Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 457: Harry is a Horcrux

When he heard Sirius, Evan vaguely remembered.

When he was looking for information of the evil spirits in the library last term, he had seen some information related to this.

Because of his special interest in Chinese wizarding schools, he deliberately took it back as a reading material for bedtime recreation.

Judging from the current known clues, Sirius said that the mobile wizarding school was probably the oldest and most mysterious school in the world. Its history could be traced back to more than 2,000 years ago, a thousand years earlier than Hogwarts.

Not surprisingly, the school should have been founded by some powerful wizard during the Qin Dynasty, or earlier.

Therefore, this magic school should also belong to China.

Of course, its specific location had been changing, and the outside world had no way of locating it.

Evan did not know what magic was powerful enough to make a wizarding school float on the ocean.

This was simply unimaginable, beyond his understanding.

Needless to say, the Wizarding School had been able to move with the ocean currents for more than two thousand years.

Even if it was explained by magic, it was still a great occurrence of miraculous dimensions.

If possible, Evan hoped to go there and check it out himself; there would certainly be many gains to have a look at this peculiar magic.

Besides, Evan had also speculated about the specific location of the Wizarding School in Tibet China, Sirius told them about.

From the relevant materials and Lockhart’s book, the snowy mountain he described might be the Kunlun Mountains.

The Kunlun Mountains are the most sacred places across China’s Qinghai, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Tibet provinces.

Of course, the addresses of all wizarding schools were kept secret, and the outside world had no way of knowing.

Evan also speculated that the mysterious Oriental Wizarding Academy might be located elsewhere in Tibet.

In fact, in addition to these eleven wizarding schools, there were many ancient traditions of magic that were passed on in a more secretive way.

In China, North Africa and South America, this secret way of inheritance was particularly popular. Many unique spells had not yet been known nor understood by the world.

That’s obviously on top of all kinds of ancient relics, countless magical creatures, the brilliance of ancient warlocks, as well as terrible evil gods and so on.

In short, the wizarding world was far more exciting and fascinating than he had imagined back when he was reading Harry Potter before.

It had always been Evan’s dream to crack these secrets and find these hidden gems.

“I never thought that there were so many wizards and wizarding schools in the world. It’s amazing!” After listening to Sirius, Harry exclaimed, “I always thought that there was only one school of magic in Hogwarts…”

“There is no end to the exploration of magic!” Sirius said, patting Harry’s shoulder. “Dumbledore is communicating with the International Confederation of Wizards and the Ministry of Magic’s Department of International Magical Cooperation, hoping to restore the long-suspended exchange student program. You may have a chance to study in other magic schools with that!”

Harry and Ron were excited to hear Sirius say so.

Evan was not so excited, he knew that it was indeed possible, but only if he beat Voldemort as soon as possible.

Otherwise, when the second Wizarding War would begin, no exchange program would be possible. At that time, many young wizards would have to leave Hogwarts and even flee the country.

“Dumbledore is already in touch with this, and while other countries might have problems with this, the exchange with the United States, India and the two other schools in Europe, all of which having strong ties to Hogwarts, should not be a problem.” Sirius said, “The big project to be held this year is a good start!”

“What is it?” Harry asked curiously.

“It’s a secret, and you will be surprised when you know it!” Sirius said with a smile.

“They’re all the same. They’re hiding something from us. Percy was showing off during the holiday.” Ron whispered to Evan and Harry, “Since he started working, he has been teasing us to ask him what the project was; but he refused to say it anyway whenever we did. Let me say; it’s probably an exhibition of thick cauldrons!”

Harry laughed and looked forward to the big project Sirius talked about.

Unlike the two of them, Evan knew that it was the Triwizard Tournament, the traditional exchange program between the top three European schools.

This year, every school in Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang would each select a “warrior” to complete in the event. The winner would receive a huge reward and bring great honor to his school.

With Evan’s current strength, if he put his name into the Goblet of Fire, not surprisingly, he should be the warrior of Hogwarts.

However, he had not yet decided whether to take part in the Triwizard Tournament or not.

The event itself, and the final reward, was of little benefit to him.

Especially considering that Voldemort was likely to be plotting behind the scenes, Evan was even less interested in participating.

He had not yet acquired enough strength to confront Voldemort head-on. The right way was to continue to accumulate strength and undermine Voldemort’s schemes in secret.

Before the summer vacation, Evan had made up his mind to try to delay the return of Voldemort as long as possible.

He intended to seize Barty Crouch Jr. ahead of time and let Voldemort lose his most loyal servant, thereby hindering the odds of his resurrection.

There was no problem with this plan, but the current situation had changed and the plan must be adjusted.

Now, Voldemort was no longer alone, as in the past, weak and helplessly hiding in the shadows of the Albanian forests. He got help from the vampires and got a statue of the evil god.

With these, his return seemed inevitable, and there was even a possibility he would become stronger.

As Professor Trelawney said, Voldemort would gain unimaginable power and become stronger than ever.

For those who stood on the opposite side of Voldemort, this was not good news.

Evan knew that it was necessary to make a quick decision and destroy Voldemort completely before he could gain more power.

To destroy Voldemort, he had to destroy the Horcruxes first.

The others, though a little troublesome, were not a problem. The real problem was with Harry.

Fourteen years ago, Harry’s mother used her own life to cast a powerful protective spell on Harry.

It was the bond of blood charm, one of the most powerful magic of ancient times, inherited from ancient warlocks.

Therefore, Voldemort failed when he tried to kill Harry. He personally marked the enemy of his destiny.

When his own killing curse rebounded, he dropped fragment of his soul into Harry’s body.

In other words, Harry was now one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

To completely eliminate Voldemort, Harry must die first. This was an indispensable step.

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