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H.P.S.T Chapter 452: The Astonishing Truth

On the first page of The Book of Abraham, a Philosopher’s Stone was drawn.

Evan knew that the powerful magic within a Philosopher’s Stone was indispensable for the evil gods to come to the real world.

However, this was obviously not the true purpose of the Philosopher’s Stones created by ancient sorcerers. It couldn’t be that they wanted to bring forth such being that were obviously beyond control; that would suicidal.

Summoning these horrible evil spirits is asking for the world to be destroyed. Ancient warlocks would not do such foolish things. It was just that in their exploration of magic, things went beyond anything that they had ever expected.

But still, Evan was more convinced that the stones linked to the evil gods back in the day as well, especially after knowing that the “alien” space of the evil god’s life was not in the real world. The Philosopher’s Stones were what was used to help wizards break through the barriers of space and enter high-dimensional different spaces.

Only in this way can we make full use of the huge magic contained in it.

Any other transformation and use of the Philosopher’s Stone would be a waste of the powerful strength in it.

After Evan defeated the evil god, the third part of The Book of Abraham showed a portrait of it.

Obviously, the third part was related to the evil spirits.

It was not difficult to speculate that it might have recorded the way to truly defeat the evil spirits.

Perhaps it was a powerful spell, maybe it was a certain item; anything was possible!

Since the key subjects of the first and third parts of this book were related to evil gods, then the scepter that appeared on the second part was certainly no exception. 

Thinking about it, what role would the scepter have related to evil spirits and different spaces?!

Flamel had fully interpreted the first part of The Book of Abraham, which mainly recorded alchemy.

With alchemy, a Philosopher’s Stone could be transformed or even created directly.

The Philosopher’s Stone did have a powerful magic, but it was not enough alone to enter the different space.

Otherwise, Evan now had a Philosopher’s Stone, and he could enter the space where the evil gods were like ancient warlocks.

But he did not know what to do. For now, he could only use the Philosopher’s Stone by exploiting its Magical Power.

This was because the Philosopher’s Stone only provided the necessary magic. If he wanted to really enter that space, he needed specific spells or magic props.

Slytherin’s snake scepter was the prop.

From the information on the slate obtained by Evan, Slytherin had ventured into the Lair of Herpo the Foul in the ancient times when he was young.

As a result of that adventure, he brought back a horrible evil god, a real evil god.

Slytherin defeated him, studied his body, and divided it into three parts.

According to the various information Evan had, the evil spirit Slytherin had captured was probably Herpo the Foul himself.

Herpo the Foul was the last ancient warlock to appear in the history of magic, and the originator of all modern Dark wizardry.

He himself had a very orthodox inheritance. It was also possible that he had left behind the snake scepter.

Maybe it was what he had used to shuttle between the real world and the high-dimensional world, and to build his Lair in that space.

Evan came to this conclusion, and found that this theory could solve most of the mysteries that he could not explain before.

Although this fact was surprising, the more he thought about it, the more likely it was.

Perhaps the high-dimensional space had inspired Evan. Anyway, when he passed through here, he suddenly thought of this and wanted to understand everything.

The whole process took place in the blink of an eye. By the time Evan came back to his senses, he had already reached his destination.

His feet slammed into the ground, and Hermione staggered into him.

Evan hurriedly helped Hermione, and while at it, he pulled Ginny, who was about to fall.

On the other side, Harry and Ron were entangled and fell together, and Fred and George were no better.

They looked like they were shattered and crooked by the wind, and then fell backwards.

Only Mr. Weasley and Sirius were steady.

5:46, from St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries!” said a voice.

Evan looked around curiously, and the place they came to was like a vast, deserted stretch of misty moor.

In front of them were two tired and grumpy-looking wizards.

One of them was holding a large gold watch and the other a thick roll of parchment and a quill.

Both were dressed as Muggles, though very inexpertly.

The man with the gold watch wore a tweed suit with thigh-length galoshes.

His colleague wore a kilt and a poncho like those worn by Scottish Highland men.

“Good morning, Basil,” Mr. Weasley said.

He picked up the Quaffle and handed it to the kilted wizard.

The man threw it into a large box of used Portkeys beside him.

“Hello, Arthur!” said Basil. “Oh, you are Sirius Black. I have read your story. My wife and I both think you are a true hero.”

“Thank you!” said Sirius.

This had often happened since Evan helped him clear his name.

The heroes of peacetime are even more revered. There were even many people who believed that Sirius should become the Minister of Magic.

“Arthur, you’re lucky, not to be on duty!” said Basil wearily. “We’ve been here all night, and people have been coming all the time. Ok, you’d better get out of the way; we’ve got a big party coming in from Diagon Alley.”

The wizard next to him took out a long roll of parchment and searched hard on it.

“Let me see where your campsite is… Weasley… Weasley!” he looked at it and said. “About a quarter of mile’s walk over there, first field you come to. The site manager’s called Mr. Roberts.”

He looked up at Sirius again and kept muttering, “Black… Black… found it! You are in the innermost, right next to the first camp.”

“Sirius, you booked a campsite alone?!” Harry hurriedly asked.

“A few months ago, I planned to show you the World Cup. At that time, I booked one directly!” Sirius said, “Look at the surrounding environment. I wanted us to be together. That’ll be livelier.”

Obviously, Sirius’s reservation was much higher than Mr. Weasley’s.

In a recent review of Hogwarts Magic Newspaper, Evan had seen the relevant description.

The location of Sirius’s campsite was the best. It was the closest to the competition field. The neighborhood was full of pure blood wizard families and noble wizards.

It was said that the athletes of both sides of the game were also there.

Of course, that price was also much more expensive than ordinary ones, and it costed many Gold-Galleons.  

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