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H.P.S.T Chapter 440: Charlie and Bill

Now, the Dursleys’ living room was a mess.

Dudley was clutching his buttock and the pig’s tail that had just emerged, screaming loudly.

Mrs. Dursley yelled and looked at Dudley, who was turning into a pig, and hurled herself onto the ground beside him.

Mr. Dursley was furious, waving his hands indiscriminately, bellowing like Evan.

“Calm down, calm down, I can solve this problem, don’t worry!”

Mr. Weasley had to shout to make himself heard.

He raised his wand and walked to Dudley, waving his hand and wishing the Dursleys would calm down.

However, this was simply useless.

Seeing the wand in his hand, the three opposites became even more alarmed, and the screams were even louder.

They seemed to think that Mr. Weasley wanted to hurt Dudley and desperately wanted to stop him.

Until then, both Hagrid and Dobby, the house elf, just made Dudley grow a pig’s tail.

Turning Dudley into a combination of a human and a pig was a first!

Nightmare, this was a nightmare, the worst nightmare!

Mrs. Dursley used her body to shield Dudley and sobbed hysterically.

Mr. Dursley, who had lost control completely, seized a china figure from on top of the sideboard and threw it very hard at Mr. Weasley. Even Evan and Harry standing next to the fireplace were almost hit. 

“Don’t make trouble now!” Mr. Weasley said angrily, waving his wand. “I really want to help you. If I’m not mistaken, this should be a complex Transfiguration curse, my son Fred… a prank left by him, he…”

Mr. Weasley couldn’t go on, Mr. Dursley growled and roared.

Bellowing like a wounded hippo, he snatched up another ornament from the wall.

“Evan, Harry, just go!” Mr. Weasley shouted. “Let me handle this!”

Evan and Harry glanced at each other and stepped into the burning flames.

What they finally saw was that Mr. Weasley used his wand to blast a flying ornament into pieces.

The Dursleys’ living room was looking more and more like a battlefield, and whatever beauty it used to have was lost.

For Muggles, who had always hated wizards, this day just was an extremely terrible one for this family!

Not surprisingly, this scene was enough to scar the Dursleys for life.

Soon, Evan left No. 4 Privet Drive.

He begun to spin very fast, and the Dursleys’ living room was whipped out of sight in a rush of emerald-green flames. Blurred fireplaces flashed past him in very high speed.

Just when Evan was dizzy and nauseated, his feet landed on the ground again.

Harry was right next to him, and looked as bad as ever.

They came out of the hearth of the fireplace in the Burrow and were greeted by the cheers of Fred and George.

“Well, did he eat it?” Fred said excitedly.

“Yeah!” Evan nodded and he was pulled to the table.

“What was it?” Harry asked curiously. “I saw Dudley become a pig.”

“This is our latest prank product.” Fred said excitedly. “George and I studied the whole summer vacation. You just don’t know how many experiments we have done before we succeeded. We’ve been looking for someone to test it.”

“You can’t do this! This is, this is illegal!” Hermione frowned.

But nobody paid any attention to her. Harry, Ron, Fred, and George were all laughing happily and making a mess.

“We were just worried that Evan would ruin our plan!” Fred said with a smile.

“Yes, you know, you two have always had a strong sense of justice!” George added, pointing to Evan and Hermione.

“Then why didn’t you stop it?” Hearing both of them, Hermione turned angrily and looked at Evan.

In fact, Evan really wanted to stop it.

When he poured the juice, he also specifically reminded Dudley.

However, the Dursleys’ attitude towards Harry seemed really irritating. Moreover, Dudley stuffed the sweet in his mouth too quickly for him to react.

Before Evan could explain to Hermione, two young red-haired people came in from the outside.

Immediately, Evan knew who they were, the two eldest Weasley brothers: Bill and Charlie.

Charlie greeted Harry, and he looked very solid.

Bill went straight to Evan and Hermione, and he looked very cool.

Evan had heard Ron say before that Bill worked for the goblins in Gringotts. He was very strong and he had been Head Boy at Hogwarts.

From Ron’s vague description, Bill had always given the illusion that he might be an older version of Percy: fussy about rule-breaking and fond of bossing everyone around.

But in fact, that was not the case at all.

Bill’s dress was more avant-garde than anyone Evan had ever seen, whether wizard or Muggle.

He was really a handsome man.

He was tall, with long hair that he had tied back in a ponytail behind his head. He was wearing an earring with what looked like a fang dangling from it.

Bill’s clothes would not have looked out of place at a rock concert.

As for his boots, they were made not of leather, but of dragon hide.

For the Weasleys, who had always been a relatively conservative family, it was incredible to have a child like Bill.

But it was undeniable that although he was dressed like this, he was excellent in all respects.

“Hello, Evan! Hello, Hermione!” Bill said with a smile. “I heard Ron talk about you!”

When Evan and Bill shook hands, he felt a strange wave of magic.

After the curse had been broken, Evan was now very sensitive to the fluctuations of  magic.

But Bill’s magic reaction was something he had never met before, perhaps a magic handed down from ancient Egypt.

Evan’s eyes wandered back and forth around the ornaments on Bill, looking for suspicious magic items. 

Then he thought that he might just be able to talk to him! Bill was breaking the curses for the Gringotts in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. He must know of the Emerald Tablet!

Evan wanted to find out about the information related to this thing, so that he could get ready early.

After greeting Harry, Charlie also came along.

He had a good gentleman’s broad face, weather-beaten, but with a bright smile.

His face was so freckly that he looked almost tanned.

He was built like the twins, shorter and stockier than Percy and Ron, who were both long and lanky.

But his arms were muscular, and one of them had a large, shiny burn on it.

When shaking hands, Evan felt calluses and blisters under his fingers.

Evan had heard before that Charlie was working with dragons in Romania; it seemed that dealing with them must be very hard!

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