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H.P.S.T Chapter 455: Wizarding Schools and Customs

“The three wizarding schools in America are mainly heirs of the three European schools. When I was at school, Hogwarts had an exchange program every year. Students above the sixth year could sign up for the examination and approval of the Board of Governors.” said Sirius, “However, I don’t know when it started; the United States and Brazil suspended this exchange program!”

That was really a pity. If possible, Evan would have liked to benefit from such a program.

He had read most of the magic books in Hogwarts Library and it didn’t make much sense to stay.

Compared with the step-by-step study of senior courses and improvement of strength, Evan would rather like to take a look at the magic tradition in the United States and grow up through actual combat.

He had previously heard that the three wizarding schools in America had integrated the mystical magic of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs.

The wizards there dug out a lot of things from the ancient ruins, and used them as a basis for magic research. There were many unique spells that Europe did not have.

“Because of the superior environment, there are many amazing magical creatures in America, so the wizards there are the most proficient in raising magical creatures.” Sirius said, “As long as you can work in the Ministry of Magic, you can often see wizards from the United States. They actually look no different from us.”

“I don’t think I have a chance to get into the Ministry of Magic!” said Ron, disappointed.

“Me neither!” Harry followed, saying that he did not even think about what he would do after graduation.

Perhaps he could become a professional Quidditch player like Wood.

The four people continued to move forward while discussing American wizardry and various magical creatures.

As the sun rose, the campers on the field were starting to wake up.

First to stir were the families with small children. When they passed a large pyramid-shaped tent, they saw a two-year-old tiny boy crouching outside, holding a wand in his hand and poking happily at a slug in the grass. 

Under the influence of magic, the slug slowly swelled to the size of a salami.

As they drew level with him, the boy’s mother came hurrying out of the tent.

“How many times have I told you Kevin? You don’t touch your father’s wand… yecchh!”

She had trodden on the giant slug, which burst.

Her scolding carried after them on the still air, mingling with the little boy’s yells.

“Haha, have you seen that pyramid tent just now?!” Sirius said, very enthusiastic. “As we all know, the pyramid is the symbol of Egypt, as a source of ancient civilization. There is also a wizarding school there.”

“There were a lot of Egyptian wizards in Gringotts. I saw them last time I visited Bill.” Ron said quickly.

“Yes, it’s said that the building of their school is a pyramid, where wizards in the Middle East and Africa usually send their children.” Sirius waved his hand. “Of course, they have their own magic characteristics and traditions. Wizarding schools are not the only choice for gifted young wizards. Witchcraft is more prevalent in South Africa than regular spells. Each tribe has its own witch doctor, who masters many evil curses.”

Sirius had just finished speaking when everyone saw three African wizards sitting near them in serious conversation.

All of them were wearing long white robes and roasting what looked like a rabbit on a bright purple fire.

Harry and Ron looked at them carefully, and didn’t see wands on them.

As Sirius had said, African wizards were used to casting spells with their bare hands or using other quirky props.

The purple flame looked very strange, but it was far less exciting than the Dark wizard that Evan had seen before.

The three African wizards were obviously more traditional and decent than the Dark wizard who mastered evil curses and weird witchcraft.

Moving on, there was a group of middle-aged American witches who sat gossiping happily.

A spangled banner hung between their tents reading: THE SALEM WITCHES’ INSTITUTE.

When passing the tents, there was a sound of conversation, all in strange language, as if it were not English.

“Sirius, where are the four remaining wizarding schools?” Harry continued.

He looked around excitedly and felt that his eyes were running short.

Two little witches were laughing loudly, riding toy broomsticks and flying low.

The brooms rose only high enough for the girls’ toes to skim the dewy grass.

“The remaining four wizarding schools are all in Asia, one in South Asia, and three in East Asia!” Sirius said. “Let’s start with the south Asian one. It’s located in India, and it had not been established since a long time. Historically, it can be described as a branch of Hogwarts, because the founders there were Hogwarts graduates.”

Historically, India was under British Colonization for a long time, and the local culture had been greatly affected by the British.

This could be seen in Hogwarts students. There are so many young wizards from there.

For example, the twin sisters Padma and Parvati Patil, who were in the same year as Harry and Ron, came from India and went home every holiday.

“That school also had a cooperative relationship with Hogwarts. In the past, they had an exchange of students every year,” Sirius said.

“The Founder of that school graduated from Hogwarts?!” Harry asked curiously. “Is their magic and curriculum the same as ours?”

“On the whole, they are similar, but not exactly the same!” Sirius said, “Because I haven’t been there, I don’t know exactly, but they obviously integrate some local characteristics and innovate many of their unique techniques. The wizards there seem to be exceptionally talented in Herbology and Potions.”

Their spells were also very mysterious, although they might not be as purely evil and dark as the various curses of some African Witch Doctors.

But there is no doubt that their magic was even more bizarre with great witchcraft and magical fantastic creatures that people in the west have never heard of before.

“As for the remaining three magic schools in East Asia, one of them is located in Japan, which is the smallest and least staffed school in the world.” Without waiting for Harry to ask, Sirius continued, “It is said to be located on the top of an uninhabited island South Iwo Jima. The whole school is decorated with white Jade, which has magical characteristics that are well studied and documented in oriental magic.”

Evan had in mind a classic Japanese castle in the shape of Tianshou Pavilion, built entirely of white suet jade.

The castle is located at the top of an active volcano, which is covered by clouds and smoke from the volcano all the year round.

Only when the weather is good can you see its full figure.

“In Japan, magic and wizards are considered sacred things, so both the study of magic and the management of wizards are very strict. They start school at the age of seven and will not be allowed to graduate from school until they have completed 18 years of study and achieved satisfactory results.” Sirius said, “I once saw in a book that the students are given robes that grow as they grow and change color as the wearer gains experience, with pink as the beginning color. If the wearer receives top grades in all the school subjects, their robes will turn gold. Any student who betrays the Japanese wizard’s code or practice Dark Arts would result in their uniform turning white, which is a huge disgrace and the student in question will be immediately expelled and he will also be judged by the Japanese magic department.”

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