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H.P.S.T Chapter 439: Pig’s Tail Again?

When Evan and the twins returned to the living room with the trunk, Dudley was trying to conceal himself behind his mother.

He was clutching his bottom as though afraid it might fall off.

Seeing Dudley, Fred and George’s faces both cracked into identical evil grins.

“What on earth have you done to him?” Evan asked in a low voice.

Dudley was frightened, which did not seem to be really unusual.

“Just a few candies, he hasn’t eaten yet!” said Fred. “That’s our latest product.”

“Whenever he eats them, he will definitely impress you,” George added.

Hearing the words of both of them, Evan’s heart rose more worrying than expecting!

Last term, he had seen the quick-skiving sweets researched by the Weasley brothers.

All of these products were the first to be developed because they did not involve too much magic knowledge.

At that time, there were only two kinds of sweet: Puking Pastilles and Nosebleed Nougat.

Although there were not many varieties, these candies were surprisingly effective.

Gryffindor’s young wizards used them to skip classes they didn’t want, mainly Snape’s Potions class.

Of course, after too many people had used it, it didn’t work for Snape anymore.

No matter how bad you vomited or your nose was bleeding, Snape wouldn’t let you leave the classroom as you wished.

Instead, what awaited the user would be endless confinement.

Every night after dinner, in the cold underground office, as Snape ordered, clean buckets and buckets of slugs.

This was a nightmare. Over time, these quick-skiving sweets became rarely used.

Of course, it was still good to use them only occasionally in other professors’ classes.

The premise was that you didn’t mind eating these dirty things.

In order to achieve the effects of vomiting and nosebleeds, God knows what Fred and George had added to it.

In addition to the Skiving Snackbox, Evan also saw the Ton-Tongue Toffee.

That was his advice. Eating this sweet would let the tongue become bigger and spit out.

It looked very funny.

However, Fred just said that they gave Dudley the latest product, which should not be this.

Like Evan, Mr. Weasley was also worried about Dudley’s weird behavior clutching his buttock all the time.

“Having a good holiday, Dudley?” he asked kindly.

From the tone of his voice, Evan was quite sure that Mr. Weasley thought that Dudley was quite as mad as the Dursleys thought he was, except that Mr. Weasley felt sympathy rather than fear.

Dudley whimpered. His hands tightened still harder over his massive backside.

“Ah, right, that looks good!” Mr. Weasley said jokingly. “Children, better get cracking then.”

He pushed up the sleeves of his robes and took out his wand.

Incendio!” said Mr. Weasley, pointing his wand at the hole in the wall behind him.

Flames rose at once in the fireplace, crackling merrily as though they had been burning for hours.

He took a small drawstring bag from his pocket, untied it, took a pinch of the powder inside, and threw it onto the flames.

The flames immediately turned emerald green and roared higher than ever.

“Off you go then, Fred.” Mr. Weasley said, “Then George, Ron, Hermione, Harry and Evan!”

“Coming!” Fred blinked, but did not act.

He happily waved his hand to the Dursleys, seemingly waiting for Dudley to swallow the sweet.

“Fred?!” Mr. Weasley frowned.

“Got it!” He stepped forward, and walked right into the fire, saying “the Burrow!”

There was a whooshing sound, and Fred vanished.

The Dursleys gave a little shuddering gasp, shivered and took a neat step backwards. 

“Right then, George,” said Mr. Weasley, “you and the trunk.”

Everyone moved the trunk to the flames and set it up so that George could get it safe.

“The Burrow!” There was another whoosh, and George vanished too.

Then, it was Ron and Hermione.

After saying goodbye to the Dursleys, they disappeared into the fire.

Looking at this weird thing, the Dursleys all had wide eyes and their faces were full of wonder.

Now Evan, Harry and Mr. Weasley alone remained.

“After you!” Evan told Harry, he was still staring at Dudley.

He was hesitating, if Dudley was not going to eat the sweet, he might be able to get it back before leaving.

Of course, how to talk to the Dursleys was very crucial.

Evan believed that there was no need to use magic, as that would trigger them even more!

However, when he just went downstairs, he had promised Fred and George not to stop it.

While Evan hesitated, what happened next helped him to strengthen his determination.

“Oh, okay!” Harry turned to the Dursleys and said, “Well … bye then!”

They did not say a word, no response.

Harry seemed to have expected it early, and he walked toward the flames.

Just as he reached the edge of the hearth, Mr. Weasley put out a hand and held him back.

At this time, Mr. Weasley was looking at the Dursleys in amazement, feeling furious!

“Harry said good-bye to you!” he said, “Didn’t you hear him?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Harry muttered to Mr. Weasley. “Honestly, I don’t care.”

Despite Harry’s statement, Mr. Weasley did not remove his hand from his shoulder.

“You aren’t going to see your nephew until next summer.” He frowned slightly, and said to Mr. Dursley in mild indignation, “Surely you’re going to say good-bye?”

After hearing this sentence, Mr. Dursley’s face changed.

The idea of being taught consideration by another man, who had just blasted away half his living room wall, seemed to be beyond what he could handle.

But Mr. Weasley’s wand was still in his hand, and Mr. Dursley’s tiny eyes darted to it at once, before he said, very resentfully, “Good-bye, then.”

“Goodbye.” Harry waved his hand.

Before he left, he saw an amazing scene.

Dudley suddenly screamed loudly, kneeling on the ground, screaming and oinking.

Evan saw him stuff a piece of sweet into his mouth. Needless to say, it was left by Fred and George.

Now his body was changing rapidly.

It quickly became that of a pig, the nose began to tilt up, and the two round nostrils became more and more obvious.

Dudley’s ears became big and round and his tiny eyes almost narrowed into a seam.

Behind his butt, a pink pig’s tail came out.

He didn’t expect the sweet left by Fred and George would have this effect.

This required extremely deep knowledge of Transfiguration and potions, and it seemed that they had made breakthroughs in their holidays.

Poor Dudley! That was the third time a pig’s tail had grown on his buttock.

As for the change of the face, it was not as big as imagined, probably because Dudley was already rather similar to a pig!

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