Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 465: Seeing Elaine Again

In the narrow, quiet corridor, a weak girl stood behind Kreacher.

She was very slim and thin, about the same height as Ginny, wearing a light blue dress.

The dress was very thin, drenched by the sudden rain outside, and tightly sticking to her body.

The girl’s face was hidden under a pink straw hat, and the brim was pressed down so low that he couldn’t see her face clearly.

Evan could only see her long, pale blond hair, slightly pointy on the edges.

Raindrops trickled down her hair and the ground was already wet.

She didn’t seem to have expected a rainstorm. Because of the cold, her body kept shivering and she looked very pitiful.

Evan was puzzled for a while. The girl gave him a familiar feeling, but he was certain that she was neither Cho nor Gabrielle.

When he saw the straw hat on her head, he suddenly remembered!

Last Christmas, he and Hermione went to Diagon Alley to celebrate, and the shops on the street were holding celebrations.

With the magic fireworks, a large number of Christmas gifts fell out.

Hermione took a fancy to a lovely pink straw hat. They ran in Diagon Alley for a long time before they followed the straw hat down into the alley where a huge Christmas tree lay.

After a brief kiss, Hermione fled in a panic. Elaine picked up the straw hat and took it away.

Evan’s eyes widened, and the person who was drenched in water was Elaine Slytherin!

The next second, Elaine lifted the edge of the straw hat upward slightly, and Evan saw her clearly.

Elaine’s delicate facial matched how he remembered her very well, like those of a lovely porcelain doll.

Her skin was very white and bloodless, but she was not as repugnant as other vampires.

Most noticeable were Elaine’s wine red eyes. The red was very pure, very thorough.

It seemed to have a kind of magic inherent in it. Once you looked at it, you would be deeply immersed in it.

“Evan, I…” Elaine said.

The voice was very special, crisp with a little hoarseness.

“Wait, wait! Come in!” Evan pulled her in, looked at both ends of the quiet corridor, then bowed his head to Kreacher and said, “Remember, don’t tell anyone about this!”

Given the sensitive identity of vampires, the news of Elaine’s arrival must be kept secret.

“Yes, Master Evan, Old Kreacher will keep it secret!” Kreacher bowed deeply and disappeared.

Evan closed the door and looked at Elaine in front of him, only to realize that he might have just put himself in great trouble.

Since their last separation in Diagon Alley, Evan thought that they might never meet again.

Who could have imagined that she would come to his door now?

Evan still remembered that she kept thinking about biting him and sucking his blood.

Of course, in return, Elaine would give Evan a first embrace. She would suck and consume his blood and magic, return some blood into him, and make him a vampire. The blood of the two would be blended together.

For vampires, the first embrace can cause great damage, and only when their relationship with its subject is intimate to a certain extent could it be carried out.

In particular, for Elaine, it would have been the first embrace, perhaps even the first time she would bite a person. With this in mind, Evan should be honored to be bitten, but he would not be happy anyway.

But when she found Evan, the girl seemed very happy, with a lovely smile on her face.

“Elaine, why are you here?!” Evan said, taking a deep breath.

“I said I’d come back to find you, but my uncle was very strict and I didn’t find a chance to escape!” Elaine smiled and said, “I heard my uncle mentioning that he saw you a few days ago; he spoke highly of you.”

Her uncle was Caresius Slytherin, the very powerful leader of the group of vampires helping Voldemort.

In the Centaurs’ ruins, in order to help Voldemort get the half of the Philosopher’s Stone, they teamed up to set up a bait, luring hundreds of greedy Dark wizards and adventurers with gold, killing them with magic, and then using their flesh and blood to crack the magic left behind by the evil god and the fallen Centaurs.

At the last minute, Caresius could even confront Dumbledore head-on and leave with Voldemort and the statue of the evil god.

From this point of view, he was indeed a horrifying fellow.

Like Voldemort, he was very pure evil, powerful, not to mention that his existence itself was taboo to most wizards.

But there seemed to be something off with these vampires. They were not really helping Voldemort.

A few days ago, at the last minute, Caresius even helped Evan get the Philosopher’s Stone instead of giving it to Voldemort.

This was really worth pondering, but Evan had to admit that he really owed the guy a big favor.

He also did not expect that Caresius would actually think of him so highly.

“My uncle finally agrees with me. He thinks that you may be the one who appeared in the prophecy and will help us out of our predicament!” Elaine said. “But he thinks you’re still weak, and no opponent to those monsters. He still isn’t sure also, for it could be that guy too. He needs to think carefully.”

“That guy?!” Evan was stunned for a moment, then hurriedly asked, ” Voldemort?!”

“Yes, that’s the name! They brought him back from the forests of Albania. It is said that he has the same ancestors as us. Everyone is ready to help him regain his strength.” Elaine lowered her voice and looked extraordinarily white.”To tell you the truth, I don’t like him; he is too creepy! Everyone talks about him with extra care. They don’t even dare to call him by his name directly.”

Elaine looked slightly terrified as she seemingly remembered something.

It seemed that even for vampires, Voldemort was a terrible, evil existence and had to be treated with caution.

“Elaine, where are your uncle and Voldemort now?” Evan asked.

Harry’s dream showed that they were together, plotting something.

“In this camp!” Elaine said, “They seem to be planning for something, but my uncle won’t let me in on it. He just asked me to come and watch the Quidditch World Finals. At noon, I heard other people say they saw you here, so I came.”

Evan looked at Elaine in consternation, with no mind to listen to what she had said next.

He did not expect that Voldemort and the vampires would actually be in the camp, hidden in the crowd watching the World Cup.

They were definitely preparing for another one of their conspiracies, which was definitely not good.

The horror in the ruins of the fallen Centaurs was still fresh in his mind. Evan did not expect to meet Voldemort again so soon.

It was mentioned that there were more than 100,000 wizards who came to watch the World Cup this time. Most of them were weak elderly, women and children, and they had no power to fight.

Evan hoped that Voldemort would not act too rashly, or else…

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