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H.P.S.T Chapter 422: The Vampires Show Up

Under the faint light of his wand, Evan saw the corpse of a man.

His face had been swollen and deformed, and his mouth was wide open.

The tongue, which had deteriorated and rotted into dark brown, came out, long; and his skin was pale and cold.

Almost instantly, Evan remembered the Inferi he had seen in the cave before.

He hurried back, but his feet were entangled by something.

Evan struggled, his heart thumping hard, but he was dragged back again! 

He could feel that a body under his feet, something like a tentacle, was not willing to let him go. It was trying to bring him down.

Encountering such a situation in turbid blood could easily crush anyone’s composure.

The wand in Evan’s hand aimed at the direction of the floating body at his feet, emitting several red lights in a row.

Bang, bang, bang…

In the blood, each spell of Evan stirred up a strong current of water.

Under the impact of his spells, the already muddy blood became more chaotic.

The man’s body was swept away by Evan’s magic, but the tentacles on his legs were getting tighter and contracted backwards.

The more Evan struggled, the more entangled his legs became.

Soon, he saw the black rattan winding along his legs to his upper body.

These rattans, Evan realized…

It was the Devil’s Snare!!!

He finally knew what he had come across. A Devil’s Snare grew in the blood pool.

This plant likes the dark and the damp, and can kill the living creatures that it catches by strangulation.

It was the first time that Evan saw the Devil’s Snare growing directly in the water. Perhaps because of the blood concentration in the pool, this Devil’s Snare was growing well.

This was a good discovery finding that blood stimulated the growth of the Devil’s Snare… Evan shook his head. Now was not the time for such nonsense!

He hurriedly waved his wand, pointing straight ahead, and the end of his wand emitted Bluebell Flames.

The Blue Flames surrounded Evan with a fiery temperature.

They are harmless to the human body, but they could persist even in water.

In a matter of seconds, the Devil’s Snare loosened its grip on Evan.

It was clear that it cringed away from the light and warmth brought by the flames.

The Devil’s Snare wriggled and flailed, automatically unraveling its tendrils wrapped around Evan.

It took the body that Evan had just blown away and retreated to a dark corner.

After getting rid of the Devil’s Snare, Evan continued to move quickly along the passage.

Because he was worried about Sirius, he kept speeding up.

Fortunately, there was nothing else in the blood to stop him.

After a winding passage, the descending slope began to slow down and quickly rose upwards, and Evan heard the sound of glug from above.

Here, the blood concentration in the water was much higher! It was not like turbid blood mixed with mud and dust. It was completely blood red and was stickier.

Evan even suspected that it was just pure blood!!

Glug, glug, glug

Like boiling water, blood was constantly bubbling outward.

Following the bubbles, Evan rose to the surface.

Around him, all the wizards who had just fallen had become cold corpses, floating quietly on the bright red water.

Red bubbles kept popping up from below, breaking apart beside them.

The blood pool was facing a huge gap above the temple. It was more than a thousand feet deep and dark above. Nothing could be seen, like a black hole devouring everything.

Evan ignored the surroundings and looked for Sirius in the blood pool.

“Good evening, young human!” A low male voice sounded ahead. “If you are looking for him, then you don’t have to waste your effort.”

Evan looked up and saw a dozen vampires in black robes standing on the ground outside the blood pool, pointing their wands at him.

At the center of these people was a middle-aged man with a cold face.

He was handsome and upright, with wine-red eyes deep and distant, wearing a beautiful black cloak, and his exposed skin was particularly pale.

He had an aura of “pure evil” surrounding him, and the light seemed to deflect from him.

Evan could feel a whirlpool of pure magic whirling around his body, engulfing other magic and light around him.

This vampire was too bizarre; Evan had never seen such a wizard before.

His eyes stopped short on him and immediately went to Sirius, curled up in front of him.

He was bloodstained and unconscious, but he still seemed to breathe.

“SIRIUS!” Evan shouted.

He ran two steps forward just to find a dozen spells coming his way.

Evan hurried to stop, and the magic brushed his body and flew out.

They didn’t make a real attack, they were just warning him not to move.

“Don’t worry, this human being is very strong and has not died yet!” said the middle-aged man. “His life depends entirely on you. We have something to ask you.”

“Let Sirius go. I’ll tell you everything.” Evan said anxiously.

So these vampires were the people who planned everything behind the scenes. What did they want to know?

Could it be that they already knew that half of the Philosopher’s Stone was on him?!

Evan looked around, trying to find a solution to the immediate predicament.

He saw the flesh and blood in the blood pool in front of him, pulled by magic, slowly moving upward, forming streams that rose to meet in the distance.

Other than that, there was nothing in the stone chamber.

At the same time, in the face of more than a dozen powerful vampire wizards and a man of unpredictable strength, Evan had no chance of winning anyway.

“Don’t worry, we still have time. We need to crack the last magic left by the ancient Centaurs!” With an elegant smile on his face, the vampire said slowly, “First, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Caresius Slytherin, it’s…”

“I know Elaine, we are…” Evan hesitated for a moment and continued to shout, “We are friends!”

When he heard the surname Slytherin, he immediately knew who these vampires were.

“Elaine’s friend?!” Caresius showed a little surprise on his face. “No, you shouldn’t know her…”

“We met in Diagon Alley, on Christmas Eve.” Evan took out the Locket on his chest and said in a hurry. “I know the prophecy and the trouble you are facing. I can help you. I have Slytherin’s Locket on me. I’m probably the one mentioned in the prophecy.”

After Evan finished his words, there was a long silence.

Caresius did not speak, and his wine-red eyes rested on the Locket on Evan’s chest.

His face was cloudy and uncertain, and he seemed to be thinking about what Evan had said.

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