Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 448: Ginny’s expectations

Hearing this request, Hermione had no idea what to do.

With Evan in her arms, so close to her; her head had already stopped working.

Hermione didn’t know how to answer Ginny. Give her Evan, to hug him?!

If Ginny knew that she was not holding Crookshanks, but Evan, she would be shy to death! Especially considering the current situation, because they were about to sleep, and they weren’t wearing much.

Her summer pajamas were very thin and somewhat see-through.

That’s how she would come into contact with Evan, with a boy.

In the brief silence, the strange atmosphere became more and more intense.

“Hermione?!” Ginny said strangely, feeling that Hermione was not quite right tonight. It was like this ever since she was back, as if something had happened.

In fact, a lot had happened.

But Ginny would have never thought, not even in her dreams that Evan would actually turn into a black cat in her room.

Moreover, he had just been lying in bed with Hermione, and now she was holding him tightly in her arms.

Feeling the stiffness of her body, Evan was ready to leave. He couldn’t stay here.

The atmosphere was too weird, and there was an inexplicable feeling in his body.

He was feeling a strange physical reaction. If only he and Hermione were here alone….

He blinked and couldn’t take  it anymore. If Ginny found out, it would be terrible!

When Evan was ready to act, he heard Ginny say, “I see, is it something Evan said to you before going to bed?”

“What?!” Hearing Ginny’s words, Hermione was somewhat surprised and knew that she was misunderstood by Ginny.

But that was just in time, and she decided to go on with this mistake.

Either way, it was much easier than explaining to Ginny that the cat in her arms was not Crookshanks.

“Yes!” Hermione said vaguely, nodding.

“Haha, did Evan confess to you?!” Ginny’s mouth showed a smirk. “What did he say?”

Evan, who was supposed to leave, suddenly stopped and he was ready to listen. This topic was good.

He pricked up his ears and waited for Ginny’s next words.

Ginny had always been the bolder one of the two, at least whenever Harry wasn’t around.

Maybe she would make Hermione say something he was interested in.

“Nothing! We just talked about the Quidditch World Cup.” Hermione said quickly.

“Really?!” Ginny protracted her voice, expressing doubts.

With her knowledge of Hermione, if Evan didn’t say “more”, she wouldn’t have been like this. 

Abnormal, too abnormal, Hermione was now eager to cover up.

“By the way, Hermione, have you both done that kind of thing?” Ginny continued, and her smile became more and more obvious.

“What thing?!” Hermione had a bad feeling.

“Kissing; I heard Angelina say that she did it with Fred last term.” Ginny said, “Percy and Penelope have also done it. Remember the year of the Basilisk and Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets? That year, they were secretly dating all over the castle, and I saw them once, in an empty classroom, they…”

Hearing Ginny’s words, Hermione pressed hard and subconsciously held Evan tighter.

She thought about the last Christmas in Diagon Alley, kissing Evan herself. It seemed as if it was happening right now with that feeling of suffocating sweetness.

But because she was afraid, she ran over early, and now she was thinking about it.

Because of Hermione’s sudden hug, Evan rushed to struggle and stretched his head out of Hermione’s arms.

He was now in the form of a black cat with his head up and his little paws pushing forward.

“Ah!” Hermione let out a low cry because of Evan’s actions.

“What’s wrong?” Ginny hurriedly asked, blinking her eyes.

“No, it’s okay. Crookshanks is moving in my arms!” Hermione said.

She looked down at Evan and told him to calm down.

In fact, Evan had never seen Hermione from this perspective.

From the bottom up, looking at Hermione’s chin and side face, Evan felt she was extraordinarily charming and particularly attractive.

As for Hermione’s menacing glare, Evan ignored it directly.

“You must have done it with Evan!” Ginny turned over and seemed to forget to hug Crookshanks. She looked at the ceiling and held out her small hands. “I also want to try, what kind of feeling is that?!”

“No, nothing happened between us!” Hermione hurriedly said.

She felt that she could no longer keep up with Ginny’s thoughts. She pushed Evan out while Ginny was not looking at her.

The door was open, and Evan had only to take the opportunity to run out and no longer worry about being discovered by Ginny.

But Evan didn’t want to leave at this time, for the conversation between the girls was unexpectedly interesting.

He wanted to see Hermione’s next reaction; this was a rare opportunity!

Evan pretended not to understand Hermione immediately, and he hung tightly on her pajamas.

Like a real cat, Hermione couldn’t pull him down, no matter how hard she tried.

“What are you doing? Get out!” Hermione leaned over and whispered gritting her teeth.

Because her voice was too low, Evan did not hear what she said.

He only felt Hermione’s breath in his ear, which was warm and delicate.

In this breath, the air also became strange.

As it passed down his ear, Evan felt that he had lost his strength all of a sudden and softly lied on her.

“It’s a pity that you two haven’t kissed. I thought you two have been together for a while now!” Ginny said, “I heard the older girls say that you should go out on a date after third grade. I don’t know if Harry will go out or not.”

Her expectations were doomed to fail and Hogwarts would host the Triwizard Tournament this year.

At Christmas, there would be a grand dance in the castle, and everyone needed a partner.

Harry, probably, wanted to invite Ravenclaw’s Cho Chang.

Compared with Ginny, who was still a little girl, the fifth year Cho was indeed more attractive, not to mention that she was very beautiful.

“Hermione, you have to hurry up!” Ginny continued. “You know, there are many girls in the school who are in love with Evan, such as Cho Chang of Ravenclaw House, she will…”

“If Evan likes Cho, I can’t stop him from making that choice.” Hermione said flatly.

However, the hidden meaning in the words made Evan’s whole body hair stand up immediately.

The warmth of her breath disappeared in the blink of an eye, and under Hermione’s gaze, Evan suddenly felt a bit cold.

He was not going to stay here, and since the topic had been transferred to himself, it was obviously kindling the flames by continuing to stay.

The next second, Evan imitated Crookshanks’s voice and meowed.

He jumped out of Hermione’s arms and rushed into the dark corridor.

Behind him, Hermione looked at the dissapearing Evan, her face red to the extreme, not knowing what to think.

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