Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 424: Voldemort

Voldemort also wanted to get the Philosopher’s Stone. Evan felt that he had heard more bad news today than he had heard for a whole year. Things had gone far beyond control.

“In the deepest part of the Temple, the ancient Centaurs left a powerful magic.” Caresius continued. “We have to collect enough flesh and blood to break it.”

Undoubtedly, this ancient black magic was incredibly evil and cruel.

Voldemort and the vampires might not care about this. They didn’t care about the lives of others, but Evan doubted whether they knew what they were doing.

Collecting enough flesh and blood to crack the magic, this was also the first step to summon the evil spirit, and Evan was delivering the half of the Philosopher’s Stone it needed to its door.

By then, all the conditions for summoning the arrival of the evil spirit of terror into this world would be met.

Without someone of Gryffindor’s caliber around, no one should be able to stop it.

Evan shivered when recalling the horrible scene where the evil god was called out. It was at an apocalyptic level.

This was too terrible. Peace in the wizarding world would be shattered. A war sweeping the world was coming, and this time, wizards would have to face monsters never seen for a millennium!

Even if they went against such a creature , the losses in life would be unimaginable!

This must never happen, but Evan couldn’t do anything.

Considering his current situation, he was simply unable to stop it.

First, Voldemort and the vampires would not believe what he would say and work with him.

Second, Evan could not say that he had the Philosopher’s Stone.

It was unwise to confront Voldemort, the vampires and the evil god head on, and if Dumbledore didn’t get there in time, the wisest choice for Evan would be to run.

But the problem now was that he couldn’t leave Sirius alone.

Under the influence of magic, Sirius’s body was floating slowly beside him.

He followed Evan forward and didn’t seem to be waking up any time soon.

The only good news was that after a simple treatment, his breathing was much smoother than before and he was out of the danger zone.

The group of people walked through the spacious hall and came to a closed secret chamber at the end.

Caresius no longer spoke. He shook his black cloak and walked neatly at the front of the team, as if he had nothing to do with Evan.

In the back, more than a dozen vampires pointed their wands at Evan, eyeing him covetously.

Evan gasped and entered the Chamber of Secrets, with a growing sense of uneasiness in his heart.

It was the chamber he had seen in the stone basin of prophecy made by Nicolas Flamel with alchemy, where all evil and horrible crimes were about to take place.

In the middle of the chamber was a magic barrier glowing with green light.

It divided the entire chamber into two parts, preventing people from crossing it.

On the inside, Evan could vaguely see the skeletons of dozens of fallen Centaurs.

They were scattered on the ground, assuming the positions he had seen them taking in the illusion when summoning the evil spirit.

In front of the Centaurs’ skeletons, there was a Philosopher’s Stone that emitted a soft red light. It was placed on top of an altar, next to the ugly statue of an evil god like a tree root.

In midair, great amounts of flesh and blood gathered after rising from the blood pool.

They passed through the barrier and revolved around the fallen Centaurs’ bones to build their bodies.

Evan saw a fallen Centaur recovering from a pile of white bones and assuming a praying posture.

Besides the fact that it lacked vitality, it did not look one bit like it had been dead for hundreds of years.

It looked very much alive, and knowing how it came to be that way made it much more eerie!

Outside the green barrier, there was the vampire that Evan had seen last night.

At this point, he was facing everyone in a weird posture.

“Caresius, you keep on surprising me!” The cold voice suddenly sounded, “Would you look at that; Sirius Black and a student from Hogwarts!”

The strong vampire turned slowly, and Evan was horrified to see that where there should have been a back to the vampire’s head, there was a face.

This was the face that would not appear in the most horrible of nightmares. It was chalk white with glaring red eyes and slits for nostrils, like a snake.

This was VOLDEMORT!!!

After Quirrell, he reattached it to someone else’s head.

Evan stared and he would have screamed, but he couldn’t make a sound.

He had imagined many scenario’s of the first time he would meet Voldemort, but never expected this! Things were simply terrible.

Adding covetous gazes of vampires around him, the closer he got to Voldemort, the snake bracelet on Evan’s wrist began to sting, and its magic gradually spread out.

He hastily hid his right hand behind his back, hoping that he would not be discovered by Voldemort.

“Surprised to see me, aren’t you?!” Voldemort whispered, “I’ve disappeared for thirteen years. Maybe you’ve forgotten me.  As the greatest wizard of all time, there is only shadow and vapor left . I have form only when sharing another’s body, but I’ve never forgotten…”

Voldemort stared at Evan with a grim smile on his face.

“Voldemort is invincible, you think you will succeed, but your puny spells cannot kill me.” He said maliciously, “Soon, when the magic left here by the ancient centaurs is broken, I will be able to restore my strength, recreate a body of my own, and even become more powerful. When that time comes, I will go back to Hogwarts and take back everything that belonged to me …”

“You can’t do anything!” Evan shouted. “Don’t think I don’t know, Dumbledore and Harry defeated you two years ago!”

Evan took a step back and clenched his wand in his hand.

“Harry Potter?!” Voldemort’s voice became colder. “He is not a savior at all. He is nothing before might!”

“Harry has a power you’ll never understand. You have no chance of winning. You can’t beat him at all.” Evan said as he stepped back.

He was trying to anger Voldemort to distract him from the curse on him and leave him enough time to look for opportunities.

Ahead of them, the magic left by the fallen Centaurs could be broken at any time.

The light on the green barrier was getting dimmer and dimmer, like a candle in the wind.

With massive quantities of flesh and blood, most of the Centaurs inside had recovered their bodies. They could be seen more and more clearly as they assumed various postures and stood facing the summoning ceremony.

The whispers of the evil god were getting stronger and stronger, as if it was about to come to this world.

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