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H.P.S.T Chapter 431: A Letter From Harry

Harry shook his head. Ron couldn’t be the one. What about Hermione?!

At once, Hermione’s voice seemed to fill his head, shrill and panicky. “Your scar hurt? Harry, that’s really serious. Write to Professor Dumbledore.” “I’ll go and check ‘Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions’, Maybe there’s a way to heal curse scars…”

Yes, that would be Hermione’s advice: Go straight to Dumbledore, and in the meantime consult the library…

However, Harry had decided not to tell Dumbledore about this.

He stared at the inky dark-blue sky outside, doubting very much whether a book could help him now. 

As far as he knew, he was the only living person to have survived a curse from Voldemort.

It was highly unlikely, therefore, that he would find his symptoms listed in Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions or other magic books.

Harry shook his head again, for he certainly wouldn’t get the answer he wanted from Hermione.

Hermione was vetoed, and now only Evan was left.

Harry kneaded the scar with his knuckles, and could not help thinking that Evan was the one he really needed now.

Although he was one year younger than him, Evan was different from all other young wizards.

In fact, Harry had never seen a young wizard as powerful as Evan.

In power and knowledge, Evan was an incredible young magician, to the extent that Harry even had the impression that there was nothing he couldn’t do or didn’t know…

Yes… Even this black magic left by Voldemort, he should certainly know about it!

At this thought, Harry’s deep desire to meet Evan rose again.

Not only because of the scar that was hurting him, but also because Hermione did mention in her recent letter that Voldemort’s curse on Evan had been broken and they had found the Philosopher’s Stone. But the letter was vague; Harry wanted to know the details!

Undoubtedly, it must have been a great adventure, and Harry regretted that he had not been able to take part in it.

He wanted to know exactly what they had encountered?! And why was Sirius hurt so badly?

Evan was now in his own home, and Hermione was there.

If he could, Harry wanted to go there too. He couldn’t wait to do so.

But Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia would never agree, and he was not invited.

Harry resisted the urge to leave home and leave the Dursleys and sat down at his desk.

Yes, he did it once last year and didn’t mind doing it again. But now, Harry decided to write a letter to Evan first to ask about the situation.

He turned on the desk lamp and started to write in the dim light.

Harry wrote very quickly. If he was writing to someone else, he might only say that his scar hurt.

He wouldn’t mention what he saw in his dreams. Harry didn’t want to appear too nervous.

But with Evan, there was no such concern.

He wrote all the dreams he had seen and some of the speculations he made on a parchment.

Besides, Harry also asked about Evan’s current situation, as well as their experience during the summer vacation and so on.

Harry’s lamp seemed to grow dimmer as the cold gray light that preceded sunrise slowly crept into the room.

Finally, when the sun had risen, when his bedroom walls had turned gold, and when sounds of movement could be heard from the Dursleys’ room, Harry cleared his desk of crumpled pieces of parchment and reread his finished letter.

A minute later, he nodded with satisfaction.

He folded up the parchment and laid it on his desk, ready for when Hedwig returned.

Then he got to his feet, stretched, and opened his wardrobe.

Without glancing at his reflection, he went straight to get dressed before going down to have breakfast.

If he could, he hoped that the summer vacation that was coming to an end would end up slightly more exciting.

………………………………………….. ……………………….

When Evan and Hermione were having breakfast at the table, the snow-white Hedwig flapped its wings in.

In fact, the atmosphere at the table was very awkward already.

Nevertheless, Evan’s parents were very happy after learning that he had awakened.

Evan didn’t know how Dumbledore explained it, but they didn’t ask him what had happened.

They only cared about his health and gave a lot of instructions. Then, Mr. Mason left home for work.

Evan’s mother and Hermione sat at the table and chatted, leaving no room for Evan to interrupt. 

From his mother’s look at Hermione, she obviously had all sorts of thoughts, and she was very satisfied with Hermione.

Evan sat ‘alone’, watching the harmonious conversation between them, feeling like an outsider.

No need to introduce her, his mother was very familiar with Hermione, who was like a member of his family.

It was not at all obvious that the two of them actually knew each other for less than a day.

From the content of their dialogue, people might even mistake them for mother and daughter. 

The atmosphere was very subtle, and Evan felt extremely embarrassed. He was not sure if he should sit here and listen.

Fortunately, at this time, Hedwig flew in from the window, giving him an excuse to leave.

Aware of his mother’s fear of birds, Evan greeted Hedwig and took it back to his room.

He took the parchment tied to Hedwig’s foot, and read Harry’s letter.

Evan frowned at its content, which was obviously not good news.

Harry mentioned that his scar hurt and the dream related to Voldemort.

Evan knew this was because Voldemort left part of his soul in Harry fourteen years ago. Therefore, there was a unique connection between the two of them.

Harry could enter Voldemort’s mind and know what he was doing and some of his thoughts. This was clearly very dangerous, and Voldemort would soon be aware of it.

Harry should learn Occlumency as soon as possible to block this connection as much as possible.

In addition to this incident, the dream that Harry had seen also worried Evan.

What kind of conspiracy were Voldemort and Caresius making? Would it be related to the upcoming Triwizard Tournament?!

Also, in the battle of the Temple of the fallen Centaurs, they took away the statue of the evil god.

After several contacts, Evan knew that the statue was very evil and was the incarnation of the evil god in the real world.

Although Evan had hit the evil god hard, it did not fall completely, and now, the statue was in Voldemort’s hands!

Evan hoped that there would be no changes beyond his imagination to this year.

Voldemort alone was already a headache. If he was associated with the evil god, things would become unimaginably bad.

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