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H.P.S.T Chapter 456: Mobile Wizarding School!

Harry and Ron secretly swallowed. They were shocked by the strict management of the Japanese Wizarding School.

If Hogwarts were to do the same, and every young wizard would be given a magic robe to indicate his performance and whether he violated the school rules; based on the past experience of several of them, they might have been expelled from school long ago and even imprisoned in Azkaban.

In the past few years, they had violated countless school rules. If the school uniforms could change color, they would be all white now, the whitest of the whitest.

“There are two remaining wizarding schools, one of which is located in Tibet, China. It is said that it is located on a sacred snowy mountain, which is inaccessible and snowy all the year round. All wizards there wear thick robes to protect themselves from the cold.” Sirius said.

Evan had seen a description related to this in Lockhart’s “Year with the Yeti“. But he couldn’t remember the details clearly.

If Hermione was there, she would remember everything.

In general, Lockhart once looked at the mysterious Oriental Magic School from a distance when he went hunting with the Yeti.

In the white snow, through the thick fog, he saw a magnificent building appearing in the mountains.

The exterior of the building looked like a splendid palace with a rich oriental style and mysterious vibe.

The eaves of the four corners of the palace all rose high as if they were about to take off.

Behind the eaves were many auspicious beasts, which had different meanings.

With the magic of the wizards, they all seemed to be endowed with life and special magic effects.

The top of the palace was full of turquoise tiles, brightly colored, stacked one by one.

Under the reflection of the rising sun, you could see the golden dragon-like magical creatures surrounding the palace in the air.

Mysterious magic runes flashed out from time to time, which was a powerful sign of defensive magic; all uninvited visitors could not easily enter.

Lockhart mentioned regretfully that he did not get inside because he was not invited. Of course, this was certainly not true.

He certainly had never been to Tibet, and it was even less likely to see the mysterious Oriental Wizarding School.

But this experience should have happened. It was the experience of the wizard whose memory was stolen by Lockhart.

Although he hadn’t read the book carefully, Harry still remembered it vividly.

Among the many amazing creatures, the Yeti was probably the one that impressed him most.

Almost two years ago, Lockhart had asked him to play a Yeti fifteen feet tall many times in class. According to the story in the book, he interpreted the snowman’s character.

At the request of Lockhart, they even went to the lower years to perform this “play” in the classroom.

Because Lockhart had mentioned it many times in a regrettable tone, Harry remembered the Wizarding School in Tibet, China.

“Like Japan, the management of the school of magic is equally strict. In fact, it’s a bit like Durmstrang. They only accept wizards of the purest lineage. For centuries, they have only accepted applications from students of pure-blood wizard family origin.” Sirius said, “When I was a sophomore, I read about it in the Daily Prophet, and the debate was particularly intense. The International Confederation of Wizards had planned to send an investigation team to investigate the matter and was prepared to take strict punitive measures to prohibit them from keeping this going. But in the end, they did not, and the school still maintains this ancient tradition.”

“Why?” Ron said in surprise.

“Everyone thinks this is extremely unfair,” Sirius explained. “Think about it. Because of this unreasonable admission condition, all the gifted wizards born in Muggle families in China do not have access to magic. Most of them don’t even know the existence of the wizarding world. They can only live among the Muggles…”

“But isn’t that the same for Durmstrang?” Harry asked.

“That’s the problem. They have their own admission criteria for these long-standing magic schools. Many traditions may have been running for centuries or even for thousands of years. It’s hard for outsiders to control them, even if their traditions are not reasonable and fair!” Sirius said, “The environment in Asia is different from ours. If they don’t go to Durmstrang, the young wizards in Europe can also come to Hogwarts and Beauxbatons. But in China, if you are not of pure blood, that means you will never have a chance. Under the constraints of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, wizarding schools in other countries cannot directly recruit students from China.”

This was really unfair, but as Sirius said, no one could change this ancient tradition.

China had an extremely large population, and many Muggle wizards with magic talents.

However, because of this harsh admission condition, most of their talents had been wasted and not excavated.

After having their first magical “awakening”, the magic of the young wizard would gradually calm down with age.

Unless they are incredibly fortunate, these Muggle-born wizards would always end up as Muggle-like adults.

After telling the story of the Chinese School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there was a moment of silence.

“Sirius, you just said that there are three Wizarding schools in East Asia, where is the last one?” Harry asked.

“No one knows, because the last college was called a Mobile Wizarding School,” Sirius replied.

“Mobile Wizarding School?!”

“Yes!” said Sirius. “No one knows which country it belongs to. It has been seen in China, Japan, South Korea, and even Australia. The school floats on the sea, moving with the ocean currents and has no fixed position.”

“Floating in the sea, that doesn’t sound bad!” Ron exclaimed.

What a wonderful thing to imagine; a school of magic floating on the sea with the ocean currents.

“It’s also the most mysterious place in all wizarding schools, and this goes beyond just its location!” Sirius went on to say, “Even the way it recruits students, the number of students, the teaching methods and the overall strength are all unknown, and the outside world has no way to know anything about it.”

“Then how can we confirm that such a school really exists?!” asked Evan.

“It’s because they have already registered with the International Confederation of Wizards, which seems to have happened long ago. Still, they remain recognized by the wizarding world!” Sirius replied, “Although they have little contact with the outside world, there are still records left about them. If you are interested, you can go to the library to look them up.” 

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