the curse material cast on the gold.

It is important to know that Lovage is mainly used to make Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts, that could make people overtaken by hot-headedness and recklessness, or become gradually lost in the illusion built in their minds.

The juice made from Lovage leaves is an essential material in the preparation of some mind-confusing Dark magic.

The Lovage grows in length extremely slowly. Evan had seen a Lovage in Professor Sprout’s greenhouse.

That plant had been kept for more than 40 years, but it was still much smaller than this one, and the confusion that it could cause was also poor.

Besides, the Lovage generally lives in dark and humid places.

Next to it, Evan saw a sloping downward passage filled with red water.

The smell in the air was unpleasant and weird, and Evan remembered Professor Sprout’s remark that the smell of the Lovage was confusing.

He held his breath and rushed into the pool, casting upon himself the Bubble-Head Charm.

The pool was deep and extended down the ancient passage to the depths of the ground.

In the muddy, turbid water, Evan could not determine where he should go exactly.

He could only dive by instinct. The red water felt sticky, and Evan quickly knew what was going on. The vampires had poured a lot of blood into it.

This was really too bad, and he felt nauseous when he realized he was in the blood. 

He resisted nausea and speeded up the dive. But immediately, he felt something entangled in his ankle.

He clenched his hand on his wand and looked back.

Besides the red turbid items, nothing could be seen in the muddy blood.

Evan shook repeatedly, bent down getting his hands close to his ankles…

His heart was beating hard, feeling the danger approaching him. There seemed to be something in the blood.

He raised his vigilance and slowly explored forward…

The next second, a hideous, highly rotten face suddenly appeared in front of him!

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