Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 423: Distrustful Allies

“Young human wizard, in the face of existence beyond your imagination, submission is the only correct choice, which will bring you unimaginable benefits!”

“Have you ever tasted death? Death is not the end of fear. Time is endless, and death is but the beginning of pain!”

“Only the immortal are powerful! Do you want it; immortality?”

The whispers of the evil spirit continued to echo through Evan’s head; it uttered the maddest of thoughts.

Under its torment, Evan had a terrible headache.

From the expressions of the vampires around him, it seemed that only he could hear the whispers of the evil god.

The evil spirit felt the Philosopher’s Stone that Evan carried with him, and it was tempting Evan to yield, surrender to it, hand over the Philosopher’s Stone, and help it break the seal and come to the real world.

Unless he would really go mad, Evan, who knew the true face of the evil spirit, would naturally never do that. He had to concentrate hard and wait for the decision of the vampires.

“I don’t know where you got Slytherin’s Locket!” Caresius looked at Evan. “But you’re not strong enough to help us.”

“Strength can be improved, I still have time.” Evan hurried to say.

If he couldn’t convince these vampires, he and Sirius would be dead.

“But we don’t have much time. My clan and I must decide as soon as possible whether to be destroyed or reborn!” Caresius’s eyes moved from Slytherin’s Locket to Evan. “Tell me your name, human young man!”

“Evan Mason!” Evan was slightly distracted.

In the vampire’s wine-red eyes, there seemed to be some kind of Confundus Charm.

“Very good, Evan!” Caresius said slowly. “Thank you for your help, but we have already chosen our ally. He is very strong and has a common ancestor with us. I’m sure he’ll help us get through it!”

“Who is it?!” Evan had a bad feeling.

These vampires were descendants of Salazar Slytherin. If the ally had a common ancestor with them and was in the forests of Albania, then this person was…

“We better not call him by his name directly. As the most dangerous Dark wizard in history, people usually call him You-Know-Who!” Caresius said slowly, a playful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and it seemed that he didn’t really think so. 

“VOLDEMORT!” Although he had already guessed it, Evan was still shocked when he heard Caresius actually acknowledge it. “You are mad; you’re going to work with Voldemort!”

He kept looking around, looking for the traces of Voldemort.

No words could describe his feelings now. It was as if his heart suddenly sank to his stomach.

There was a blank inside Evan’s head, which was the worst result.

He was afraid to think about it. With the help of vampires, Voldemort’s power would grow unimaginably. It was only a matter of time before he would return.

“You are playing with fire, Voldemort is the most dangerous and powerful Dark wizard!”

“In the eyes of wizards, we vampires ourselves are dark taboos. I don’t think there is anything wrong with working with a Dark wizard!” Caresius said. “As long as he can keep his promise and help us, that’s enough!”

It was a joke to expect Voldemort to keep his promise.

Whenever he regained his strength and gathered the Death Eaters, these vampires would be much less useful to him. And then, he would not hesitate to abandon them.

Evan hoped to convince him to understand this. Under his persuasion, Caresius seemed to hesitate, but in the end he did not budge.

“Let’s get down to business. You and Black were supposed to die, but because you are a friend of Elaine, I decided not to kill you!” Caresius said, “I will take you to see that person, he hopes to know why Dumbledore appeared in the forest. After that, I will personally erase your memories.”

The damn Obliviate spell again!

Although those vampires promised to let him and Sirius go, Evan doubted that Voldemort would agree.

“By the way, you’d better hide the Locket on your chest.” Caresius walked two steps forward and suddenly turned and continued, smiling. “I just know who the original owner of this Locket was. We’d better not take risks!”

Under the gaze of the vampire, Evan put the Locket back under his robe.

Caresius was right to remind him that this Locket was one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. If he saw it, things would turn south really quickly….

Evan quickly thought about this matter. Judging from the tone of Caresius in the conversation just now and his warning about the Locket, he did not seem to fully believe in Voldemort.

Although allies, there was a lot of mistrust between the two sides.

Evan felt that he might have a chance. If he could talk some sense into these vampires, he could turn things upside down and even finish Voldemort here to end everything.

Along the way, Caresius listened to Evan’s persuasion with a smile on his face, not opposing nor approving, and making him really helpless. 

No matter what he said, the vampire did not express his opinion.

It was like hitting a ball of cotton really hard, it was mad and hopeless.

The vampire seemed determined to help Voldemort, but he didn’t intend to put all his eggs in one basket. His words meant to attract Evan.

Both Voldemort and Evan met the requirements of the prophecy handed down by their clan; it was wise to leave adequate leeway at all times.

If not for the situation at hand, Caresius would really be a kind-hearted elder. He would even invite Evan to go to their family to meet Elaine again.

In midair above everyone, the river composed of countless blood and flesh fragments slowly moved forward in the direction of their advancement, making a sound of flowing water.

This feeling was very strange. Anyone who would see this scene would be first and foremost shocked, and then immersed in the powerful magic of the caster.

But then it was disgusting and horrifying to see the creepy things in the river.

The pungent smell of blood made Evan want to vomit.

The vampires who were familiar with the smell of blood did not feel uncomfortable; they actually enjoyed it in way, like humans going through the kitchen of a masterchef!

“What are you going to do?!” Evan frowned at the disgusting river of flesh and blood in the air, and asked uneasily, “Use this flesh and blood to summon the evil god?!”

“We don’t intend to summon the ancient evil creature hidden in the Temple!” Caresius looked a little surprised by Evan bringing this up, “In fact, there is a powerful philosopher’s stone in the depth of this relic. He hopes to get it, to crack the last magic left by the ancient Centaurs.”

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