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H.P.S.T Chapter 441: They Are All Angry

The small kitchen was a mess, and everyone was excited to talk about Dudley becoming a pig. Fred and George gloated and introduced their newest prank props, developed this summer.

They made a lot of deformation sweets, which could turn the eaters into animals such as pigs, rabbits, and dogs.

Perhaps because of the lack of magic in the sweets, it could only transfigure parts of the consumer’s body.

It could not cause a complete change, but this made these metamorphic prank sweets even more interesting.

Harry and Ron thought these things were great, and Charlie and Bill were also very interested.

Only Hermione looked unhappy. She thought Fred and George’s products were dangerous.

She did not listen to Evan’s explanation, and she was obviously angry.

Hermione was angry that Evan knew about Fred and George’s prank, but did not stop Dudley from eating the sweet.

In fact, she was not talking to Evan anymore. She just squinted, her long eyelashes twitching slightly, glaring at Evan without a word.

Evan felt some guilt and did not look at her. Hermione was now as serious as Professor McGonagall.

Just as Evan was thinking about how to please Hermione, there was a faint popping noise in the air.

Then, Mr. Weasley appeared out of thin air at George’s shoulder.

He looked angry too. His face, which had been smiling all the time, was now filled with anger.

“This wasn’t funny!” he muttered. “Fred, George, what on earth did you give that Muggle boy?”

“We gave him nothing.” Fred said with an evil grin on his face. “We just went upstairs to carry Harry’s trunk, and accidentally dropped it on the ground, who told him to pick it up and eat it himself? It’s not our fault.”

“Yes, we didn’t even know that the sweet had been taken away by him. We just came back early!” added George.

“Don’t think I don’t know, you deliberately gave that piece of sweet to him!” Mr. Weasley yelled. “You knew he’d definitely eat it. You knew that the Muggle boy was on a diet…”

“What happened in the end?” Fred asked eagerly, “Has he become a pig?”

“Only the pig’s nose and the pig’s tail have grown. I have already changed him back!” Mr. Weasley said with a sigh of relief. “His parents were frightened, and it was a huge mess.”

Thinking of Dudley’s funny look, Harry and the Weasley brothers roared with laughter again.

“Enough, it isn’t funny!” Mr. Weasley yelled angrily. “That sort of behavior seriously undermines wizard-Muggle relations! I spend half my life campaigning against the mistreatment of Muggles, and my own sons…”

“We didn’t give it to him because he’s a Muggle!” Fred said indignantly.

“No, we gave it to him because he’s a great bullying git,” said George. “Isn’t he, Harry?”

“Yeah, he is, Mr. Weasley.” Harry said very seriously.

“That’s not the point!” raged Mr. Weasley, “You wait until I tell your mother…”

“Tell me what?” said a voice behind them.

Mrs. Weasley had just entered the kitchen; her eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“Oh hello, Harry, dear, you are here!” She said, spotting him and smiling.

Then she came over and hugged Hermione and whispered, “Hello, Hermione, have a good holiday?!”

When it was Evan’s turn, Mrs. Weasley’s expression seemed to be a bit stiff.

She didn’t look at him with a smile like Harry and Hermione; she didn’t look too happy.

Obviously, she was also angry with Evan. 

Evan was puzzled for a while. He didn’t know why Mrs. Weasley had such a look. What was going on today? How were they all angry with him?

But in the end, Mrs. Weasley still smiled and embraced Evan. It was as if she was forgiving him.

Then she turned her eyes on her husband again.

“Tell me, Arthur, what on earth is going on?” she said suspiciously. “What are you talking about?”

Although she was talking to Mr. Weasley, her eyes were always watching Fred and George.

Mr. Weasley hesitated, and it could be seen that although he was angry with Fred and George, he did not really intend to tell Mrs. Weasley.

If he did, the two of them would definitely end up miserable.

Mr. Weasley looked at his wife nervously, and no one spoke for a while.

Evan felt that someone was walking behind him. He looked back and saw Ginny.

Like two months ago, Ginny’s figure was still very small, but she had become more beautiful.

She smiled and said hello to Evan, then turned her eyes to Harry on the other side of the table.

Harry also smiled at her, and Ginny immediately blushed.

Everyone knew that Ginny was very fascinated by Harry. She was his most loyal admirer.

“Come on, Arthur, what on earth is going on?” Mrs. Weasley asked again, her tone a little scary.

“It’s nothing, Molly,” mumbled Mr. Weasley, “Fred and George just… but I’ve had words with them…”

“What have they done this time?” said Mrs. Weasley. “If it’s got anything to do with Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes…”

Hearing this, Evan was stunned, and he was not sure how Mrs. Weasley knew about it.

Since visiting the Burrow two years ago, Fred and George had been working on making prank products.

However, this matter was being secretly carried out.

To be precise, Mrs. Weasley was the only one who was kept in the dark.

She certainly would not support Fred and George in doing such a thing. In her opinion, it was a sign of carelessness.

Needless to say, what they both made was dangerous, which made them even more unreliable.

Just thinking about this, Evan understood why Mrs. Weasley seemed to be angry at him.

The fact was, the biggest contributor in the development of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was definitely Evan.

He gave Fred and George a lot of ideas, as well as initial research and development costs and sales channel support.

Needless to say, he was also preparing to introduce alchemy.

If Mrs. Weasley knew all about it, it would not be an accident for her to get angry with Evan.

It was merciful enough from her not to drive Evan out of her house after he had tempted her sons to do these unscrupulous things. 

Perhaps, this was only for Evan’s sake. Things might have been so bad if it was someone else.

The mood was getting more and more tense, and looking at the increasingly grim expression of Mrs. Weasley, everyone could sense the approaching pains….

Only Hermione stood on Mrs. Weasley’s side. She nodded in agreement and seemed to think that was the way it should be.

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