Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 466: Impatient Voldemort

Because of nervousness, Evan’s heart was beating so hard that he had to try to calm himself down and analyze the matter carefully.

For a long time, vampires had been lurking in the dark, trying not to appear in the mainstream of the wizarding world. 

Like the werewolves, they were at the edge of wizarding society, but vampires were even harder to spot. 

There had been no news of vampires appearing in the wizarding world for such a long time, that most wizards even thought they went extinct. 

Remaining low-key enough to not attract the world’s attention, this was their way of survival, for they knew that otherwise, they would end up being eliminated. This was especially true considering that they still had big troubles waiting to be solved; they would not voluntarily expose themselves. 

Hiding in a dark place had many more advantages for them compared to being open to the world.

Therefore, their appearance in such a venue was definitely at Voldemort’s request. 

Voldemort wanted to regain his strength. His most urgent hope now was to catch Harry and use him to complete that magic. 

Evan was not sure if he would try to do it now, but the possibility was not to be omitted. 

Judging from what happened at the centaur ruins, with the help of vampires, and with his growing strength, Voldemort could do anything, no matter how mad. 

Splitting his soul again and again to make Horcruxes had made him gradually lose his mind and he no longer used common sense. 

Evan was horrified to think that Voldemort and the vampires could break in at any time. 

Dumbledore was not here, he could only rely on himself and Sirius. 

As for the Ministry of Magic officials who appeared everywhere in the camp, they were simply not reliable for what was going to happen. 

Of course, Voldemort’s goal this time might not be Harry. 

He hadn’t regained his strength yet. Like vampires, he also needed to hide himself in the dark. 

With Voldemort’s character, even if he came back, the first thing he needed to understand was the complete content of that prophecy thirteen years ago, and why he had failed. Only in this way could he find a way to solve the problem and not repeat the same mistake.

More specifically, he also needed to gain more strength and be able to override Dumbledore. 

Only in this way could he be sure to be foolproof, achieve true immortality, completely spread his own ideas of terror and evil throughout the wizarding world, and then rule the world.

In the books, Voldemort chose Dumbledore’s Elder Wand, hoping to become a master of death by acquiring the Deathly Hallows. 

He even found the imprisoned Gellert Grindelwald and interrogated him. 

The power of the Deathly Hallows was indeed very strong, but now Voldemort had one more choice, and that was the evil god. 

Voldemort might get even more powerful if he made proper use of the statue of the evil god he had taken away. 

Just like Herpo the Foul transformed himself into an evil god, eternal life was only a beginning.

With such paths before him, Voldemort might not directly expose himself to catch Harry. The risk was too high. 

Dumbledore’s arrangement and Harry’s mother’s protective magic on him did not allow him to do so.

He needed to hide himself, like lurking serpent, and jump out at the most appropriate opportunity. 

Voldemort was just mad now, but not stupid. He was even more cunning than most people. 

In that case, his goal this time was likely to be Barty Crouch Jr.; it was much less risky than going straight for Harry! 

From the information at hand, Voldemort must have known that his most heartfelt servant had escaped from Azkaban.

He was ready to save the Barty Crouch Jr., and then let Crouch bring Harry to him instead of coming out directly. He was going to do it with the vampires at this Quidditch World Cup. 

Evan nodded. This analysis seemed correct.

But there was a problem. It was too risky to act directly here, and there were many uncertainties. 

In the plot that Evan knew, Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew broke into Barty Crouch’s house. 

It was obviously a lot more covert, and he didn’t have to worry about being discovered. 

Moreover, Evan did not know how Voldemort learned that Crouch brought Barty Crouch Jr. out of his house. This matter should be top secret, unless… 

“I don’t know what they are going to do, but I heard other people say that they broke into the home of a senior official of the Ministry of Magic in London a few days ago according to my uncle’s orders!” Elaine continued, “They seemed to be looking for something, or someone, but they didn’t get anything, and finally came here in a hurry. Perhaps, that might be connected to this?” 

That was right! The now impatient Voldemort had already acted. But because of the work inside the Department, Barty Crouch had to come here a few days ago to prepare for the World Cup. 

He probably brought Barty Crouch Jr. with him, so Voldemort and the vampires just followed them here. 

The two successive setbacks in the acquisition of the Philosopher’s Stone at the ruins of the Centaurs and the rescue of Barty Crouch Jr. surely made Voldemort frustrated. He should be at the limit of his patience, ready to start here. 

Evan nodded again;  this should be Voldemort and the vampires’ plan.

He just didn’t know what they were going to do. Only by knowing more details could he make accurate judgments in a timely manner.

Evan was going to continue to ask Elaine; maybe he would get more clues that he had neglected. 

“Elaine, you know them.” 

Before he finished, Evan stopped suddenly and looked at the girl opposite. 

Against the soft candlelight, Elaine was really beautiful, like a porcelain doll. 

Her wine-red eyes were full of charm, and with a light blue dress on her body, she had an aura of beauty that was even more powerful. 

She had an indescribable temperament and was very attractive. 

In fact, Evan had never seen such a girl. Beyond her being a vampire, her mere looks were very… thrilling.

Elaine was completely drenched by the rain when coming here. Because of the cold, her tiny body trembled slightly, but it only made a strange feeling rise from the bottom of Evan’s heart. 

She was a lost deer, lonely waiting for help. 

After being soaked in the rain, Elaine’s dress was tightly attached to her body, perfectly outlining her figure.

Even though Evan didn’t mean to, his eyes were naturally drawn to her and stopped there. 

Probably because he was too close, Evan noticed that the light blue dress that Elaine was wearing was a little thin. Soaked in rain, it even became slightly see-though.

With the distance between the two, Evan could vaguely see Elaine’s under garments beneath her dress. It was white, suspended, and simply… lovely.

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