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H.P.S.T Chapter 451: The Gate to a New World

Everyone gathered around the Portkey and reached out a finger to touch the Quaffle.

It was time to go, they were waiting quietly.

Mr. Weasley took out his pocket watch, staring at the time with one eye and whispering, “Three… two… one!”

As soon as his voice fell, they began to spin up quickly.

Under the traction of the Portkey, they were spinning, their feet leaving the ground and they flew into the air.

This time, with no curse holding him down, Evan was much more sensitive to the magical fluctuation around him.

The scene around them began to blur and fade away.

The next second, Evan found himself not reaching his destination directly, but entering a strange space.

Everything he perceived seemed to be composed entirely of magic, and colorful lights twisted all around him.

Evan had an inexplicable strange feeling. This place, this space had a strange familiarity.

Harry, Hermione, Sirius and all the others disappeared. Only Evan was here by himself.

Looking around, he soon remembered that it was very similar to his previous experience in the ruins of the fallen Centaurs, in which his soul was pulled into an eerie fantastic space.

Although the surrounding scenery was different, the two places seemed to be the same in nature.

No mistake, Evan still remembered the sky he had seen at the time, exactly like this.

There, all colors and objects were twisted, and distance, time, and space seemed to have lost meaning.

In Muggles’ physics theory, there is the concept of “High-dimensional Space”.

Unlike the real world where human beings live by three-dimensional space and time, high-dimensional space is more advanced.

It could be somewhat invisioned by the example of a tiger drawn of a paper. If you want to trap it, just draw a circle around the tiger on the paper.

The tiger on paper cannot come out from inside because it only exists in a two-dimensional space.

By analogy, when adding a third dimension of height, the tiger gets a way out.

In that case, a real cage would needs to trap it, and the two-dimensional cage would have no effect.

In terms of dimensions, 3D is obviously more advanced than 2D.

The three dimensions are combined, which is the limit that humans can perceive.

The fourth dimension is time, which is a higher dimension.

Although human beings cannot perceive it, time is always affecting all beings, and is kept track off by clocks and watches.

Using Time-Turners, wizards can shuttle between different times.

But because this dimension is more advanced, the whole shuttling process is extremely dangerous, to the point that it is considered taboo.

Evan once returned to Hogwarts a thousand years ago, which was already a very, very profound magic.

He didn’t feel much at first, but the more he learned about time, the more he realized this.

How incredible it was to have that experience two years ago!

Perhaps, only high-level wizards of the tier of the Four Founders of Hogwarts could use that kind of magic.

Of course, time, that is, the fourth dimension, is not the end of everything.

Going upward, there are still higher dimensions.

There, the lower dimensions, whether space or time which humans are familiar with, will lose their meaning.

Just like a real tiger and a tiger on paper, the tiger on paper is naturally lower.

To everyone, it’s just a painting.

Intelligent creatures living in high-dimensional space will also feel this way when looking at human beings living in low-dimensional space.

The more advanced the dimension is, the more difficult it is to describe in words.

But with the activation of the Portkey, Evan now entered this different space; he entered a higher dimension.

He looked around curiously, and an absurd idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

Here, his regular senses did not work at all, because this was beyond the limits of his body’s perception.

For others, whether they used Apparition or Portkeys, there would be a short gap in memory.

The blank occurs in this different space because they cannot perceive it.

With Evan it was different. Maybe it was because he was once brought into a different space by the evil god of the centaurs, or perhaps because he was now becoming more sensitive to magic fluctuation, no matter what it was, Evan was now able to clearly see everything around him.

Not with his eyes, but directly through his soul; he was using his soul to sense.

He did not get lost like everyone else. He just felt like a flash in his eyes and arrived at his destination.

With his soul, Evan could clearly get a panoramic view of this different space.

There was no doubt that this place did not belong to the real world, but it did exist.

A strange thought came to Evan’s mind. He remembered the place where the evil gods said they were first born.

Ancient warlocks once entered it, and apparently it did not belong to the real world, otherwise the evil spirits would have long destroyed the world.

Perhaps they existed in such a high-dimensional heterogeneous space, just like the different space that wizards had to enter every time they Apparate and use Portkeys.

Compared with all magical creatures, the power and existence of evil spirits were obviously more advanced.

And most of them and the monster shapes they created were indescribable. 

This was because they were creatures that existed in high latitudes and could not be represented in low dimensions.

By the way, Slytherin left a slate map of the temple where Herpo the Foul’s lair was located.

Evan originally thought that it was ancient Greece, but he and Hermione carefully compared, and that place did not exist in the real world.

Following this line of thinking and reasoning, there might be many spaces different from ours.

As the most evil Dark wizard in history, Herpo the Foul had probably managed to transform his body into a evil god.

This gave him the ability to use certain abilities of these evil spirits, such as entering a dream, directly acting on the mind and so on.

If so, he might also have the ability to cross different spaces like a true evil god.

What could be more difficult to deal with, is that the Temple he had built could be in such a different space.

This was incredible at first thought, but the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be falling into place, and an amazing model of what truth might be was gradually building up in Evan’s mind.

A broader door to the world of magic slowly opened before his eyes.

He felt that his purpose was becoming clearer and clearer, and the evil spirits were coming to the world, that is to say, from this different space to the real world. Besides needing enough flesh and blood, they also needed a large supply of magic in the Philosopher’s Stone.

Whether the Philosopher’s Stone or the evil god, they all appeared in The Book of Abraham.

This was the only magic book known to have been preserved by ancient warlocks in the world.

It was the only way to understand the wizards who once had the power to destroy heaven and earth, and many magic spells.

Thousands of years ago, they had entered the space where the evil spirits were. Perhaps this was the clue they left behind for future generations.

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