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H.P.S.T Chapter 432: The Invitation

After “The Book of Abraham” inexplicably sealed the evil god, Evan once again opened it and tried to read it.

Most of the third part was still covered by ink, and no specific content could be seen.

Only in the central part of the page, the ink melted away, and the portrait of the evil god, shrunk countless times, appeared.

Evan didn’t know what was going on, and he couldn’t figure out the connection between The Book of Abraham and the evil god.

But there was no doubt that The Book of Abraham was definitely very important.

The evil spirits were first discovered and summoned by ancient warlocks, and perhaps they left a way to defeat them in this book.

It seemed that Evan should seize the time to study The Book of Abraham.

In fact, his research was progressing too slowly.

In addition to the esoteric ancient magic inscriptions, the first part of the written description of alchemy was also very abstract.

Even if Evan translated the corresponding statement, he didn’t know what it was talking about.

He decided to follow the advice of Nicolas Flamel and find time to go to Egypt to find the “Emerald Tablet“.

Flamel said that the “Emerald Tablet” could help Evan to accelerate his understanding of the essence of alchemy.

For the second part, the scepter surrounded by two snakes left by Slytherin should also be found as soon as possible.

After reading the first part, he would also need to decipher the second part of The Book of Abraham.

Only by deciphering all of these could he get to the third secret related to the evil god. Until then, he could only hope that Voldemort would not do anything dangerous with its statue. Otherwise, the combination of these two villains would really be a pain to deal with.

Earlier, Evan had also received a letter from Professor Lupin who wanted to learn about the current situation in the wizarding world.

Now, wizards all over the world were excited about the upcoming Quidditch World Cup finals.

Foreign wizards flocked to the country in an endless stream, and Diagon Alley got really overcrowded.

Evan’s store turnover had greatly increased, and many products were out of stock!

Foreign wizards seemed to be interested in the various products developed by Hogwarts students. Among them, Fred and George’s Weasley joke products were the most popular, and their products were sold out as soon as they hit the shelves. 

As for the recent sales of the Hogwarts Magic, those had a slight decline.

Nevertheless, this was quite normal. The Daily Prophet and the Witch Weekly Magazine were still the mainstream media.

Hogwarts Magic had a long way to go in terms of volume and content.

Evan had already considered this situation, and Hogwarts Magic had not had any heavyweight news recently.

After all, whether it was Voldemort, the evil god or the fallen Centaurs, these contents could not be published casually.

Beyond that, there was nothing worthy of attention in the wizarding world.

According to Evan’s previous request, Lupin had been watching Barty Crouch and sending someone to look for Voldemort’s father’s estate.

But there was no progress on that side. Voldemort and the vampires did not return to Riddle’s household after the battle in the Temple of the Centaurs.

Evan wanted to replace Voldemort’s father’s bones and prevent him from casting the spell that regained him his body.

But this was useless because the tomb of Tom Riddle Senior was destroyed half a century ago.

According to the villagers of Little Hangleton, his body was secretly dug out shortly after the burial of Tom Riddle Senior.

The remains of the coffin were scattered all over the place and were not discovered until a long time later.

Perhaps it was Tom Sr. having enemies hateful enough to scatter his bones that led to the delay of his return.

When he started making the Horcruxes, Voldemort took into account every counter possible, to prevent any accident that could prevent his rebirth.

The more Evan thought of ways to prevent that, the more he realized how terrible Tom was.

As for Barty Crouch Sr., he was as rigorous and meticulous as ever.

Because of the Quidditch World Cup, he was now working too late at the Ministry of Magic to go home very late.

While his diligence was unique, this was nothing out of the ordinary for him.

Evan was not sure if Voldemort had heard of the news that Barty Crouch Jr. escaped from Azkaban. Until now, there was no trace of the missing witch, and there was no evidence that Voldemort had taken her.

To make matters worse, the Ministry of Magic was totally indifferent to her disappearance, and no one paid attention to it at all.

In any case, Evan could not rush directly into Crouch’s house to look for Barty Crouch Jr.

All he could do now was to patiently wait until they reveal themselves.

Although none of these things was easy, Evan was very confident and did not worry too much.

After the Philosopher’s Stone was merged into one, his curse was broken.

Now, his magic had returned to the level it was at before Voldemort cursed him.

Considering that he could use the powerful magic of the Philosopher’s Stone, Evan was able to use most magic.

Overlooking his lack of experience, his prowess was already superior to that of most wizards.

If it was to be known by others, they would surely exclaim and consider his mere existence a true miracle. 

Evan thought about things related to Voldemort and the vampires for a while before he started to write back to Harry.

In his letter, he persuaded Harry to practice Occlumency.

This charm could block any spiritual invasion by other creatures and cut off the connection between Harry and Voldemort.

Evan had made little progress in this area and could only teach Harry some basic steps; for example, how to empty the brain.

In addition to that, he also invited Harry to his house to spend the rest of the summer vacation.

Evan knew that spending a whole summer vacation with the Dursleys should have driven him near insane.

When Evan was about to finish the letter, Hermione walked in with a very noisy little owl.

It was the owl that Sirius gave Ron on Christmas Day, called Pigwidgeon.

The owl was feeling smug that it had successfully delivered a letter.

“Evan, what did Harry say in the letter?” Hermione asked, putting the screaming Pig beside Hedwig.

Hedwig looked at the pig with huge amber eyes and seemed to be dissatisfied with its performance.

“Harry asked me about the condition of Sirius, and his scar hurts all the time.”

“His scar hurt?!” Hermione was stunned, and then worried. “This is not good. The scar is left by Voldemort. We’d better tell Dumbledore about this. I remember this book I …”

After persuading Hermione not to worry too much, Evan asked about Ron’s letter.

“He invited us to his home. Ron said that Mr. Weasley got tickets for the Quidditch World Cup!” Hermione handed a crumpled parchment to Evan and continued, “The Weasleys invited Harry as well.”

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