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H.P.S.T Chapter 447: I Want to Hug, too

Ginny walked over and blew out the candle, and the small room suddenly fell into darkness.

In this darkness, no one could see Hermione’s face reddened to the extreme. She could feel Evan right beside her, as warm as a real kitten.

However, Evan was not a cat!

She was actually sleeping in the same bed with Evan. At this thought, Hermione almost stopped breathing; she never even dreamed that this would actually happen!

She held her breath and moved to the side, but the bed was too small and she had no room to avoid him.

She only knew that her thoughts were getting more and more chaotic, and the words started ringing in her head: ‘Oh, my God, I’m in bed with Evan, tightly huddled together, and I’m still in my thin pajamas!’

Under the quilt, Evan lay there quietly.

When he saw that Ginny did not find him hiding here, he breathed a sigh of relief.

But in the blink of an eye, Hermione lay down in bed beside him. What a situation!

Evan’s heart, which had just been relieved, was lifted up again and raised to his throat.

He gulped, for the bed was too small, with barely space for him alongside Hermione.

Although it was not the first time they’d had such intimate contact, this time the situation seemed to be more awkward.

Evan smelled the fragrant scent of the girl he liked, and he could feel her body trembling slightly.

They were so close to each other that Hermione was now also holding herself tightly like a kitten.

Just moving a little, he could touch Hermione’s soft body; there were no words to describe his feelings now.

Time was passing, he didn’t know if it was a minute or ten minutes; that was no longer meaningful at all.

For a while, Evan tried to calm himself down.

Although he had an impulse to stay here, reason told him that he had to go!

Harry, Ron, Fred, and George were still upstairs waiting for him. If he went back too late, Evan didn’t know how to explain his absence.

It would be difficult to say that he became a cat sneaking into Ginny’s room and lying in the same bed as Hermione, wasn’t it?!

He tried to move, and Hermione’s body immediately trembled.

She was also very nervous. She clutched the quilt tightly with both hands, not knowing what Evan wanted to do.

She couldn’t help but think that if he wanted to do something to her, she had nothing to do!

Countless ideas came up to her mind, but Hermione could never come up with an answer.

Unaware of Hermione’s current crisis, Evan was ready to act.

Because the bed was too close to the wall, it meant that if he wanted to go out, he had to go over Hermione, and with so little room for him to move, the girl’s delicate body seemed to have become an insurmountable mountain.

He stood up in bed, Hermione dodged out for a moment and there was no response.

In the darkness, both of them were extremely nervous.

If not blocked by the quilt, Evan would have gone directly over Hermione.

But if so, he was very likely to be discovered by Ginny not far away.

Under the bright silver moonlight, everything in the room could be dimly seen.

Evan observed for a while, and Ginny seemed to be asleep.

He gritted his teeth and climbed directly onto Hermione, ready to cross and slip out of bed and return to his room.

Just then, Ginny on the opposite side suddenly turned around and faced Hermione, who was still awake.

Evan stopped immediately and lay down on Hermione’s stomach.

There was warmth beneath him, and across the pajamas, there was the girl he liked.

Evan gently pressed it and felt very soft.

Feeling Evan’s weight, Hermione grabbed the quilt and tried to make herself feel uncomfortable.

“Hermione, I can’t sleep!” Ginny whispered.

“What are you thinking about?!” Hermione asked nervously.

Her head was messy, and she just hoped that Evan, who was lying on her stomach, could be kind enough to not do anything.

She put her hand under the quilt, ready to take Evan aside.

“I’m thinking…” Ginny didn’t go on, she seemed hesitant.

Hearing her, the movements of the two people on the opposite side all stopped. Had they been discovered?!

“I’m thinking about Harry!” After a few seconds of silence, Ginny said shyly, “We are going to see the Quidditch World Cup. We will definitely live in a tent. I don’t know how long it will last. I’ve never been there before”

Evan and Hermione already knew that Ginny had been secretly in love with Harry from the beginning.

Whenever he appeared, she would get very nervous.

At the beginning, even every time she saw Harry, Ginny would overturn something.

It was better now but she was still Harry’s greatest “fan”.

Unfortunately, Harry didn’t seem to be interested in that. He just treated Ginny as his little sister.

Hermione knew what Ginny was thinking. They had talked about this topic many times before.

If these were ordinary times, Hermione might’ve helped Ginny and given her some good advice.

But now, her mind was in chaos, and all she had in mind was Evan lying on her stomach.

Hermione felt that a strange feeling was rising in her body, which became almost catatonic and unable to move.

On the other hand, Ginny was still talking about the World Cup and Harry.

Hermione, however, felt that Evan was getting heavier and heavier. The atmosphere was getting stranger, and her breathing was getting faster.

No, she couldn’t go on like this!

“Ginny, you need courage!” Hermione said, “You have to try to get in touch with Harry more; you can’t just blush and hide every time he shows up.”

“Need courage?!” Ginny repeated.

“Yes, believe me, you’re beautiful, just let go a little, Harry has no reason not to notice you.”

Courage, Hermione said this to Ginny, but she seemed to be speaking to herself, too.

The next second, she gritted her teeth and hugged Evan, who was in the black cat state, and sat up from the bed.

“Hermione, what are you doing?” Ginny asked curiously. “Hey, what is in your arms?”

In the dark, she couldn’t see clearly. She could only see something in Hermione’s arms.

“It’s Crookshanks. I don’t know when he came to my bed!” Hermione said quickly, feeling that her face burning. “I’ll send it out, or it will make much noise at night.”  

Hermione walked down to the ground and opened the door with the fastest speed.

“Oh, it’s Crookshanks!” Ginny whispered, “Let me hug him.”

Upon hearing Ginny’s request, both Evan and Hermione immediately froze.

Ginny wanted to hold Crookshanks for a while, but Hermione knew it was Evan!

If she gave the boy she liked to Ginny in this way, that would really… 

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