Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 438: Expansion of the Store’s Business Scope

Evan could be sure that if he were Mr. Dursley, seeing this situation, he would be crying now.

It was conceivable that the Dusleys would never ever receive wizards in their living room in the future.

All they heard was a loud BANG!

The Dursleys’ blocked fireplace blasted open, and the electric heater shot across the room.

Then, Mr. Weasley, Fred, George, and Ron were expelled out in a cloud of rubble.

The scene was really shocking. Evan, Harry, and Hermione stared at them, with their wide-open eyes.

They all opened their mouths and uttered a sigh of surprise.

Dudley howled all the way out of the living room and ran into his room.

Even louder than him was the shrieking of Mrs. Dursley, who fell backward over the coffee table.

Mr. Dursley reached out and caught her before she hit the floor, and gasped, speechless, at the Weasleys, all of whom were in wizards’ robes and had bright red hair.

Fred and George, the twins were as if completely carved out of the same mold, and were identical to the last freckle.

“Hello, Evan, Harry, Hermione!” Mr. Weasley panted, brushing dust from his long green robes and straightening his glasses. Seeing the Dursleys in front of him, he said, “Ah, you must be Harry’s aunt and uncle!”

Mr. Weasley moved toward the Dursleys, his hand outstretched.

But Mr. Dursley backed away several paces, dragging Mrs. Dursley, his face full of horror.

They were completely speechless. Mr. Dursley’s best suit was covered in white dust and he looked extremely embarrassed.

The same was true for his hair and mustache, making him look as though he had just aged thirty years.

“Oh, yes, sorry.” Mr. Weasley said embarrassed, lowering his hand and turning to look at the blasted fireplace. “It’s all my fault. It just didn’t occur to me that we wouldn’t be able to get out at the other end.”

Mr. Dursley groaned heavily. It looked as if he might rush at Mr. Weasley at any time.

“Oh, you know, I had your fireplace connected to the Floo Network, you see, just for an afternoon, so we could get through it. Muggle fireplaces aren’t supposed to be connected, strictly speaking. But I’ve got a useful contact at the Floo Regulation Panel and he fixed it for me. I can put it right in a jiffy, though, don’t worry. I’ll light a fire to send the children back, and then I can repair your fireplace before I Apparate.”

Mr. Weasley said these words casually, as if nothing had happened, which seemed normal to the wizard.

But for the Dursleys, every word that Mr. Weasley said was shocking.

They all stared blankly at Mr. Weasley, as if they had heard the most terrible thing in the world.

Mrs. Dursley staggered upright and hid behind Mr. Dursley.

“All right, don’t be nervous!” Mr. Weasley reassured him and turned to look at Evan, Harry and Hermione.”Evan, Hermione, your luggage had been delivered to our home this morning. Harry, got your trunk ready?”

“Packed, upstairs!” Harry said with a smile.

“We’ll get it!” Fred immediately volunteered. Winking at Harry, he and George left the room.

“I’ll go and see, they may not know where your room is!” “Evan hurried up,” No, Harry, you and Hermione stay here with your uncle and aunt so they don’t have to be so nervous.”

Evan left the living room and ran upstairs.

But the time he arrived, Fred and George were trying to break into Dudley’s room.

Dudley hid desperately behind the door, screaming like a pig.

“Harry’s room is not there, you two are going to the wrong place!” Evan hurried to stop them.

“Long time no see, Evan!” Fred said with a smile. “We know this is not Harry’s room.”

He came up and gave Evan a warm hug.

“We just wanted to surprise Harry’s cousin, but he doesn’t seem to welcome us!” said George.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Dudley screamed and ran out of his room and rushed downstairs.

“What surprise?!” Looking at Dudley’s back, Evan asked uncertainly, “What did you do to him?”

“Just gave him something!” George said with a smile. “You know, Evan! The two of us have made great progress this summer!”

“What on earth is going on?!” Evan didn’t understand what they were talking about.

The main purpose of his following up was to prevent Fred and George from playing pranks on Dudley and further trigger the Dursleys’ fragile nerves.

But Dudley ran down, and looking at Fred and George’s grinning faces, they had obviously succeeded!

“Of course it’s Weasley’s joke product. We sold all the things we left in your store. In fact, it was a great success!” Fred said excitedly. “We’ve made a lot of Gold-Galleons, and Professor Lupin sent them all to us.”

“In this way, we have enough research funds!” George said, patting Evan on the shoulder. “We had good ideas before. We both researched and produced specific products during the holidays. Now, after the test, we can be put them into practical use!”

It turned out that they were talking about this, and it was indeed a real pleasure.

In fact, this summer, after coming into contact with alchemy, Evan had more novel ideas.

He had intended to talk to Fred and George about it, too, and put all the ideas in his head into practice.

It was not just the magic props used for pranks. According to Evan’s idea, after adding alchemy, they could make more magic props with stronger magical power and that are more practical.

By then, the store’s business scope could be extended from the young wizards to the entire wizarding world.

Evan had studied it carefully, and as long as they operated properly, they would certainly achieve unimaginable success.

With the help of alchemy, the goods they would produce and sell would no longer be limited to joke products.

It could also include all kinds of life magic props and even dueling equipment to resist evil black magic.

These protective magic items had always been popular, but the actual supply was very small.

As long as they could be mass-produced, Evan’s store could even become a business giant in the wizarding world.

Fred and George had enough talent in this field. Evan would only be responsible for the designing magic props.

“Let’s go, Evan!” Fred urged, picking up Harry’s trunk, “Don’t let ME and them wait too long below.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait!” George said, the smirk on his face was more obvious.

They both laughed and dragged Evan down.

Obviously, they must have done something to Dudley, and now they wanted Evan to watch the show.

Whatever it was, Evan just hoped that things wouldn’t get too bad!

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