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H.P.S.T Chapter 460: Kreacher’s Change

“Slimy gits.” Ron muttered.

Harry nodded approvingly, and Evan gently pulled Sirius’s sleeve.

Seeing Malfoy somewhat ruined everyone’s mood, but fortunately Lucius Malfoy wasn’t here, or it would have been worse.

Not far from Malfoy’s camp, a dark green tent was set up, covering a large area.

The tent was very elegant, with a lot of striped silk, like a small palace.

The conical spires rose into the clouds, decorated with dark gold Black family ornaments; the shield of a mountain symbol, two pentagrams, and a dagger, with two leaping greyhounds on both sides.

Below, it was a gorgeous, golden text: THE NOBLE AND MOST ANCIENT HOUSE OF BLACK “TOUJOURS PUR”.

The tent was more prominent than all the tents around it and was full of the Black family’s past luxurious style.

But considering the current status of the Black family, this tent and the above sentence were undoubtedly full of irony.

Indeed, there was no one else in the noble and ancient House of Black but Sirius, Sirius who had also been removed from the family tree by his mother and was a ‘traitor’ to the pure blood family, just like the Weasleys.

“This is my parents’ tent. I didn’t expect to use it…” Sirius said, looking at the tent, all sorts of feeling shown by his expression

He bent down and went in. Evan, Harry, and Ron followed him.

Evan and Harry looked inside the tent in dismay, under the illusion that they had returned to 12 Grimmauld Square.

The area was slightly smaller, but the general patterns were the same.

However, the surface of everything here had taken on a new look and was not as shabby as 12 Grimmauld Place.

In the corridor facing the entrance hall, the copper pan and the copper plates were polished rose-colored, and the wooden table top was polished bright.

Silver cups and saucers had been placed on it, sparkling in the warm fire.

On the side were the dining room and the bathroom, without Mrs. Black’s scary portrait, but a landscape painting.

Everything was extraordinarily warm.

The brown-black staircase covered with thick stalls extended upward, about three stories high.

The above was full of bedrooms. Just like the outside, the space was narrower as it went up, but the decoration was very stylish.

It was hard to imagine that this was actually a tent, not a vacation villa for a noble family.

Even if everyone came in, there was room here, even better than the environment of the Burrow.

“Young Master, you are back!” A low, hoarse voice suddenly sounded like a bullfrog’s cry.

The house elf Kreacher came running. He was dressed in clean clothes and his ears were as white and fluffy as cotton wool.

After the shabby funeral of Regulus, Evan never saw Old Kreacher again.

Sirius once allowed him to live in Hogwarts’s kitchen for a while, and Evan also told Dobby to take care of him.

But he obviously couldn’t put down the empty, somewhat scary old house of the Black family. Soon, Kreacher returned to there. Without Sirius’s call, he wouldn’t come out and wouldn’t have contact with other people outside.

Now, Evan found out that Kreacher had changed so much.

In his impression, Kreacher was always insane, and it was impossible to expect him to work and serve.

All day long, he guarded the legacy of the Black family’s old house and carried out the messy orders of Mrs. Black’s portrait.

The biggest dream of this house-elf was to cut his head and nail it to the wall.

“Master Sirius, Master Harry, Master Evan, young Master, please take off your shoes!” Kreacher said, “Knowing that the young Masters are coming, Kreacher is preparing breakfast. Do the masters prefer a delicious stew or a syrup tart?”

He bowed deeply, staring with his pair of scary big yellow eyes, and looked at Evan with enthusiasm.

After helping him find Regulus’s body for burial, Kreacher’s attitude towards Evan had improved significantly.

Before, he didn’t take the initiative to speak. He always cursed Muggles and mixed-race wizards.

“Oh my God!” Ron said in amazement, constantly looking around. “I have never seen such a tent. And this house elf…”

“His name is Kreacher, and he has served The Black family for generations!” Harry said, a little uncomfortable, too.

He remembered how bad Kreacher had been before, and now he was like a totally different house-elf.

“Master, do you need some coffee and hot rolls?” Kreacher continued. “Kreacher has prepared all the upstairs bedrooms. My master can go up and have some rest first.”

“No, Kreacher!” Sirius said, “Pack up, we’re going elsewhere.”

“Going elsewhere?!” Kreacher said doubtfully. “Young master, it’s good here! Miss Narcissa is just next door. She just came to see Kreacher with Master Malfoy. As before, she is still so kind, so warm, and treats…”

“SHUT UP. You’ve got a minute to get everything done!” Sirius shouted. His face was particularly gloomy when he heard that Narcissa had been here.

About twenty minutes later, Evan and the others laboriously moved the tent back to Mr. Weasley’s scheduled campsite. 

Kreacher followed, murmuring something in a low voice, and looking particularly aggrieved.

It seemed that it was impossible for the master and servant to get along really well.

Next to the camp, Mr. Weasley and his family had already set up a crooked tent.

“You are back, let me see, this tent is really big, fortunately we have enough space here.” Mr. Weasley said, “Let’s quickly build it up, and then we need time to cook.”

Although using magic or letting Kreacher do it, it might take only a minute to build the tent, Mr. Weasley insisted that they should do it themselves in Muggles’ way.

Evan was sure that if Muggles could use magic, they would never choose to work so hard.

Sirius’s tent was very large and its structure was more complicated. By the time they had finished, it was almost noon.

During this period, they saw more familiar faces, other Hogwarts students with their families.

Because it was the only way to go to the Quidditch World Cup finals pitch, they had to pass by them.

Among them, Evan saw Oliver Wood, the old captain of Gryffindor House Quidditch team, who had just graduated from Hogwarts.

He told them excitedly that he had just been signed to the Puddlemere United reserve team.

For Wood, this was a success. With Harry’s outstanding performance, Gryffindor House won the Quidditch Academy Cup last semester.

This was the first time in more than a decade. Slytherin had won the championship before.

This feat earned Wood a lot of points, allowing him to successfully enter Puddlemere United.

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