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H.P.S.T Chapter 459: Narcissa Malfoy

“Evan, Harry, Ron, how were your holidays?” Seamus asked grinning, pointing to the shamrock-covered tent, “Like the decorations? The Ministry’s not too happy.”

“I don’t see any fuss here. Why shouldn’t we show our colors?” Mrs. Finnigan walked over and said, “You should see what the Bulgarians have got dangling all over their tents. That’s the behavior that should be banned. By the way, the three of you will be supporting Ireland, of course?” she added, eyeing Evan, Harry and Ron with her beady eyes.

It was only after receiving a positive answer that she let them move on.

“Surrounded by that lot, can we say anything else?” Ron whispered.

“I wonder what the Bulgarians have got dangling all over their tents.”

Soon they knew that on the other side of the camp, Bulgarian flags were hanging everywhere.

Besides the flags, the tents had not been bedecked with plantation, but each of them had the same poster attached to it, a poster of a very surly face with heavy and black eyebrows, and the face was blinking and scowling constantly.

“I know him. It’s Victor Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker!” Ron said excitedly.

“He’s good?” Harry asked.

“He’s unbelievable, and he’s really young, only about 18 years old, but he’s also a genius! You wait until tonight, you’ll see.” Ron seemed to have done his homework. “In all previous games, he was the first to catch the Golden Snitch.”

Evan looked carefully at Krum’s poster and, the truth was, he had no affection for the guy.

“He’s about 18 years old, so he hasn’t graduated from school yet!” Harry was acutely aware of this. “It’s really amazing to represent Bulgaria in the World Cup before graduation.”

“That’s why he’s a genius, a natural Seeker.”

“I don’t think Harry is any worse than him. He can catch the Golden Snitch very quickly, and he can do it by instinct without any professional training. Maybe he’s better than Krum!”  Said Evan. “For me, Harry just lacks opportunities, or else he can play for England.”

Hearing Evan’s compliment, Harry’s face turned red, but he was not very embarrassed.

In Evan’s opinion, what he said was not too much.

If it weren’t for Voldemort, Harry might have become a professional Quidditch player like Krum.

He really had great potential in Quidditch, and what he lacked was just an opportunity to show his strength to the outside world.

But the Savior’s career was obviously more promising than that of a Seeker, and Harry himself preferred to be an Auror.

What’s more, unlike Bulgaria, the British Quidditch team would not want a student who had not yet graduated.

Listening to Ron talking about Krum’s previous matches, they moved on.

The four hurried through the fanatical Bulgarian fan area towards the edge of the camp.

After crossing a stream, they came to an advanced camping area specially planned by the Ministry of Magic.

The tents here were obviously more gorgeous than the others, and most of them belonged to the wizards of higher statues.

Many tents had gardens in the doorway, planted with rare plants and many animals.

Among them, Evan even saw a Clabbert.

The Clabbert is a magical tree-dwelling creature native to the southern states of America.

In appearance, it’s something like a cross between a monkey and a frog. Its smooth and hairless skin is a mottled green, its hands and feet are webbed, and its arms and legs are long and supple.

There is a disproportionate wide mouth on its head, which appears to be always grinning.

This magical creature is docile and feeds on small lizards and birds.

The Clabbert’s most distinctive feature is the large pustule in the middle of its forehead, which turns scarlet and flashes every night.

In the past, American wizards used to raise Clabberts in their gardens.

At night, if a tree was covered with the gleaming pustules of the Clabberts, it would be obviously very decorative.

It looked like the colored lights on a Christmas tree.

Because of this, the number of Clabberts had been decreasing, and soon became a cherished species.

The International Confederation of Wizards had to take punitive measures to protect the Clabberts, which had become very rare.

Up to now, the practice of raising Clabberts had almost disappeared and was rarely seen.

He did not expect that he would actually see it here.

Compared with the rare Clabbert, the people he saw next were not so pleasant.

In front of an extremely luxurious tent, Evan saw Draco Malfoy in a dark blue wizard’s robe.

His skin was very pale, with a pointed face and white-blond hair.

Behind him was his mother Narcissa Malfoy, who was also light-skinned and blonde. She would have been nice-looking if she hadn’t been wearing a look that suggested there was a nasty smell under her nose. (Narcissa is only described as blond in the books, with no mentioning of her having black hair.)

Sirius stopped, obviously after seeing Narcissa.

Then Narcissa saw Sirius too. They looked at each other and the atmosphere was tense.

After all, Narcissa was Sirius’s cousin, and the two families used to be very close.

In the eyes of the house elf Kreacher, Narcissa had always been his mistress.

It was said that the last part of Sirius’s mother’s life was spent with Narcissa.

It was logical that with so many links, the relationship between the two should be good.

However, it was obvious that Sirius had no affection for Narcissa, just like his relationship with other members of the Black family.

Looking at her face, he obviously remembered something unpleasant.

The same was true of Narcissa, who seemed to want to say hello, but in the end she just nodded stiffly. She did it so lightly, it could easily be missed.

Immediately, her eyes fell on Evan, Harry and Ron next to Sirius.

Draco Malfoy whispered something in her ear, and Narcissa’s lips curled slightly.

There was a hidden aversion in her eyes, especially when she looked at Evan.

Both the Malfoy and Black families had always been proud of being pure blood wizards.

In their traditional concept, Muggle-born wizards like Evan were inferior.

But perhaps because Sirius was there, she didn’t come over and talk, but just glanced at them.

Soon, Narcissa turned back to her tent.

Draco glared contemptuously at Evan, Harry and Ron and followed her into the tent.

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